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The Shamrak Report: Muslim Majority is Silent in Support of True Islam and more....

(This is an old article, but it is still valid! Have you heard any condemnation of the attacks in Span and Finland from Muslim leaders around the world? By keeping silent all of those, so-called moderate Muslims, are complicit in Islamic terror. The only difference is that with the election of president Trump actual/visible demonstration for support for Islamic terrorism has become less vocal!)
The response of the Muslim world to Islamic attacks in Paris, which lacked clear and unconditional condemnation, was quite mute and inadequate compared to riots that erupted, from West Africa to East Asia, in protest of the latest issue of the French magazine: 
- In Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated against the French satirical magazine, whose 12 staff members were killed by radical Islamists. 
- In Amman, Jordan, around 2,500 protesters set off from the Al-Husseini mosque. Jordan's King Abdullah II also attended the march in protest of Charlie Hebdocartoon. (So much for the best Arab ally of the US in the Middle East!)
- In Algiers, 2,000 to 3,000 marchers chanted "We are all Mohammed," though some shouted their support for the Islamist Kouachi brothers. 
- In the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, hundreds poured out of the Grand Mosque and marched across the adjacent square, chanting "Expel the French ambassador. Victory to the Prophet of God!"
- A French flag was also set on fire outside the embassy in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, where 1,000 protesters rallied, denouncing Charlie Hebdo and chanting slogans of praise to the prophet.
Muslim governments also joined the terror supporting chorus:
- Qatar branded as "offensive" the drawing, which was reprinted by several European papers in a show of solidarity with the victims of the attack.
- Bahrain's foreign ministry echoed that, saying publication of such cartoons "will create fertile ground for the spread of hatred and terrorism."
In order to win the war against Islamic Terror, the Western democracies must identify clearly the enemy they are fighting against:
"I don't quibble with labels. I think we all recognize that this is a particular problem that has roots in Muslim communities," Obama said. "But I think we do ourselves a disservice in this fight if we are not taking into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject this ideology."
"When I hear the President of the United States and his chief spokesperson failing to admit that we're in a religious war, it really bothers me," said Sen. Lindsey Graham.
FOOD for THOUGHT by Steven Shamrak
Before WW2 the Western anti-Semites had disallowed Jews from leaving Europe. During the war they knew about extermination of Jews and did nothing to prevent it. After the war they were actively helping Arab/Muslim countries to finish what Nazi couldn’t - during Israel’s war of independence, when armies of seven Islamic countries attacked defenseless newly re-created Jewish state they imposed an arms embargo!
Israel’s Government Press Office (GPO) is set to rescind the press credentials of Al Jazeera reporter Elias Karram, an Israeli Arab, due to his purported bias against the Jewish state. (It should have been done a long time ago – “to keep the bastards honest”! All foreign reporters and news agencies, who make biased reports against Israel, must be expelled and lose the right to report from Israel. Have you ever heard/seen fake news deliberately and blatantly reported from Saudi Arabia or even ‘democratic’ Turkey?)
Israeli Temple Mount policemen stopped on SundayArab kids from playing soccer on the Temple Mount only after they were requested to do it by one of the Jewish visitors to the holy site. Soccer games are a common sight on the Temple Mount, according to the report, even though they are explicitly prohibited by the law. (Fake people only claim the Temple Mount as a Muslim holy place to undermine Jews claim!)
“Disproportionate Response” to Terror in Spain
Catalan police reported that they had killed five terrorists wearing suicide belts in a shootout, after they drove their Audi A3 into pedestrians in Cambrils, two hours’ drive south of Barcelona. Six civilians and one police officer were knocked over and injured. One terrorist brandished a knife. The bomb belts were detonated by the police bomb squad. This attack was linked by police to Thursday’s van and restaurant attacks in Barcelona that left 13 dead and 80 injured. (When Israel does it, “neutralising” terrorists, Spain and other western international anti-Semites used to always condemn the Jewish state!)
There is a growing concern in the IDF over the fact that for the third draft in a row there has been decline in the demand from recruits to serve in combat units. The last time IDF combat recruitment was this low was recorded immediately after the 2006 Second Lebanon War. At the same time, in contradiction to both ideas, demand for service in the Border Guard is on the rise. (When government of Israel shows no leadership and lack of interest to defeat enemies the motivation is down! At the same time, army recruits are still strongly motivated to protect the borders of the Jewish state!)
Satellite pictures show Iran building a Scud missile factory in Syria. An analysis of the images indicates that the factory being developed near the Syrian coast bears the same features as the missile factory in Tehran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out that current events were clear proof that the basic assumptions in the nuclear agreement with Iran were wrong in the first place. However, he said, “Israel is not bound by any international agreements signed with Iran, and will continue to act decisively and in a variety of ways to protect itself from such threats as necessary.” 
Israel's education minister, Naftali Bennett, a member of Israel's security cabinet, says any future attack by Hezbollah would be considered a "declaration of war by the Lebanese state" as a whole. He says Israel won't operate "surgically" in the next war with the Shiite militia.

PLO Loves US Money, but not Accountability

PA President Mahmoud Abbas chaired a meeting of the PLO Executive which condemned a move by US senators to slash aid to the Palestinian Authority over its stipends to terrorists and their families, saying the proposed legislation amounted to financial extortion that would curtail Palestinian rights. The Taylor Force Act was passed by a vote of 17-4, the legislation received bipartisan support.
Likud limits party registration options in effort to stop New Likudniks. Party takes down online registration form and blocks options to join up via phone, email or fax as well, forcing activists to arrive in person to Likud offices; New Likudniks: 'We're not planning a coup, nor are we a fifth column. We are here to bring back the Likud's values of old.' A week before, Netanyahu's supporters in the party said they intend to petition to the Likud court against the registration of the New Likudniks. (For years, Bibi has done his best to stop the advance of any ‘leadership material’ in Likud. Now he fears popular dissent of Likud members against his ‘indispensability’!)
With Israeli missions in both Egypt and Jordan evacuated, Jerusalem's ties with its two neighbors is only becoming more estranged. And as the peace agreements we fought and bled for are being forfeited, people of all three nations are caught in the middle. What is clear is that this situation, of a virtual embassy, is convenient for Egypt and Jordan. Things in general are also calmer. No one will organize demonstrations to expel the Israeli diplomats and cancel the peace agreements. (No more pretence! Enemies are advancing on terror and diplomatic fronts.)
Quote of the Week:
“Why is it that the media and liberals only run to defend Jews when they are threatened by Nazis and KKK, while at the same time totally ignore threats from Nation of Islam Farrakhan, threats and violence from Muslim religious and government leaders all over the world, as well as radical leftists, including BLM, and many others. This is astounding double standard.” - Jay Lehman, a FaceBook posting – The Charlottesville incident is another minor, blown out of proportion, diversion from more important issues world is facing today – like nuclear North Korea and Iran, Syria, Chinese military expansion, Islamic invasion in Europe and many more.
The War on Terror - the Containment Plan
by Steven Shamrak. (20/10/2006)
We hear quite often that it is the fault of the West that the Muslim world hates us so much. They claim that it is Western demands for implementation of democracy, perceived as arrogance by Muslims, that are responsible for the escalation of Muslim terrorism worldwide. They say that Muslims feel disrespected and insulted by Western superiority and life style, which the West tries to impose on the Muslim world. The message of hate toward the West is loud and clear!
I am totally sympathetic with their concerns and agree that we, Western countries, must not impose our values on our Muslim neighbours. We must completely refrain from interference in their way of life!
If the governments of Muslim countries and their population do not want to live by and obey the rules of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with other nations, cultures and religions, we must let them live the way they desire! Therefore, total isolation must be imposed upon them and we have to let them live in complete and total disengagement from us. 
They want to live in accordance with and under Sharia Law, a genuine Muslim life style and in an environment of malignant terror and hate. Let them enjoy it in complete self-containment! The wishes of the countries and peoples who hate us so much should be respected by Western society. We must allow them to maintain their ignorant life style and let them impose terror and hate on themselves only. This is the Containment Plan:
1.      Start active development and implementation of alternative sources of energy, with complete dedication of financial and human resources. 
The benefits: It will make a cleaner environment; political and economic independence from Arab oil; Remove a tool of Arab blackmail; Reduce financing of terror; Engender a positive and healthy economical balance and quality of life.
2.      Intensify the war against drug trafficking from Muslim countries.
The benefits: It will improve public health; reduce the drugs for arms terror trade.
3.      Suspend immigration from Muslim countries and deport the radical and criminal Islamic elements to the countries of their or their parent's origin.
The benefits: It will prevent the deliberate Islamization process of Western society; Stop the spread of locally grown Islamic terrorism; Allow freedom of expression in the Western Muslim communities. 
4.      Stop the sale of advanced arms and technology to Muslim countries.
The benefits: It will prevent the escalation of terror and transfer of advanced technology to the hands of terror fostering Muslim states; reduce the chance of development of WMD.
5.      Reduce political, cultural and trade contacts. So far, those contacts have not encouraged Muslim societies to build democracy. Quite the opposite, hostility toward the West has increased.
The benefits: It will reduce cultural pollution of Western and Muslim societies.
6.      If nothing else works stop all trade, cultural and political contacts with the worst offenders, like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Impose blockades.
The benefits: If their hatred of the West is so great and the West is so bad, they must not enjoy the produce of the "evil"!

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