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The Rebbe And The Only Solution; Caroline Glick and Professor Aumann Weigh In; MY Dinner

The Rebbe And The Only Solution
By Faige Lobel

My friend and neighbor passed me on the street carrying an orange flag. Gush Katif? I wondered. But no, the flag in Hebrew lettering proclaimed, “The Only Solution is Moshiach ben Dovid.”

“That’s a defeatist slogan and I don’t accept it,” I told her, “because it means giving up, shirking our responsibility. While sitting and waiting for Moshiach, more Jews will be expelled from their homes; more Jews will die.

“No,” she said, not understanding me at all. “Moshiach is coming right now. There isn’t any waiting.” And then she delivered the punch line, the accusation that has no answer: “You don’t learn enough Chassidus.”

But what I said is true. While believing with perfect faith in the Only Solution, six million Jews died! While religious Jews were occupied with the Only Solution, other Jews – secular with a pioneering spirit – paved the way for the State of Israel. We must ask ourselves a very serious question: Who accomplished and who merely sat on the sidelines? Praying, believing and waiting – on the sidelines.

My friend wants me to go on mivtzoyim to hand out flyers that say things I don’t believe in (like the Only Solution) and she really thinks that this effort will bring Moshiach. Neither she nor anyone else knows what will bring Moshiach. Even the Lubavitcher Rebbe told his followers that he had done all he could.

I honestly believe that my position does not contradict the Rebbe’s position. He always said that Maaseh hu ha-ikur, the deed is the main thing. The Rebbe was always an activist and his accomplishments changed the face of the Jewish world.

I came home feeling disappointed that my friend did not understand me and with a determination to clarify my thoughts.

On the personal level no Jew speaks of the Only Solution. If one needs a wife, children, a job, everyone understands that action is required. No one expects Moshiach to do what he himself has to do. If r”l one needs a refuah, again one does what one can. One davens, gives tzedakah – and calls the doctor. We are told that the doctor is given permission to heal.

On the family level or community level, again, no one is relying on the Only Solution. There is work to be done and responsible people go ahead and make the effort required.

We have learned that Jews are responsible for one another.

Or have we? When we consider the problems facing Am Yisrael, when we consider the situation of our brethren in Israel – all of a sudden we’re not so sure. That is when the slogan of the Only Solution becomes attractive. We throw up our hands. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that we can do other than to daven, give tzedakah – we can dress modestly and get others to do the same and we can do acts of kindness – and repeat, ad nauseum, the Only Solution. With that slogan we are absolved of further responsibility.

Moshiach will take care of it – when he gets here. And just how will Moshiach take care of it? Not our problem. Not our responsibility. We don’t even have to offer our help to those Jews who are working hard, very hard, trying to remedy the situation. We have already proclaimed their efforts futile, even counter-productive.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe understood Jewish problems on a global level. He understood the responsibility that every Jew carries for every other Jew. Only we, with our small minds, reduce his great words to a simplistic level and wash our hands of the whole thing.

Caroline Glick On The Palestinian State, Prof. Aumann On The End Of Israel
"The multitude of protesters worldwide who demand an end to the so-called "occupation" and the establishment of Palestine should be made aware of the fact that Palestine already exists. The hordes of political leaders mindlessly squawking about "visions" and "two-state solutions" should know: This is Palestine. Enter at your own risk. "

Click here for the full article.

Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Aumann spoke at the Herzliya Conference on a threat greater than Iranian nuclear capability: Speaking after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Aumann said that post-Zionism "will be the end of us."

Click here for the full article.

MY Dinner
Some of you have written in about attending the dinner but not being able to pay either in full or at all. While we need the funds we need your bodies and hearts and minds just as much, if not more. If you would like to come but are short on cash, feel free to contact the US or Israel MY office (see the links for the websites) and send us some contact information. We would love to have you attend.

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Letters, We Get Letters......

Every so often, our fan base fowards comments to us regarding Manhigut. One in particular that was posted on one of the Efrat lists, caught our eye as needing a response. We reprint the letter below in its entirety (sans author's name) as well as two responses. We of course invite all to weigh in.

Letter from Efrat
As someone who has followed Manhigut Yehudit for some time, and who, as a recent oleh, has made a deliberate decision not to join, allow me to attempt to explain my concerns with the Manhigut vision.

There are, indeed, a lot of attractive planks in the Manhigut platform, including returning a Jewish ethos to the army, making the Supreme Court responsible to the people, pushing Jewish education but not religious coercion.

In the face of growing world (or at least European "intellectual") deliberation about whether Israel truly has a right to exist, I agree that the appropriate response is not a retreat into apologetics but a resurgence of pride in the Jewish state as a Jewish homeland, and a firm grounding in Jewish religious values.

Yet what troubles me - and troubles me greatly - is the Manhigut Yehudit attitude towards the rest of the world, non-Jews both as individuals, within Israel and without, and vis-a-vis the states that comprise them.

Simply put, the problem is this: Manhigut Yehudit is so enamoured with the power of Jewish ideas and ethics as to believe them to be entirely self-sufficient. Likewise for a Jewish political entity. This results not in any malice or viciousness directed toward non-Jews, but simply in a pervasive, sweetly naive (or outrageously fantastical) belief in the simple irrelevance of non-Jews.

Manhigut Yehudit seems to believe in the proverbial (and misquoted) "light unto the nations," the Jewish influence as a mono-directional, untouchable beacon shining down from on high. They refuse to entertain the possibility that a strong, interactive relationship with the world community, especially America, can be enriching for the Jewish state, or that Israel's non-Jewish citizens might have important contributions to offer.

And so, I find Manhigut's proposal to halt the employment of foreign workers [as outlined in its overview of guidelines for the Jewish State] to be misguided, economically detrimental, and strangely ignorant of the sociological realities of a country full of Jews, every one a born manager(!)

I view its motion to ban all Likud MKs (other than Prime Minister and Foreign Minister) from stepping foot on American soil until Jonathan Pollard is freed [as submitted at the October 2002 Likud Convention] as so ignorant of American political realities and such a misjudgment of the relative impact of the action as to be entirely laughable (regardless of where one stands on the Pollard situation, politically).

Manhigut's endorsement of a constitution that protects "the citizenship rights of its Jews" [emphasis mine] but only the "human rights of all its faithful residents" [again, from the Overview of guidelines for a Jewish State] has me actually alarmed over just how much room there is for democracy in Manhigut's conception of a Jewish State.

And when Manhigut Yehudit's International Director excoriates Jews worldwide for daring to be moved by the Asian tsunami tragedy [see Sackett's article "No Tsunami Money From Me," as well as references in his other articles], for responding with genuine human and Jewish compassion to people beset by catastrophe, I believe it every Jew's responsibility to stand up and call this for what it is: so callously soulless as to make me wonder what type of monsters we may be raising on the pedestal of leadership.

Jewish leaders like these we can do without.

Response #1
Shalom U'bracha:
I read with great interest Mr. xxxxxxx's piece on Manhigut Yehudit. I have several comments to address to Mr. xxxxxxxxx.

While Mr. xxxxxxxx's accuses MY's policies as being "sweetly naive" I am afraid his perception of MY's policies are what is naive and perhaps a bit colored by the pernicious desire that effects many Jews both in the USA and Israel today; i.e., to be loved in the eyes of the goyim. Unfortunately our history tells us that every time we try to be "more Catholic than the Pope" Gd assiduously reminds us of who we really are, the hard way.

Manhigut has nothing against non-Jews. All we are saying, is "Jews First". If he had read Mr. Sackett's piece, he would have seen that it really is quite ridiculous to send Jewish aid to an intensely Islamic, anti-Jewish country while 24% of our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel live below the poverty line. Perhaps he would like to come with me to distribute food packages to over 1000 needy familes Erev Shabbat in Rishon L'Tzion. Perhaps these poor Jews would jump at a real job were it not taken by a non-Jewish foreign worker. Does Mr. xxxxxxxx believe that only people from the Phillipines are capable of caring for our Jewish elderly? Or that only Thai or Arabs can do construction or clean his home? I daresay that sounds like a bit of stereotyping to me. Detrimental to the economy? Ah, so taking people off of assisted support and giving them jobs which lead to more consumers of goods and extra revenue for the state in taxes, etc. would be detrimental?

"Strong relationship with the world community"? "Enriching for the Jewish State"? You mean the same world community that would dictate to us how big the state should be, which lands we get to hold on to? And how to respond to killers and thugs that mean to throw us into the sea? And who gives these same murderers weapons to turn on us? Do you really believe we have friends out there? Nations do not have friends, they have interests. Israel's interest is to survive and thrive. That is not on the world agenda as long as the Arab states pump oil. And if you believe in the myth that the US is the best friend Israel has, why do they consistently thwart our technology deals and why are we so afraid to cut the junkie's fix otherwise known as "US aid' that they use to wring concessions out of Israel? Friend? Please. All that western culture has done is polluted the values of Israel with it's superficiality, it's moral bankruptcy, and its MTV ethics. Perhaps you should read "Perfidy" or "From Time Immemorial" or "The Secret War Against The Jews" or "Uncomfortable Questions For Comfortable Jews?" And by the way, just so you understand, we don't have a Jewish state, not yet.

Redemption of captives is the highest mitzva in the Torah. Jonathan Pollard has languished in prison 21 years and been the victim of vicious lies because of betrayal by his Israeli handlers and the US government. You obviously are enamored with the concept of "democracy uber allis" But you do not realize that democracy and the Torah are not always compatible? And that one only has democracy where one has justice, specifically Jewish justice? Where is justice for Pollard, Mr. xxxxxxxxxx, who saved many Jewish lives with the information he gave Israel that was supposed to be provided but held back by Casper Weinberger and Bobby Ray Inman? Does this make you uncomfortable? I sincerely hope so.

I would ask you to stop being so in love with your empty western values that are a cheap dilution of Jewish ethics. All that MY proposes is doable, necessary, and with the right leadership, even practical. We have had nealy 60 years of empty, aimless secular leadership. As I said in a previous piece, you want change? Change the culture. This is hard work and requires lifting oneself out of the comfy chair role of armchair quarterback and doing work to change this rotting culture. Although I suppose that first, one has to change one's sweetly naive perception. I wish you the best on your journey.

Jason Gold

Dear Mr. XXXXX:

Sorry sweetie, but your venom is showing. You took great pains to cover it up using a seemingly reasoned and intellectual approach, but at the end of your long diatribe you could restrain yourself no longer. You wonder “what type of monsters we may be raising on the pedestal of leadership”, eh?

And I wonder where exactly you are coming from. Is it ignorance or malice?

I have had the pleasure and the honor of friendship with several of the leaders of Manhigut Yehudit, including Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett. There are no finer people anywhere. They are caring and compassionate human beings. But they don’t walk around with blinders on – and neither should you.

I am sorry that you did not attend the Manhigut Yehudit Chanukah Conference held recently in Jerusalem. Former Likud MK Ayoub Kara, a Druze Arab, spoke powerfully of his support for Manhigut Yehudit, saying that it is the only hope for Israel. The presence and support of Druze leaders at the Manhugit conference proves quite clearly that when Jews act like Jews and stand up for Jewish interests, this will be met with respect by people who recognize the truth.

You are concerned about Israel’s relationship with non-Jews. Israel does not have to be all things to all people. It is a small country, our only country. In the future Jewish State, Israelis will continue to work with non-Jews engaged in positive efforts in science, medicine, agriculture, etc. It’s the negative and exploitative aspects of our relationships with non-Jews that will be eliminated.

The strong and enriching relationship with the “world community” (Sic.) is what Israel supposedly has right now. How do you like it? Do you like the way Israel is continuously attacked in the U.N.? Are you happy with the double-dealing that comes from every American administration? How about the financial and direct arms support for the Arab enemy?

Do you possibly believe that the Arabs are not Israel’s enemy, despite many wars to prove the opposite? Do you believe that the Israeli Arabs are loyal citizens? Israeli Arabs have participated in more than half of the attempted and “successful” terrorist attacks in Israel.

Israel has never made any effort to hold back the civilized progress of Arabs in general or as individuals. To the contrary. Nevertheless, Arab efforts continue to focus on anti-Jewish and anti-Western propaganda, terrorism and war. It is time for Israel to wean this most unpleasant baby. It’s time for the Arabs to provide for their own welfare, to take responsibility for their own livelihood and their own health care. And the preferred place for them to do this is outside the Land of Israel. The money that was wasted on useless security fences and used for the evil of expulsion of our brothers from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron could well have subsidized the relocation of the Arab populace to other parts of the world.

It is not short-sighted (or racist) to limit citizenship rights in Israel to Jews. The unique perspective to understand and the will to implement only those measures that will be beneficial to a Jewish country (i.e. good for Jews) is the responsibility of Jews and Jews alone. Are you aware that German citizenship is restricted to Germans? That citizenship in Japan is restricted to native born Japanese? There is nothing wrong with this.

G-d gave Eretz Yisrael to the Jewish people, my friend. It’s ours. It is our homeland.

Let that sink in a moment. You are a new oleh. You will learn much in the coming months and years, especially if you keep your eyes, your mind and your heart wide open. Right now you have the perspective of the American Jew. It will take a while to become truly Israeli, to approach life from the perspective of a Jew living in his homeland. Please allow that process to take place.

Faige Lobel

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Stop Picking on Neturei Karta; Steering The Sinking Ship To Safety; Manhigut And The Likud

Stop Picking on Neturei Karta
by: Shmuel Sackett, International Director, Manhigut Yehudit

After their recent trip to the Teheran Holocaust Deniers Conference the Neturei Karta (all nine of them) has become the "pin-cushion" of the Jewish world. They have been excommunicated, bad-mouthed and trashed by religious Jews across the globe. Articles have been written in condemnation, speeches have been made and eggs have been thrown. Jews have rallied against them, even gathering outside the Park House Hotel in Boro Park, where Moshe Aryeh Friedman (one of their illustrious leaders) and his wife recently tried to spend a relaxing Shabbos.

While I am certainly not in support of anything this evil group does, I am not the least bothered by them either. In my opinion they are crazy, sick individuals. Their beards and peyot (sidelocks) mean nothing to me and since they thrive on publicity, the best thing we can do is simply ignore these self-hating lunatics.

What does bother me is all the attention the Jewish world is giving them. I understand why the NY Times loves them. I understand why CNN and the rest of the anti-Jewish media fall over these lowlifes, but why do we follow this line? Why do rabbis talk about them during their Shabbos speeches? Why did the Chief Rabbi of Israel find it necessary to excommunicate them? Are they a danger? Do they pose some kind of threat to our world? Are they taking over Brooklyn? Are they influencing our children? Of course not! So, why??? Why the attention, why the condemnation, why the fuss?

Let me make my question much stronger. Most people say that they "crossed the line". Their attendance at that abhorrent "conference" and their hugs with the Iranian president shows that they have simply identified with the enemy. Well, if that's true, didn't Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert also "cross the line" when they expelled 8,000 Jews from their homes? Didn't they identify with the enemy when they rewarded Arab terrorists with Jewish land and Jewish fields? Didn't they spit on Jewish blood when they destroyed Jewish homes, synagogues, Yeshivas and businesses? Where were the condemnations then? Where were the excommunications, the speeches and the protests? Back in the summer of 2005 when this was happening, most of the rabbis were on summer vacation and the few that were around said it was "political" and remained quiet. Many Orthodox rabbis even supported the Jewish expulsion! How quick they are to bash the non-existent, non-threatening Neturei Karta idiots but how slow they are to say the truth about real destroyers of Israel such as Sharon and Olmert.

Many have told me that it was "Chilul Hashem" (desecration of G-d's Name) that motivated the huge response against Neturei Karta. Really??? Although it sounds nice, I don't believe it! What bigger Chillel Hashem is there than a mosque sitting on top of the Temple Mount? When is the last time you heard someone speak about that? Almost 40 years ago, G-d -- in His infinite mercy -- returned Jerusalem to the Jewish nation. Yet no Israeli government has dared touch the abomination and source of impurity that stands on our holiest site out of fear. I find that action -- or inaction -- far more disgusting than a couple of yo-yos kissing some insignificant president with a last name nobody can pronounce. The unbelievable present that G-d has given us has been rejected by our people. We have "exchanged" the Temple Mount for the Western Wall, and are perfectly happy praying next to an outside wall than at the real thing.

Chilul Hashem? That's why everybody screamed? How about the pogrom of 2005 when 8,000 Jews were kicked and dragged from their homes... by fellow Jews? This action was praised by Ehud Olmert who, a year later, was the guest speaker at the OU conference in Jerusalem! Why didn't the Chief Rabbi excommunicate him? Why didn't the OU snub him for his terrible actions? This man continues to work night and day at setting up a Palestinian State, at destroying Jewish lives and property and at rejecting the heavenly gift bestowed up him by the One above... yet not a word is spoken about him. No, no, no... the real enemy is little Moshe Aryeh Friedman and his gang of hooligans who stand with Palestinian flags at the Israel Day Parade.

Who cares about these meshuganas??? As soon as you realize that one day men in white coats will come take them away, you will ignore them, as I do. The real danger is Olmert, Bibi and Peres. These guys don't wave Palestinian flags but are doing things far worse! They are actively building the infrastructure for a Palestinian state on G-d's land. They are talking with the enemy, negotiating with him and working out deals. I included Bibi in that group because he is the most dangerous of all. He gives the impression that he is against these things but his actions prove just the opposite. Let us not forget how he hugged Arafat, negotiated away 80% of Hebron, gave weapons to murder Jews to the PA and supported the Gaza Expulsion Plan. Please don't fall into his trap again. He is the man that can actually make Neturei Karta's dreams come true.

So, back to my original question; why the fuss? Why the noise over this miniscule group of weirdoes? It is because of only one thing: It's easy and non-controversial. Picking on Neturei Karta is politically correct and very acceptable by the people. The Jewish world united against these nut-jobs so it was an easy -- and even fun -- task for our rabbis and leaders to bash them as well. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and had a good time attacking these wretched souls.

The problem is, however, that this is not the leadership we need. We need leaders who are willing to take positions that are true, but not so popular. We need rabbis who are willing to rule in areas that are controversial, with fear of Heaven as their only guiding force. We need Jewish organizations that have the guts and courage to stand up to bullies named Olmert and Netanyahu and reject their friendship. We need brave leaders who take that term "politically correct" and erase it along with the names of "Amalek" and "Haman". Jews need to be "Jewishly correct" and sanctify G-d's Name in each and every one of their actions.

Dearest friends, stop worrying about Jimmy Carter and Neturei Karta (are they related?). They both hate Jews. Instead, focus on the real enemy and make your voice heard in the battle for new and authentic Jewish leadership. Don't be afraid to speak the truth. Fear only G-d and cling to Him every moment of your life. Don't get side-tracked by insignificant little bugs who try to steer you off course. We are living in amazing times with amazing opportunities. G-d has given us a chance to establish a real Jewish state on the land of our ancestors. Let's stay focused on that goal and work night and day towards making that a reality.

Steering The Sinking Ship To Safety
Before our very eyes, we see how Israel's current leadership is reeling more and more out of control. Reality -- a.k.a. the Creator -- is tossing the Kadimah ship to and fro as it pitifully plunges into oblivion. It seems that beside the captain, still clinging to the helm, all the sailors have already jumped ship. Kadimah is nothing more than a 'spin' party. Unlike the Likud and Labor, it does not represent the Jewish vs. Israeli undercurrent dividing Israeli society. That is why it will necessarily disappear, just like all the 'spin' parties that preceded it.

Kadimah's senior government partner, the Labor ship, is suffering from the opposite problem. Labor authentically represents those Israelis who do not connect to their Jewish identity. The Labor boat is not quite sinking, but its captain is. The sailors trying to save the ship and throw the captain overboard have not succeeded, creating an awkward competition between those who strive to replace him.

All of this is a golden opportunity that a normative Opposition could only dream of. But Israel's Opposition is silent. Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu is giving Israelis an exemplary lesson in how NOT to lead.

And where is Manhigut Yehudit?

Everything points to the fact that the Likud is going to win the next elections. This has almost nothing to do with the qualities of the Likud Chairman. Netanyahu has not suddenly become a public icon. He is simply the default candidate. Whoever follows what Netanyahu is saying today, understands that the solutions that he proposes for the challenges facing Israel are no different than the solutions of the Left. That is simply because Netanyahu's Jewish identity does not form his world view. Consequently, he is part of the problem -- and not its solution.

If, G-d forbid, Netanyahu wins the Likud primaries and then general elections, he will carry out the same solutions that the Left proposes today -- Convergence and other crimes. But it will be much easier for him to perpetrate his schemes, because he will have the votes and the legitimacy of the Jewish majority behind him.

Bibi votes for Disengagement

The destruction wrought by Netanyahu will bring the Left back into power, and that will once again prepare the ground for Bibi's return to power and the next round of destruction. This description is not an apocalyptic vision of the future. It is based entirely on past experience! The only way to break this vicious and destructive cycle is to establish authentic Jewish leadership for the Jewish majority now groping in the darkness.

Manhigut And The Likud
It is important to distinguish between the people of the Likud and its leaders. The people who make up the Likud are by and large very Jewish in their outlook and their identity. The political leadership of the Likud, though, is completely captive to the Leftist elites and its world view. When the Likud members were asked how they identified themselves first -- as Jews or Israelis -- only 29% answered that they identified first as Israelis. In other words, the vast majority identifies as Jews. These people are the bedrock of the Jewish majority. The Likud is the Nation of Israel. It is currently controlled by leadership that coerces it to act counter to its values. The only way to rectify this situation is to work inside the Likud; to meet the people; approach them as fellow Likud members and to speak to their Jewish hearts. It works, because their hearts are thirsting for political leadership that represents their basic Jewish values.

Will A Likud Headed By Feiglin Win?
The Likud, as the authentic representative of the Jewish majority, has a natural advantage. Consequently, since the first time the Likud won national elections in 1977, it has for the most part remained in power. So the question is not: When does the Likud win? The question really is: When does the Likud lose?

If we look at Israel's electoral history, we will see that the Likud loses to the Left every time it strays from the Nationalistic path: The first time was in 1984 after the retreat from Sinai; the second time in 1992 after the Madrid Conference; the third time in 1999 after the Wye Accords and retreat from Hebron and the last time in 2005, after the Disengagement.

The Likud referendum on Gush Katif and Sharon's refusal to put the question to a national vote prove that the Likudniks are an accurate national weathervane. When the Likudniks voted against the Disengagement, Sharon understood that the nation would also vote it down. That is why he refused to hold a national poll on the issue.

When the Likudniks will elect Moshe Feiglin, it will mean that the nation at large is ready for him, as well. Furthermore, how many people will vote NRP if Moshe Feiglin is running on the Likud ticket for Prime Minister? How many will vote National Union? How many will stay with Shas or with Lieberman? When Moshe Feiglin will head the Likud, we will be able to establish a Jewish umbrella party that, with G-d's help, will win by a large majority and lead a united, Jewish revolution. Because Manhigut Yehudit at the head of the Likud means more than winning the elections; it means leadership that will steer Israel on its authentic Jewish course.

You can turn the State of Jews
into the Jewish State.
Now is the Time!
Join Manhigut Yehudit Today
Joining Manhigut Yehudit is much more than just a donation.
Now you're part of the team!
Learn about our special Members Club

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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Moral Matrix; Viewing Reality Through Faith-Based Eyes; Animal Farm

The Moral Matrix
By Moshe Feiglin

I would really love to write about the Chief of Staff's resignation. Manhigut Yehudit was the first body to call for him to resign. From the very beginning of the war, we understood that Israel was going to lose. Why? Because the IDF -- which buried its soul in the sands of Gush Katif -- and the High Command that did not identify the black flag waving conspicuously over the Disengagement, can no longer win any battle against an enemy that is not settlers. It makes no difference who will replace Halutz. As long as this basic moral concept is not understood, we will continue to lose.

But I am going to write about China. Why China? Last week I wrote an article about the proposal of a Kadimah Knesset member to legislate the harvest of organs from donors who have not given their explicit permission to do so. Obviously, this Knesset member thinks that even the bodies of Israel's citizens belong to the State. According to his proposal, if a person is not willing to have his organs harvested following his death, he must sign a declaration to that end. In the article, I wrote that China has been harvesting organs from its executed citizens and exporting them to the rest of the world. In response I received the following letter:

I would like to bring to your attention that the major source of the Chinese organs is not executed individuals, as you wrote. According to the report written by David Kilgour, a Canadian Member of Parliament and former Secretary of State and David Matas, a human rights attorney, there is a different source for the majority of the organs.

Most of the Chinese organs are harvested from followers of the Falun Gong sect. The Chinese government cruelly prosecutes the Falun Gong adherents. In the past years, it has placed hundreds of thousands of these people in at least 36 concentration camps, where they are held until their organs are needed, whereupon they are killed or simply provide the ordered organs while still alive.

The Kilgour-Matas report was recently sent to all of Israel's Knesset members, as reported in the Israeli media. The Knesset Health Committee even discussed the matter. I would like to know your stand on this issue as a Jew, an Israeli, a leader and a journalist.

I immediately sent the writer the following answer:

Thank you very much for sending the information. If it is true, Israel must sever its diplomatic relations with China.

After reading the information, I was convinced of its authenticity. China raises hundred of thousands of people in a sort of human organ farm, and amputates their organs as the orders come in from the free world.

One of the fundamental stories upon which I was raised was the story of the British and American bombers that flew over Auschwitz but did not interfere with the death factory. Israel, at this point, cannot bomb the concentration camps in China. But at the same time that the Chinese are amputating and selling corneas, kidneys and livers of the opponents of its regime, Israel's Prime Minister visits there and declares that we have a billion friends in China. Do we still have any claims against the British and Americans in World War II? We no longer believe that we are just. As a result, we no longer see ourselves as a light unto the nations.

Imagine for a moment a different Israel. Imagine an Israel that believes in the justice of its existence; an Israel that understands the significance of the bond between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel; an Israel that understands the universal message that the People of the Bible carry to the entire world. Imagine what would happen if such an Israel would sever its diplomatic ties with the radical Leftist regime in China. Imagine what would happen if Israel would boycott the Beijing Olympics until all the organ farms would be closed. Humanity -- most of which believes in the Bible -- is waiting for an ethical directive from the Nation of Israel.

All of our struggles in Israel have an ultimate purpose. It is not control or power. Our goal is to create an exemplary Jewish society in Israel so that we can rectify the world. We must settle our holy Land, provide our children with authentic Jewish education, and take care of our security, justice, economy and health -- for an ultimate cause: The entire world is waiting for a new light that will emanate from Zion. The Temple for which we pray and struggle is not only the Jewish moral matrix. It is the moral matrix that the entire world anticipates. When the horrors in China do not bother us, not even on a diplomatic level, how can we hope to proceed toward our destiny?

Instead, the entire world witnessed Israel in Gush Katif. The media message that emanated from Zion was that the Jewish People are disengaging from their land and destroying it. The Chief Commander of that process was Don Halutz.

In the sands of Gush Katif, Israel completely lost its goal. Without a goal, it is impossible to win. That is what brought Halutz to his inevitable resignation. The authentic Jewish moral matrix is what will lead Israel -- and the entire world -- to its ultimate redemption.

Viewing Reality Through Faith-Based Eyes
Michael Fuah, Director General Manhigut Yehudit

The problem is not Halutz. The IDF will continue to lose as long as officers who were accomplices to the expulsion continue to serve in its ranks. At the very beginning of the war of deception, Manhigut Yehudit was the first to call upon Don Halutz to resign. We also pointed out that Israel's immoral leadership made it impossible to win the war.
Manhigut Yehudit now calls upon the public to pressure those in command of Don Halutz -- Defense Minister Peretz and Prime Minister Olmert -- to resign as well. The investigation opened against Olmert due to his real estate dealings is unnecessary. Halutz's investment portfolio is also trivial and beside the point.

The real issue is a basic lack of values. The commander who turned the army into an immoral body that expels Jews from their homes is an evil and corrupt man who is necessarily incapable of leading the IDF and the State of Israel to victory. Not only does Halutz have to go home in disgrace. All those who appointed him and supported him from the time that he planned the destruction of Gush Katif until today must also resign.

In order to restore the fighting capabilities of the IDF, the entire High Command that took part in the crime and failure must go home. Only Jewish leadership that can identify the problem and offer a solution is capable of saving the State of Israel from its current dismal state.

Manhigut Yehudit has printed countless articles and press releases expressing the same idea. But the most clear and prescient identification of the process taking place in Israel was written in Moshe Feiglin's article, Tunnel Vision, less than two months ago:

The tidal wave is now swirling outside of Chief of Staff Halutz's door. His days in his position are clearly numbered. In the end, Peretz will also go. And when he goes, the government will fall and Olmert will also take a nose-dive into the murky depths reserved for has-beens.

This entire process, or a similar process, will likely take place sometime before the spring...

Click here for the complete article

Animal Farm

Last week, farmer Shai Daromi shot and killed a Bedouin thief that broke into his home while he and his family slept. In Israel's vertigo of values, Daromi is charged with murder, while the media portrays the family of the intruder as the good side of the story. There are many foreign values systems. But Israel, inspired by the decisions of its Supreme Court, has adopted the non-Jewish value system that couldn't be farther from the ethics of our prophets.

Daromi is lucky that his farm is in the Negev and not in Judea or Samaria. The Israeli public has almost unanimously supported him. It is likely that the public outrage will help him in court. If he was a settler, he could have forgotten about seeing the light of day until Israel would elect authentic Jewish leadership.

Asked by reporters how he views the resignation of the IDF Chief of Staff, Moshe Feiglin replied that he thinks that Shai Daromi and Halutz should switch places. Daromi obviously understands how to deal with an enemy invader, while Halutz should be imprisoned for his fatal mistakes.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wish I'd Said That

1. Low-Intensity Warfare

From John Perazzo in Frontpage Magazine.com on the Arab Lobby Network and how it and the lunatic left are using low intensity political correctness warfare to bludgeon the west:

As Western civilization faces the threat of a radical Islamic foe that seeks to annihilate it, the collective self-assurance of the Western psyche continues to wither under the relentless, low-grade assault of the political Left. This assault presents itself in the form of constant criticism aimed at America's allegedly vast array of societal defects — with the intent of expunging every last shred of self-respect from the Western mind and heart, and of thereby convincing Western man that his irredeemably sinful culture is unworthy of his defense. The key operatives in this assault are leftwing organizations describing themselves as defenders of such righteous-sounding ideals as “civil liberties,” “human rights,” “peace,” and “social justice.” Allied with them is a growing cabal of pro-Arab, anti-Israel groups that, both jointly and independently, characterize the U.S. and Israel in particular as nations that routinely inflict immense suffering on Arab populations all over the world. By portraying Arabs as victims of American and Israeli transgressions, these groups aim — through their press releases, official statements, publications, and direct actions — to shape public opinion regarding such issues as the war on terror and the Arab-Israeli conflict."

Click here for the full article.

2. Say What?
James Taranto of OpinionJournal.com on how Tzipy Livni and John Kerry seem made for each other:

Why is Israel so misunderstood? Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick offers one possible reason, a quote from Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni that, as Glick sarcastically notes, "illustrated at once her unique rhetorical skills and the unmatched analytical acumen she brings to bear today as Israel's chief diplomat." This was Livni's answer to a question about, as Glick put it, "whether she supports moving ahead with Palestinian statehood before the Palestinians end their involvement in terrorism":

"And but yes, I do and I was not talking about jumping or skipping or bypassing some of the phases of the road map, but I do believe that talking with the Palestinians today what are the best steps that we can take and maybe to make some visions or some--what we say the political horizon more concrete if this can help, so this is something that we have to do. But there's a difference and we can distinguish talking with the Palestinians and implementing parts one before the other, and I believe that this is the difference maybe and maybe the kind of misunderstanding that was in the understanding of talking or implementing the phases in a different order."

That's only slightly clearer than John Kerry's explanation for his vote in favor of the Iraq war.*

"The vote is the vote. I voted to authorize. It was the right vote, and the reason I mentioned the threat is that we gave the--we had to give life to the threat. If there wasn't a legitimate threat, Saddam Hussein was not going to allow inspectors in. Now, let me make two points if I may. Ed [Gordon] questioned my answer. The reason I can't tell you to a certainty whether the president misled us is because I don't have any clue what he really knew about it, or whether he was just reading what was put in front of him. And I have no knowledge whether or not this president was in depth--I just don't know that. And that's an honest answer, and there are serious suspicions about the level to which this president really was involved in asking the questions that he should've. With respect to the question of, you know, the vote--let's remember where we were. If there hadn't been a vote, we would never have had inspectors. And if we hadn't voted the way we voted, we would not have been able to have a chance of going to the United Nations and stopping the president, in effect, who already had the votes, and who was obviously asking serious questions about whether or not the Congress was going to be there to enforce the effort to create a threat. So I think we did the right thing. I'm convinced we did."

Sounds like a dialog that only Jackie Mason could understand.

3. Condi: Have I screwed you guys over enough yet?
From the Jerusalem Post: Rice picks up Livni's ideas (Uh-Oh).
"US ambassador to Israel Richard Jones told the Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice "picked up" Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni's ideas about a need to provide a "political horizon" during her recent visit here."

Wow, I just can't wait for the 3-way. Anybody ask Kerry what he thinks of this?

4. B'Teslem, lying about Palestinian causalties? Forging their annual report? I am shocked, shocked!!

5. The secular messiah retread has his privates kicked (by Yediot, no less!!!!)
Barak's dubious buddies
Former PM disregards corruption, surrounds himself with surprising supporters.

Click here for the full article.

6. And speaking of having his privates kicked:
Exclusive: Jimmy Carter Interceded on Behalf of Nazi SS Guard.
You know, Jimmy is just not having a good week with 14 people (yes, even Jews) resigning from his board and his book held out to ridicule. Few things could make me happier than seeing this lying Jew-hater exposed for what he is. Click here for the full story.

7. (As long as we're on a roll) Yediot proclaims: West Bank Jews here to stay (really, click here for the full article).
Doesn't a time come when population's size makes relocation talk immoral? (Hey, they're the ones asking the question). They could be on to something here......

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Won't Get Fooled Again?; A Response to Bar_kochba 132

Won't Get Fooled Again?

We'll be fighting in the streets

With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
(Pete Townsend, 1971)

When Pete Townsend of The Who wrote those lyrics some 35 years ago, I doubt he was focused on the current Israeli matzav and yet, here we are in a prescient case of what Woody Allen (or maybe Yogi Berra) would call deja-vu all over again.

Let's apply those lyrics by summing up the past week. Our erstwhile peace partner Abu Mazen, while talking up peace with Condi in English, takes a page from his old mentor's book and tells the "Palestinians" to turn their rifles on Israelis in Arabic. Just kill those Jews as a release of the frustration and humiliation caused by all those checkpoints that they have set up to catch potential murderers, you understand. Those same checkpoints that Condi now wants Olmert to take down. And of course Condi "guarantees" that the rifles that the PA no longer has to collect will not be aimed at Jews. And that it is so important to bolster a moderate man of peace like Abu. And says Condi, we must have a "three-way" with Abu, as well. Why Condi, I never would have guessed despite what Barbara Boxer said about you (see below). Won't get fooled again? Not in present-day Israel.

Condi proposes a three-way with Abu Mazen while a stunned Olmert tries to figure out who pays for the hotel room.

Meanwhile on the Olmert government deathwatch front, the new secular messiah wannabes are lining up their ducks or making sure they survive in power no matter who or what they have to sell out. Our strategic threat minister is on record as being in favor of giving guns to Abbas. Peretz gives us Israel's first Arab cabinet minister, and Olmert shuts his wife and daughter up (for now) by disavowing the unilateral land for peace approach (for now) after he realizes that the media will not protect him from scandal the way they did Sharon. So he tries a new tack; he yells at the media for exaggerating the Iranian nuke threat and tells everyone in earshot, "dude, things are great!!" especially for the 75% (c'mon!!!) of Gush Katif expellees that now are employed. The newest secular messiah, Ami Ayalon, a solid military man and the Labor party's newest hope for non-irrelevance believes with all his heart that peace will come as soon as Israel retreats to the indefensible '67 borders. His challenger, Ehud Barak, a secular messiah re-tread ala Bibi, claims he has done his teshuva and is now ready to lead again right to the edge of the cliff.

Are you all getting the idea? Are you beginning to understand that without faith-based leadership, all we have is a cast of empty suits, of caricatures whose posteriors do not belong in those comfy leather Knesset seats? And this malignant train of thought has reached our "leaders" of the religious right. When a man who once told an interviewer that he viewed his job as saving the Jewish people now wants to be "an influencer" to Bibi or some other secular messiah wannabe, we have a serious problem here. The last influencer had such a profound effect on Limor Livnat that their crowning (crowing?) achievement in the education ministry was coming up with the term "Feiglinim" for the Manhigut Yehudit followers in Likud while proclaiming them a danger to motherhood and chumus. As I once said it is pathetic that the religious right thinks of themselves as losers or chronic second-place people and so are content to work with or make deals with or accommodate the Bibis, the Baraks, the Livnis, the Livnats, etc. rather than get a message out to all Israelis, secular and religious. Yes, the latter approach is hard work and requires a completely different mindset that deviates from the accepted ab-norms since the founding of the state. But it is the only way. It requires lifting the fog of years of brainwashing by the media and by corrupt leadership and putting decent honest people in power who can lead ALL of Israel and not just certain segments. It requires the restoration of Jewish pride and Jewish Torah values into that leadership. It requires Manhigut Yehudit. And if you laugh and give back all the excuses I have heard before ("no chance" "why waste my time and money?" "need to vote for someone who has a chance") while lamely clinging to the belief that any of these secular messiah wannabes are going to do anything except dig Israel's hole that much deeper, remember you have been warned. You want change? Then change the culture. Nothing less will work.

A Response to Bar_kochba 132

When our friend Yossi Karp wrote a piece for us on Moshe Feiglin being a real contender, we received an interesting response from a blogger. I post his comment and the response from Shmuel Sackett below.

bar_kochba132 said...

Although what you say is very true, I am afraid I have to pour some cold water on your ideas. It is not enough to elect Feiglin as head of the Likud and have several of Manhigut Yehudit (MY) people on the Knesset list. What you are advocating is a "top-down" revolution, meaning "put the right people in office and they will change everything". Unfortunately, it is not so simple. It must be remembered that ALL the power bases of the country are in the hands of the post-Zionist oligarchy, and this oligarchy STRONGLY opposes what MY stands for. The coercive arms of the state, including the police, the army high command, the state prosecutor's office, the SHABAK, the Supreme Court, are in the hands of these post-Zionists. The media, both electronic and print, are, with a few exceptions, controlled by the same types.
A high percentage of the education system's managers are MERETZ people. Then, there is the financial powers of the country who have the power to buy off every politician in the Knesset, who also largely have the same post-Zionist, anti-MY philosophy. When Begin and the Likud were elected in 1977, the Left feared there would be major changes. In the end, the Likud buckled under
and became part of the same establishment. They failed to make any real changes in the country's power structure, satisfying themselves with jobs and a cut of the pie.
When General Eisenhower was elected President in 1952, his predecessor, Truman stated, "Ike isn't going to like this job one bit....it isn't anything like the Army...he'll sit at his desk and say 'do this..do that' AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN." If MY and Feiglin and MY come to power the same will happen. For example, if a MY person is appointed Education Minister, he or she can talk all they want about adding "Jewish content" to the secular school system, but the educational bureaucracy will fight this tooth and nail. The MAFDAL controlled the Education Ministry for many years, but they had NO EFFECT on what the secular schools were teaching.
Without convincing the PEOPLE of the country to change their thinking, to turn off the TV, to stop reading Yediot, Ma'ariv and Ha'aretz, to stop believing false charges against people spread by the police and State Prosecutor's Office, to demand a say in what their children are being taught in their schools, and, in general, TO START THINKING FOR THEMSELVES, Feiglin and MY will be neutralized.

It is not simply a matter of electing the right people, but they must have the power, based on an aroused public opinion that demands change to really make a difference. This is a long-term struggle that will take DECADES. We had better get to work now!

Shmuel Sackett's Response:
I agree with this guy 100%. If anybody thinks that when we take over things will just happen... they are totally wrong. That's when our job just BEGINS!!!

Yes, we must educate the masses and after 60 years of negative brainwashing this will be difficult.
Yes, we will have MAJOR obstacles. People will work night and day to make sure we fail. You will see "mesirut nefesh" against us like you have never seen before.

So maybe we should never start?
Maybe we should just sit and complain all day long?
Or maybe we should not bother with the whole country and continue to fight our own little battles in our little shtetl and the heck with everybody else???

That is NOT the Manhigut Yehudit way.
We are not naive.
We are not saying this will be easy.
We are prepared for this fight and will play hardball against the Erev Rav when they come against us.

What we ARE saying is that NOTHING can be accomplished from the OUTSIDE. Our plan is to take over and then change as much of the system as we can. I believe that if we stay honest to our ideology and - more importantly - honest to our Father in Heaven, we will succeed and be victorious in - what will be - Israel's greatest war EVER!!!

Shmuel Sackett
Co-founder and International Director
Manhigut Yehudit

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Friday, January 12, 2007

World Peace Starts With Jewish Peace; Perfecting the World

World Peace Starts With Jewish Peace
It seems that the Israeli government and media have not tired of peace proposals. Every self-respecting minister has come up with a new peace plan, one more patently absurd than the next.

Manhigut Yehudit also wants peace. It wants the entire world to recognize the Creator, accept the ethical rules of the King of Kings, and to turn to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the House of G-d. When that happens, true peace will reign over all humanity and all of Creation. This is not a new concept. Jews explicitly say it in their prayers three times daily: "To perfect the world in the Kingdom of Heaven." That is the goal of the Nation of Israel. To achieve their goal, the Jews need a state in the Land of Israel. But they also need leadership that fears Heaven -- Jewish leadership.

Authentic Jewish leadership does not abide by Western values. Jews understand that if they want to attain good, they must fight what is bad. Coming to terms with evil is not pursuit of peace. It is the perpetuation of evil. World War Two would not have broken out without the peace movements in England, the US and France.

A perverse symbiosis exists between peace pursuing liberals and the cruelest of mass murderers. It seems that Sadaam Hussein's execution bothers the peace-pursuers a lot more than the slaughter, rape and inconceivable horrors that he perpetrated upon hundreds and thousands of his subjects. After all, Sadaam cannot harm us anymore. So why should we ruin our comfortable despair with the barbarous site of an execution by hanging?

In truth, what bothers them is much more than the revolting sight. What bothers them is the very fact that justice has been done. In their world -- a world that has no G-d, no good and no evil, in a world where everyone has his own narrative -- such a clear enforcement of justice shakes the very foundations of their consciousness.

Manhigut Yehudit understands that there is good and evil and that evil must be fought. When Israel will be the moral lighthouse of the world, our army may intervene in order to halt a Darpur -- type slaughter. Nobody would be surprised if an Israeli missile would suddenly destroy a terror enclave in the Sudanese desert.

But currently, Israel flees its identity and completely lacks the moral fortitude necessary to defeat evil and achieve authentic peace. If the IDF, which buried its soul in the sands of Gush Katif, is called upon to fight our enemies now, it will lose.

Before we can bring intrinsic peace to the world, we must make peace with ourselves -- with our own Jewish identity. The place to begin is at the Temple Mount -- Judaism's holiest site and the place that most expresses our Jewish identity.

Perfecting the World
"When you go up to the Temple Mount with Moshe Feiglin and the Manhigut crowd," reported Manhigut Yehudit activist DBL, "you understand -- one hundred percent -- that we will succeed in rectifying the State of Israel and that we are well on our way to accomplishing our goal. Our very presence there helps to change the present reality."

DBL joined Moshe Feiglin and other Manhigut Yehudit members on this Tuesday morning for the monthly Manhigut ascent to the Temple Mount. "The Temple Mount is the place where the destruction of the Temple and its lack in our lives is most acutely felt." DBL continued. "The most blatant reminder of the exile in our day is the exile mentality to which our State relentlessly clings. When you go up to the Temple Mount, you have to steel yourself for some really awful humiliation. The police searches and warnings -- reserved for religious looking Jews only -- that if you dare move your lips in prayer on the Mount you will be arrested and blacklisted from ever entering the Mount again, are painful reminders of the exile mentality that still plagues us.

But when you hear Moshe Feiglin talking on the Temple Mount, you can actually see the new, belief based reality unfold before your very eyes. While still feeling the pain of the destruction and exile, you become filled with hope and enthusiasm. The policemen who guarded us listened to Moshe intently and seemed to catch on. The Arab who scrutinized us to make sure we didn't dare pray, understood as well. The Manhigut group on the Mount is not there to dream. It's there to make the dream a reality."

"Close your eyes and picture the way the Temple will look," Moshe Feiglin instructs his listeners. "Imagine all the Jewish people walking here. Imagine the glorious Temple, towering 50 meters high. Imagine the Priests scurrying back and forth; imagine the heavenly songs of the Levites."

But in addition to imagining the future, Moshe continually emphasizes what small steps need to be taken today to create the belief based reality. "Do you see that policeman there?" he asks the group. "Today, he is here to make sure that we do not pray. When there will be a Jewish State, he will also stand in the same spot. Everything may look the same -- the same policeman and the same visitors. But instead of preventing people from worshipping the G-d of Israel in this holy place, he will finally be helping to preserve Jewish values. He will gladly make sure that everybody who enters the Mount is well-versed in the laws of the sanctity of the Temple Mount, that every Jew has ritually immersed in a mikvah, has removed his shoes, and does not enter areas forbidden by Jewish law. This change in consciousness is the epitome of the belief based revolution. And complete Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount is its quintessential expression." The policeman smiled slightly and nodded his head in agreement.

People often ask how it is that religious Jews go up to the Temple Mount. They are under the false impression that Jewish law prohibits entering the Mount at all. "Pray on the Temple Mount?" they ask in astonishment. "Why would you want to do that???" There is no question that there are places on the Temple Mount that are strictly forbidden. But the facts are that Jewish sages and scholars throughout the centuries have ascended the Temple Mount and prayed there, always abiding by the laws of proper honor for the Mount and strict observance of the boundaries over which it is forbidden to step. These boundaries are also well delineated today by Rabbinical authorities and observant visitors stay far away from them.

"The issue is not whether it is permissible or not to enter the Temple Mount," DBL added. "The problem is that today's religious leadership is petrified of leading this nation. They do not want to rock the status quo boat, in which the State is secular, with the observant people providing the spice of Jewish tradition. But Manhigut Yehudit aims to take responsibility for the Jewish nation. It strives for a state motivated by Jewish values and led by people who believe in G-d. As with all our other woes, the place that the lack of authentic Jewish leadership is most starkly felt is on the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is also the place that symbolizes the revitalization process that has already begun."

"Our visit to the Temple Mount was absolutely inspiring," DBL sums up. It seems that even the policemen were moved by Moshe Feiglin's talk. At the end of the visit, one of the policemen surreptitiously approached Moshe and said to him, "In the end you will succeed. May that happen soon!"

For more on the Temple Mount and religion, see Moshe Feiglin's article: Rebuilding the Temple and Religion: Reflections on Tisha B'Av.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Moshe Feiglin: A Real Contender

By Yossi Karp

It is not funny, but the Israeli political scene has become somewhat of a joke. The Prime Minister, the President and Members of Kenesset have been suspected, accused or indicted for bribery and corruption. It seems that the country has little faith left in its leaders. The reserve supply of respect for our leaders drops with every scandalous newspaper headline.

Our politicians come off as power-hungry and self-serving. They do little to dispel this perception. On the contrary, they tend to fan the flames of discontent by shamelessly carrying out actions that are clearly in their own interests and not necessarily (or often at best, dubiously) in the interest of the country.

The population’s faith in the leadership in this country is ebbing.

We have seen the same leaders come and go and then magically reappear again for round two. The perception is that the position of Prime Minister is handed out to various politicians on a rotational basis, regardless of performance. Once you are in the loop – part of the political elite – all you have to do is to wait patiently until your turn comes around again. Case in point: Ehud Barak: the one who offered Arafat Israel-on-a-platter; the one who retreated from Lebanon with disastrous results; is again on the rise.

New politicians coming into the picture need to brace themselves. Their fresh outlook has to withstand the pressure that will inevitably weigh down on their new ideas; pressure emanating from long-serving politicians. Newcomers to the political scene have to be willing to resist the temptation to become just another clone of the older generation politicians. One learns from one’s teachers, and who better to teach than those with experience? But to make a significant difference and for innovative ideas to be accepted, the new politician will have to have the wherewithal to shrug off the “helping hand” of those currently in power. The new politician will have to be strong to retain the idealism that is so sorely lacking in Israeli politics today.

It doesn’t take long for new powerbrokers in the Israeli Government to sell their soul. Once offered a Ministry, the trend is to do whatever it takes to retain it, even if it means compromising principles. That is the kind of leader we do not need.

The kind of leader we do need is a principled one. Someone who has the backbone and the gumption to stand up for what is right – to do what needs to be done to keep the country and its population safe and prosperous. The joke goes that after the tragedy of 9/11, President George W. Bush receives a phone call from Al Gore who says, “I don’t care who won Florida. You can have the Presidency. Good luck”. That is exactly the attitude we need to eliminate from our consciousness. Israel needs someone who is unafraid to do the right thing, even in the face of seemingly unrelenting international pressure.

We all know that The World is not Israel’s friend. The United Nations and European Union certainly don’t have Israel’s interests at heart. Sometimes it is doubtful that the US cares too much, either. The State of Israel cannot be a nation among all other nations. It is clear that we have to be what we were born to be: a Jewish State run for and by the Jewish People. Illusions of equality on the international stage have to be erased from our psyche. While it would be wonderful to be accepted among the nations of the world, the price for such an honor, our rights, principles and even our existence, is far too high. Unfortunately, our current leaders are blinded by invitations to the White House and the opportunity to please United Nations diplomats. Perhaps, finally, if we give away Gush Katif to the terrorists the UN will give us a gold star for effort. And we can see how far that got us today. Just ask the residents of Sederot.

Moshe Feiglin, leader of Manhigut Yehudit, a faction of the Likud, has spoken time and again about the need for strong faith-based Jewish leadership. While there are many religious political parties, their only goal is to win enough votes to be able to influence the government. It would be their worst nightmare to actually win an election because they are not focused on, nor do they possess expertise in, general matters of government. Moshe Feiglin’s does not want to form a splinter group or a new political party that may win a seat or two in the Kenesset. His goal is to become the leader of Likud, get elected as the Prime Minister of Israel and bring Torah ideals into the government.

One may be forgiven for thinking that Moshe Feiglin’s Manhigut Yehudit is the pipe-dream of an impractical religious idealist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Moshe Feiglin’s popularity among Likud members has soared. The membership has realized that Feiglin is not the extremist religious fanatic that his opposition would have you believe his is. They have realized that Feiglin has sound policies on all aspects of government, covering education, finance, foreign relations, security and so on. He is a serious contender.

At the recent Manhigut Yehudit Channukah Conference, Feiglin stressed the need to take practical, realistic action to save Israel from its current crisis. He reiterated that Manhigut Yehudit reaches out to all sectors of Israeli society, aiming to restore its Jewish identity and lead it to its true, Jewish destiny.

Feiglin is touted as having a real chance at winning the next Likud Primaries. His support base is growing. His reputation as a player in Israeli politics is becoming better known. His message, “Turning the State of Jews into the Jewish State” is edging its way closer to reality.

Gedolei Yisrael, please consider the awesome impact of frum Jews running the country. Should Moshe Feiglin be successful in his goal to become the leader of the State of Israel, we can look forward to a Prime Minister who is Shomrei Torah Umitzvos; a Prime Minister who is focused on all segments of Am Yisrael; a Prime Minister who is willing to make the tough decisions for the betterment of the country; and a Prime Minister whose ideals are Torah ideals.

All we have to do now is to have the courage to extract ourselves from the cycle of weak leadership and break free from the mindset of “better the devil you know”. We have to reject the old guard and send them the message that they have indeed proven themselves unwilling or incompetent to stand strong in the face of adversity. If we can do that, we will truly have leadership of which we can be proud.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Feiglin Does Jagger; Don't Call It Surrender; Can We Just Shut Up And Kill This Guy Already?

Gimme Shelter

By Moshe Feiglin

Why does Israel have to invest three billion shekels to build an underground nuclear bomb shelter for the government? For those of you who do not understand what the endless construction work at the entrance to Jerusalem is all about, we have some disconcerting news. The construction is part of an atomic shelter six kilometers long in which Olmert, Livni, Peretz and their aides can continue to run the country with no fear -- even if a nuclear mushroom is billowing at street level. The shelter also serves as a shortcut to Israel's airport. No, this is not a joke. An elevator descends from the Prime Minister's office to the secret tunnels, far from the traffic congestion on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway -- or the radioactive congestion -- straight to the airport and the reunion with Olmert's sons in New York. It's sort of like a modern-day Cave of Tzedekiah.

This morning, I heard Avi Farchan -- twice exiled from his home in Sinai and Gush Katif -- express his ire at the fact that the government is searching for a place to shelter the residents of Israel's south in the case of heavy shelling from Gaza. "There is no difference between the residents of Sderot and the residents of Ein Gev and Gadot, who continued to plow their fields under Syrian shelling," Farchan insisted. It is impossible not to like Farchan, but he is a bit reminiscent of the Japanese soldier that continued to "fight" in the jungles tens of years after Hirohito had surrendered. The kibbutzniks in Ein Gev who continued plowing their fields had leadership that intended to triumph. The residents of Sderot are soldiers whose leadership has backed out of the battle, leaving them abandoned in the battlefield. Who has the right to tell them to stay put and be sitting ducks, when their government has already surrendered?

The only way to understand what is happening now in the Western Negev and in the negotiations for the release of Gilad Shalit is to realize that Israel's government has already surrendered. When they tell us that there is "no solution for the Kassams," they mean that they have raised the white flag. The State of Israel continues to exist due to inertia and thanks to the perseverance of its citizens.

So why spend so much money to shelter the government far underground? After all, Israel's government has already surrendered. Why take bread out of the mouths of the poor? The elegant solution would be to send the government to a safe haven in London now. Why London? Because the English have experience with governments in exile.

In his research, Military Historian Dr. Uri Milstein claims that Israel won the Six Day War because the Chief of Staff broke under the pressure of the war and was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution, rendering him incapable of bungling the army's battle plan. Who knows? Maybe a government exile, elegantly implemented under the pressure of current events -- will liberate the healthy forces in this Nation, allowing them to rise, defend themselves and triumph?

Just think about all the money that we could save if we would halt the atomic shelter project. Think about all the miserable Arab refugees from Gaze who would be thrilled to get a small fraction of this money and start a new life in Canada. With these colossal sums we could have a genuine peace process here. And if we add the 13 billion dollars that the Separation Fence will cost (That's right, the fence that cannot stop anything from flying over it or crawling under it) we could also begin to solve the problem of the Arabs of Shechem and Jenin. And if we add the cost of the Disengagement, we could begin to consider solving the problem of Israel's Arabs -- who are involved in approximately half of the terror attacks attempted or perpetrated against Israelis. And if we add to all this money the incessant flow of funds that Israel has transferred to the terrorists since Oslo -- who knows? Maybe we could have set them all up with good jobs and nice houses all over the globe? And we may have even had something left for medicines and food for hungry children in Israel. After all, we have already accepted the principle of Evacuation-Compensation, haven't we?

What? Gaza and Shechem belong to them??? O.K., if you think so, maybe you really should take the elevator underground -- as close as possible to the airport.

Don't Call It Surrender, Call It "Protective Walls"

Now that Israel has retreated from Gush Katif, bringing almost daily rocket attacks to southern Israel, the hot topic is protective walls for Israel's kassam-bombarded cities and settlements. In other words -- surrender. The State of Israel has lost its faith in its own legitimacy and is shielding itself to death. The government is busily preparing an atomic bomb shelter for itself -- deep underground and complete with a quick escape route to the airport. (See Moshe Feiglin's latest article above). It seems as though the entire country has lost its will to live. What happened to the Jewish Nation? Why doesn't anybody dare rebel?

But on second thought, we really cannot complain about the average Israeli. After all, when Israeli voters attempted to escape the Oslo death trap and voted for the Right, they got double Left time and again. In other words, in the guise of sophisticated democracy, the Nation's right to choose was annulled. People got used to the idea that there is no solution. Now, despair is wearing us away.

The sooner that we succeed in presenting the true Jewish alternative, the faster the Nation will return to itself. Just like a huge snowball, the Jewish alternative will gain strength and momentum until it triumphs. We do not know at which point people will finally open their eyes. But at Manhigut Yehudit's Chanukah Conference we did learn that in the circles closest to Manhigut, there are thousands of people who have already woken up and are just waiting to act. Our next step is to reach out with our belief based alternative to all the Likud members -- and through them, to all Israelis.

Can We Just Shut Up And Kill This Guy Already?

When Arafat was on his deathbed, Moshe Feiglin published an article called, "Quick! Kill Him Before He Dies." The basic theme of the article was that the opportunity to mete out justice to the abominable murderer was quickly melting away. Of course, nobody took our advice. On the contrary -- the ever- pragmatic Israeli government did and still does all that it can to run away from the justice issue. "Do not be just," goes the famous Israeli saying, "just be smart." Israel has lost its ethics coordinates.

What would have happened if Sadaam would have fallen into the hands of the Israeli government? He would have continued to laugh at us all and would have eventually died of old age. Martin Buber opposed the execution of Eichman. If Eichman had been tried in Israel today, he most probably would have remained alive. A nation that does not believe in its own legitimacy does not see itself as a legitimate judge of others. The only enemy that remains for Israel's government is the settlers. In other words -- those people that express moral clarity, national justice and the distinction between good and bad.

Sadaam's execution is a small star twinkling in a world that has entered a state of moral vertigo. The star twinkles, reminding us all that we do not have to leap into the abyss. There is good and there is bad. Sadaam was hung simply because he is bad. Now, someone will likely take revenge and then we will hear explanations that the execution created more violence. That may be true in the short term. But in the long run, Sadaam's execution has fostered the world's sense of justice -- and that will ultimately decrease terror and violence.

"Don't wake me up." said Bush.

Sometimes, we can learn from the Americans.

The masks hiding the faces of Sadaam's hangmen tell the real story. The free world is represented by people who hide behind masks. The murderers don't feel the need to hide. But the people attempting to restore justice do.

In the last year, Israel's soldiers have also begun to wear masks when arresting terrorists. This is a dangerous precedent, born of the typical, visionless thinking of Israel's government and army officials. After all, in their opinion, we are here only temporarily. But the Arabs will be here forever. So, in order to safeguard our soldiers, it is best to conceal them behind masks. Until we lost our own sense of justice -- becoming colonialists in our own minds -- our soldiers did not need masks.

When Sadaam's hangmen put on their masks, Sadaam's legacy had already won -- at least this round.

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