Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jewish Identity Or The Golden Calf?

By Moshe Feiglin

golden calfExcerpt translated from Moshe Feiglin's book, "The War of Dreams."
24 Nisan, 5764
April 15, 2004
For better or for worse, the Likud members are the Nation of Israel. They are the last national element that has not divided into sectors. The average Likud member is the most authentic representative of the Israeli public that is still connected to its Jewish identity. He is not the Right branch, the Left branch or the Religious branch; the Likud member is the trunk of the tree. He is the Nation of Israel.

Our Sages have taught us that when the Nation of Israel is asked to contribute to the building of the Holy Temple, it does so with all its heart. And when it is asked to contribute to the formation of the Golden Calf -- it also gives wholeheartedly.

Nobody has ever asked the Likud members to contribute to the building of the Temple (in the broadest sense of the term). But they are constantly asked to contribute to the Calf. Nobody has ever come to the Likud members -- to the Nation of Israel -- and said, "You are part of a great truth; you are the descendants of the wondrous Nation of Prophets; your very existence is a historical miracle that points to a superhuman power that watches over you from above; do not fear -- just be yourselves, and the G-d of Israel will pave the way for you throughout the twists and turns of history and will guard you from evil."

No leadership has ever spoken that language to the average Likud member. The only option left to him was to trust in the Golden Calf. After all, the existence of the Nation of Israel without G-d is patently impossible and unrealistic. How much time can we really exist here, one sheep among 70 wolves from both inside and out? So if Sharon gets a "commitment" from the American president -- who is here today and gone tomorrow -- the poor Likud member may wholeheartedly adopt it. For him, it is either G-d or Bush. When the belief based public surrendered its leadership goal, it left the Likud member with nothing more than Bush. That is the logic of Sharon and his cohorts.

But it turns out that the Jewish national foundations of the Likud members are stronger than they seem. Even without belief based leadership, the Likud member is naturally drawn in the right direction. It is amazing how the Likud memberss -- whose political leaders are completely incapable of explaining why it is worthwhile to live in this land -- remain loyal in the most basic way to the Land of Israel and their Jewish identity.

Today, it is not necessary to explain how right Manhigut Yehudit was in both its basic working assumptions and in the political convictions that they bred. A new pole is growing today in the Likud. It is a pole that urges the Nation of Israel to contribute to the Holy Temple. And when the time comes for the Nation of Israel to contribute -- it will!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Netanyahu, Yuli Tamir, And The WWE

By David Lerner
When once as I child, I saw an advertisement for professional wrestling, I told my father that I thought it must be a very dangerous sport. My father replied that he was sorry to disappoint me, but it was all staged, the wrestlers were merely acting.
Recently, Education Minister Yuli Tamir created a storm by authorizing a unit about the "Nakbah" in a textbook for the Arab sector in Israel, i.e. teaching Israeli Arabs the history of the state from the point of view of Israel's enemies.
No sooner had Tamir finished speaking, than Netanyahu, in a grandiose display of righteous indignation, called for Tamir's dismissal. Netanyahu's court journalists, Amnon Lord and Caroline Glick, showcased Bibi's patriotic fervor as opposed to the treachery of leftists like Tamir.
I imagined myself sitting with other fans, munching popcorn and yelling "get her, Bibi," but my reverie wouldn't last because the contest seemed too well coordinated. Were the contenders following a script or perhaps they knew their respective moves so well, that they did not require any script.
Does Tamir really believe her own rhetoric ? If she did, she and her colleagues would have to turn over Ramat Aviv, site of the Arab village Sheikh Munis, to the Arabs. If not, than never give up our ancient dwellings in places like Shiloh, Elon Moreh, Hebron and more.
As for Netanyahu, wasn't this the same Netanyahu who recently called for deploying a group of terrorists known as the Badr Brigades in Judea and Samariah for the purpose of fighting terror (a euphemism for killing Jews) ?
I recall when Netanyahu's protege, MK Prof. Yuval Steiniz, maintained that he supported the Gush Katif expulsion but opposed relinquishing the Philadelphi corridor. Of course, Prime Minister Sharon had made it clear that he had no intention of holding on to the corridor and military experts said that it was impossible to hold on to the corridor without controlling Gush Katif, but Steinitz needed to differentiate himself from the supporters of the plan, so we would think he represented an alternative.
Besides, Israeli textbooks started talking about the Nakba during the tenure of Limor Livnat under the Netanyahu government. The truth is that one would require Shimon Peres' nanotechnology to distinguish between the policies of Netanyahu and the left.
That is because the Israeli right and left are, in the words of Dr. Eugene Narrett, author of "WW III: the War on the Jews," like Coke and Pepsi, they are not intrinsically different, but are merely different brands of the same product, and the product is the Oslo suicide process.
The various brands of the Oslo product have different names and advertising slogans. The Meretz brand of Oslo is called a "peace process," Ariel Sharon's version was called "unilateral withdrawal or disengagement," Olmert spoke of "convergence" and Bibi's version is called "reciprocity," but they are all Oslo. Like Coke and Pepsi, they are temporarily satisfying but bad for you in the long run.
Perhaps we should say that Oslo is like Diet Coke or Pepsi, because the different ideologies used to help us swallow the Oslo process, like artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, do not occur in nature, but were invented in the social science laboratories of think tanks.
If you examine these ideologies closely, the logic behind them suddenly disintegrates. Obviously the Oslo process hasn't brought us peace as promised by the left, it never was intended to. But consider reciprocity, summarized by Netanyahu as "if they don't give, they don't get." What exactly can the Arabs give us for turning over to them parts of our land, a worthless piece of paper ?
Or the security fence sold to us as a device to protect us against terrorists. The fact that it was built right next to Jewish towns shows that it was never intended to bring security, but to divide the land.
And we fall for this ruse time and time again. We can't help but to stand behind Netanyahu when the "leftist" media so persecutes him, when they are so extremely and overtly anti-Jewish.
The reality is that there is no left and no right, there is the majority of Israelis who want Israel to be a Jewish state, and an elite minority who are opposed to it. In order to control the silent majority, there must be a debate revolving around an imaginary issue and the issue that has been chosen is the Palestinian problem. The problem is imaginary because if we were to look at it truthfully, we would see that there is no "Palestinian problem" or conflict over the land, there is only a humanitarian problem of what to do with a population of trespassers who currently occupy parts of the land of Israel.
The vast majority of these trespassers or illegal aliens were invited in by the British to prevent Jewish sovereignty, while for the same reason, the British sealed off all ways of escape for the rightful heirs to the land of Israel, who were killed in the gas chambers.
We cannot solve the problem because we are trapped in the imaginary debate. The two warring sides are essentially identical except for different rhetoric, and that is why whether you vote for Netanyahu, Olmert, or Barak, what you will get in the end will be Oslo and the end of a Jewish state.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can Israel Be Saved?

By Rob Muchnick

Manhigut Yehudit USA

All of us American Jews look across the ocean at our beloved State of Israel and we wonder "What went wrong?" and "How can it be fixed?" Or we even dare to whisper, "Can it be saved?"

Israel is faced with a seemingly endless string of enemies bent on its destruction - from Hamas to the so-called "moderate" PLO, from Hizballah to Syria, and now to nuclear-bound Iran. This situation would be depressing enough for most of us, but what makes it worse is the fact that all of Israel's politicians and leaders are plagued by corruption, scandals and/or complete and utter ineptitude.

In a recent poll, Israel's current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received an approval rating of below 1%. That's right - below 1%. Yet somehow, he manages to stay in office because his Kadima party and the other parties in the government refuse to vote him out of office because they would most surely lose their comfortable Knesset seats and the perks that go along with them if they did.

Olmert even tries to hang onto office by proposing further Israeli withdrawals from Judea & Samaria ("the West Bank") and the Golan Heights to make him appear as a successful "peacemaker", even though it is obvious to all that the concept of evicting Jews from their homes such as was done in 2005 from Gaza was a complete failure and only put Israel in a much worse strategic position than it was in previously. Let's also not forget to mention that Ariel Sharon's Disengagement has produced 10,000 Jewish refugees in their own country who are being treated worse than the government treats endangered salamanders, and it brought death and its daily specter to thousands of Israelis who live in cities surrounding Gaza by way of Arab rockets falling daily on them which the government refuses to answer in a serious way.

How can it be fixed when according to recent polls, the majority of non-observant Israeli teens can't even recite the Shema, and over three-quarters of them have never set foot anywhere in the city of Jerusalem by the time they enter the army at 18 years of age?

Should we all heed the unbelievable advice given last month by former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg who told all Israeli Jews to get foreign passports, eliminate the Jewish "right of return" to Israel, and make Israel into a bi-national state - i.e. an Arab state - immediately, or do we have a Jewish answer to this cesspool of problems?

There is hope!

There is one man who is trying to lead the country who has real answers to these very real problems, and on August 14th, the Likud party will be able to choose him to run for Prime Minister. As all Israeli polls show the Likud party winning the next general election, in essence the Likud's August 14 primary is really to choose the next Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

Moshe Feiglin is the President of Manhigut Yehudit, which in English means "Jewish Leadership", the largest bloc inside the Likud Party of Israel. Mr. Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit were invited into the Likud party in 2001, as veteran Likudniks felt that the Likud party had abandoned its ideology and they felt that Mr. Feiglin would be the one to bring it back. They surely felt this way because during the early "good years" of the "peace process", Mr. Feiglin and his predecessor organization, Zo Artzeinu ("This is Our Land"), were the first to introduce the concept of non-violent civil disobedience into Israel in such a way as Martin Luther King had done so in America during the 1960's.

Even though the Likud has only continued the shameful "Oslo" farce, the Likud's official charter still calls for Jewish annexation of and settlement of the entire Land of Israel along with the country being run by "Jewish Values". Manhigut Yehudit joined Likud because it agreed with these core Likud principles, and because most Prime Ministers come from the Likud party. As such, Mr. Feiglin decided that in order to lead the entire State of Israel from the Prime Minister's office, the best way to do this would be through the Likud party.

In the previous Likud primary for head of the party, and therefore for candidate for Prime Minister, Mr. Feiglin finished in 3rd place out of 7 with 13% of the vote. According to current polls for the upcoming August 14 Likud primary, Mr. Feiglin now is polling very strongly and trails only former PM and Oslo-continuer and Disengagement-supporter Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu only this summer stated that he advocates bringing Jordanian troops into Judea and Samaria ("the West Bank") in order to strengthen the "palestinian moderate" Mahmoud Abbas in order to help Abbas create another Arab state inside of the Land of Israel. Aside from ignoring Abbas' credentials as the author of the PLO's phased plan for the destruction of Israel in stages (the first stage being negotiations), and ignoring his direct ties to the Nazi genocide by way of his mentor the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al Husseini (who created Bosnian SS Divisions for Hitler and drew plans for another Auschwitz in Israel), Netanyahu's vision is just a continuation of the suicidal policies of the Left. Hasn't he seen the direct correlation between the amount of land that Israel gives to its enemies and the amount of Jews who are murdered? Don't we deserve better than this?

Manhigut Yehudit's all-encompassing mission is to "perfect the world in the kingdom of the Almighty....by awakening and revitalizing Israeli society in its connection and bond to its Jewish roots, national history and the Land of Israel. Manhigut Yehudit's unmistakable message of Jewish Values, Jewish Pride, and Social and Judicial reforms strives to turn the State of Jews into the Jewish State."

Before we go any further, let's take a look at Manhigut Yehudit's policy lines to see how Moshe Feiglin as Prime Minister plans on accomplishing this goal:

*A Jewish State: The State of Israel is the instrument for establishing the sovereignty of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Massive government funding to bring ALL Jews home.

*Education towards Love of Israel, Torah and the Land: Education for ALL Israelis based on Jewish values, taught with love and not through coercion. One hour per day of Judaism will be taught in schools. Currently there is NO Jewish education in schools.

*Liberation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount: We shall foster Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount and build a synagogue and study hall for the Sanhedrin on the Temple Mount where permitted by Jewish Law.

*Cancellation of the Oslo Accords and Immediate Annexation of Judea & Samaria (the "West Bank") and Gaza: Honoring the Biblical covenant between the Nation of Israel and the Creator of the world, we shall immediately annex all territory in our hands, settle EVERY part of the Land of Israel and terminate the Oslo Accords. This plan also honors the philosophy of common sense - namely since the Arabs have attacked us and lost these territories, they deserve to have a penalty. As such, they will never recover these territories. We believe in the policy of "Peace for Peace", not "Land for Peace", which has been proven not to work.

*Renewal of Democracy and the Justice System on the Basis of National Values: A constitution based on Jewish values shall be enacted to preserve Israel as a Jewish country (yet not to legislate or mandate religious practice), to protect the civil rights of all its faithful residents, and to protect the political rights of its Jews.

*Jewish Labor for an Effective, Creative and Moral Economy: Jewish labor will be encouraged, with vocational training during the third year of army service and the removal of foreign workers. We will strive to build all our military necessities and not purchase them from the US and elsewhere.

*Energy & Financial Independence: We will initiate a massively government funded and directed plan to develop non-petroleum-based energy sources so as to provide ourselves and the world with clean, abundant energy which will provide us and not our enemies with funding. We will also end the acceptance of aid from America.

*Returning Moral Strength and Power of Deterrence to Israel's Army: The Israeli Army must not be concerned with "world opinion," must strike first when required, and will be enabled to defeat and destroy Israel's enemies.

The upcoming Likud primary will be held on August 14th of this year. Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit hope to make this election one that will reverberate around the world with the hope that the Jewish People will not lie down in the face of their problems anymore, but that they will stand up and defeat them with their heads held high.

Won't you help us make this very worthwhile dream into a reality?

To learn more about Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) and to get involved in making a better future for Israel, visit http://www.jewishisrael.org/.

Caroline Glick: Independent Journalist Or Bibi's Mouthpiece?

An oleh sent us the following letter:


I am an Oleh living in Jerusalem and I am very enthusiastic about Moshe Feiglin's platform.

Therefore, I am displeased by the fact that journalist Caroline Glick is acting as Bibi Netanyahu's mouthpiece.

If Ms. Glick would write that only Bibi is electable, therefore everyone should support Moshe so he will control enough of the Likud to reign in Bibi, I wouldn't agree with that (because I think only Moshe presents a unique platform where Bibi is more of the same), but I could accept it as a legitimate opinion.

However, Ms. Glick would like us to believe that Bibi is the panacea for all our problems. I don't see that there is any substantive difference between Netanyahu and Olmert: both represent the continuation of Oslo.

Every single article by Ms. Glick has the same format:
1) Olmert or Livni are stupid.
2) Only Netanyahu can save Israel

But Olmert and Livni are not stupid. There's an old saying, "if you're so smart, why aren't you rich? " Olmert has done very well for himself, as has Livni. The truth is Olmert and Livni are not stupid, they simply have a different agenda than serving the Jewish people. They know that they can advance more in their careers and financially if they serve the global diplomatic elite. But Caroline Glick doesn't want to say that because people might catch on that Bibi is exactly the same.

In fact, Ms. Glick's methodology emphasizes superficial difference between the "right" and the "left" and tends to blur the fact that Bibi and his colleagues conducted exactly the same policy as the left.

Look at the Jewish agency, featured in Ms. Glick's latest article about a falling out with nefesh b'nefesh because too many datiim are making aliyah. The Agency also brought in non-Jews from Russia under Likud administrations.

As for Ms. Glick's motives and loyalties, I am very suspicious.

1) Ms. Glick made Aliyah in 1991 and was parachuted into a senior position in Tzahal, first doing research on the intifada and then participating in the negotiations with the P.A. Whereas my friend Josh, the most brilliant person I know, having completed studies in Physics and Philosophy, was drafted and sent ... to an army printing plant.

It is well known that some people are groomed by the ruling elite (look at someone like Strobe Talbott). They are chosen in college and then sent to a series of key positions. When someone comes out of nowhere into a key position, it makes me suspicious. (Bibi's political career is similar).

2) Ms. Glick works for Washington insider Frank Gaffney at the neocon think-tank, Center for Security Policy. The Neocons are allegedly friends of Israel, but they also support giving parts of the land of Israel to terrorists. Isn't this a conflict of interest for a "independent" journalist ?

Ms. Glick serves her Neocon patrons by encouraging Pres. Bush to wage war on Iran. I would like to see Israel take out Iran's nuclear program: I don't think we should rely on the U.S., and I don't feel comfortable when Israeli journalists tell America how to conduct her foreign policy.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Dead Center

By Moshe Feiglin

Av, 5767
July, '07

Translated from the "Yisraeli" daily newspaper.

dead centerSometimes, our instincts work against us. We sense danger and immediately slam on the brakes. It makes sense, but in some situations, this action will lead to the opposite result; instead of keeping away from the danger, we will skid directly into it. A good driver who has experienced this once or twice teaches himself to react differently. But not everybody knows how to do that.

In her book, "The March of Folly," historian Barbara Tuchman examines four conflicts in which political leaders acted in total contradiction to their self interest. They slammed on the brakes and brought catastrophe upon themselves and their nations.

The Israeli Right is in precisely this situation. The National Camp enjoys a natural numerical advantage over the Left. The majority of Israel's public tends to lean in the traditional, nationalist direction. Why then, has the Right consistently contracted? The accepted approach is that in order to win elections, the Right must always gravitate toward the voters of the Center. According to this theory, the more that the Right dons the mask of "Left-lite," the more votes it will gain.

Reality, though, shows just the opposite. When the Right retains its traditional positions, it wins more mandates than the Left. But as soon as it begins to lean leftward, it loses votes:

( Red shows Labor, blue shows Likud and red-blue shows Kadimah)

graph elections

In 1981 the Likud had 48 Knesset mandates - exactly four times what it has today. But then, Begin decided to fulfill the policies of the Left. The destruction of Yamit and retreat from Sinai decreased the Likud's popularity to 41 mandates in the elections of '84, bringing Labor to power with 44 mandates. In 1988 the Likud won the elections with 40 mandates but Shamir - under pressure from the Left - went to the Madrid Conference and began indirect talks with the PLO. The left turn, however, did not translate into votes. On the contrary - in the elections of 1992, Shamir lost the elections to the Labor's Yitzchak Rabin. In 1996 Binyamin Netanyahu defeated Shimon Peres. The public expected Netanyahu to eradicate the Oslo blunder. But instead, he warmly shook Arafat's hand, signed the Wye Accords and perpetuated Oslo. This time, the sharp turn left dashed the Likud, leaving it with only 19 mandates in 1999. The Arab uprising of 2000 left Barak and Labor with only 19 mandates in the 2003 elections, as the Likud returned to rule with 38 mandates. But Sharon, elected to defeat the enemy, made a total about-face and destroyed Gush Katif. The public despaired of any nationalist alternative to the Left's ideology and the Likud shrunk to an unprecedented 12 mandates in 2005.

Has the National Camp learned anything from these facts? Of course not. It still believes that it needs to be more "center." Dead center.

Manhigut Yehudit
The Jewish Leadership Movement
Tel: 02-996-1123 (Israel); 516-295-3222 (USA)

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Friday, July 20, 2007

As A Servant Before His Master

servant mistressBy Moshe Feiglin

20 Iyar 5761
May 13, 2001
Translated from Moshe Feiglin's book, "The War of Dreams."
The Arab positioned on the Abu Sneinah hill overlooking the playground in the Jewish Quarter of Hebron watched the children playing in the sandbox. Every time he managed to set his sites on a child's head, the "target" would jump to another slide or rocking horse. The children were so busy playing that they didn't notice the sand being kicked up every time a bullet would miss its mark.
But then a young mother with a baby in a stroller neared the sandbox. A baby in a stroller doesn't jump around so much. The Arab, already impatient, had found his target.
In the same country and in those same days, a nice, young man started a new and promising job. The man had just finished his term as the official leader of the settlers -- chairman of the Yesha Council. Now he was to take up his new position -- Bureau Chief of the man who had given the Abu Sneinah hills to the Arabs and in whose merit the Arab sniper could now choose his target, unhindered.
A stranger wouldn't understand it. It seems totally mad. The former leader of the settlers hires himself out to the person who betrayed his constituency, abandoned them to murderers and even supplied the murderers with additional weapons. If the former settler leader was a corrupt person, we would at least have a convenient, personal-weakness explanation. But that is not the case. The man is honest, intelligent, cares deeply about the settlements in Yesha and has dedicated his life to the settlement movement.
The question is even more potent when we think about the settlers' approach to this former leader. How can they allow someone who has so shamefully betrayed them to take on his new position as Netanyahu's right-hand-man without so much as a protest? How could it be that we did not hear of demonstrations and sit-ins outside his house? How could it be that we did not hear of petitions and protest letters from Hebron's Jewish residents? Even the Right-wing Makor Rishon newspaper, in a featured interview with the new Bureau Chief, didn't confuse him with this basic question.
A large rally supporting the settlers of Yesha is now being publicized. And who is the guest speaker? It's not hard to guess: former Prime Minster, Binyamin Netanyahu. The rally organizers are well aware of Bibi's character. They know that if Netanyahu becomes Prime Minister again, G-d forbid, he will even be worse than Sharon. But the organizers think that Netanyahu is the only tool that we can use to pressure Sharon.
This type of thinking seems to be pragmatism at its best. But it is this pragmatism that has been clearing the way for destruction for over twenty
years. The Yesha leaders are not taking advantage of Netanyahu. Netanyahu, in his typical cynicism, is taking advantage of them. Neither Sharon nor Netanyahu have a dedicated group of "foot soldiers." The only people who consistently volunteer to help them when they need it are the naïve Religious Zionists. In a nutshell, the Religious Zionists have become political cannon fodder.
Slowly but surely, the Religious Zionist public has lost its sense of honor. And when there is no honor, there is no life. Literally. The settlers' blood is cheap because their honor is cheap. An individual can forgo his own honor, but it is forbidden for a leader to forgo the honor of his constituents. And when the leaders of the Yesha settlements go to work for the man who gave weapons to the murderers and betrayed the Land of Israel, the message is loud and clear. The public who sent them has no honor or values and its blood is less red than anyone else's.
Why doesn't the belief based public stand up on its own two feet? Why doesn't it break the rhythm of the pendulum as it oscillates between two bad options?
The answer is that the Yesha leadership is well aware that Netanyahu surrendered Hebron to the Arabs. But Netanyahu, Sharon, Silvan Shalom, Limor Livnat and the other "Right wing" politicians are the only connection currently available between the Religious Zionist ideology and secular Zionism. If the Religious Zionists reject the current Likud leaders, Religious Zionism will then be disconnected from both the Left arm of Zionism and its Right arm. Religious Zionism draws its legitimacy from secular Zionism. It sees itself as nothing more than a spice for the main course. And if the main course is rejected, there is no reason for the spice.
Religious Zionism teaches that we are in the redemptive "process." A "process" is something that plays itself out on its own. It is not dependant on what we do or do not do and we are not supposed to tamper with historical developments to make them happen. One miraculous day, Religious Zionism teaches, the secular leadership will return to their religious roots and lead the Return to Zion as per Rabbi Kook's teachings. All that we, the Religious Zionist public, have to do is run slightly ahead of the secular leaders. But we must not lead them. So we ran ahead of them, and now, when we look behind us, we discover that we are alone.
For years, the Religious Zionists have deluded themselves into thinking that Zionism is beginning to flow in their direction. True, they admit, the Zionists do not fulfill the commandments, but their hearts are in the right place. In the end the Messiah will come and somehow everything will work out. In this way, Religious Zionism adopted an ultra-Orthodox approach and made no attempt to lead the State with its own ideology.
Religious Zionism is now stuck at the banks of the Israeli Rubicon. It does not want to retreat into ultra-Orthodoxy but it cannot progress into Israeli-ness.

The only real attempt to break out of the Reservation and enter Zionist history was during the first settlement efforts in Samaria. The settlement movement had the potential to create a true revolution that would lead to the establishment of a Jewish State. That is why they drove the Left and the entire world crazy. But instead, the settlement movement turned into the irritating sector of the State of the Jews. The settlers did not attempt to develop a microcosm of a just society in their settlements. They did not proudly display this new model for all the country and world to see. They continued to draw their legitimacy from secular Zionism -- first from the Zionist Left, and later from the Zionist Right.
That's how it goes. A servant that is constantly the victim of the whip and humiliation of his master will always be happy to be dependant on him. He
will even see it as a great honor. The leaders of the settlers have betrayed no one. They are simply servants of secular Zionism.
Six years have passed since this article was written, and the situation has deteriorated even further. Israel needs Jewish leadership for its very survival. Those who claim that all that is needed is more nationalistic, "Right wing" leadership, have missed the point. If G-d is left out of the equation, the State of Israel will continue to flounder -- no matter how right wing its elected leaders may be. Without G-d, they will be forced to be pragmatic, as their predecessors have proven time and again. Manhigut Yehudit is the only movement that has made genuine, Jewish leadership for Israel its goal. Now more than ever, Israel needs Manhigut Yehudit.

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Harming The Right Wing?

In an article publicized on the Arutz 7 website, Attorney Yossi Fuchs urged Moshe Feiglin to remove his candidacy and to "save the Right." The
following is Manhigut Yehudit member Yeshayahu Solomon's answer to Fuchs and to all those who prefer to be led instead of leading:
settlers dance"Many good people like Yossi have spent years leading Opposition struggles. They do a fine job and have achieved important gains for the Right. But they have not stopped the train from plummeting into the abyss. They are so pleased with their achievements, though, that they seem perfectly satisfied to remain in the Opposition.

I will never forget the victory party for Netanyahu that was held in the Karnei Shomron yeshiva. A famous Yesha leader described how he had fervently hoped for the day that Netanyahu would be Prime Minister so that he could demonstrate against him instead of the leftist Prime Minister. Unfortunately, his dream came true.

Yossi Fuchs submits to all the dictates of the Left. He accepts the definition (extreme Right), the unchallenged sovereign (the media) that determines the borders of the public debate and submissively accepts his own place on the margin.

If Fuchs has lowered his head and accepted the dictates that define him as "radical," what can we expect from Netanyahu? He will certainly not hesitate to sell the Jewish majority down the river for a small sprinkling of "consensus." Not because he is a bad person. Simply because he accepts the politically correct claims that the sovereign is not the nation , but the opinion makers. "Furthermore," he will claim, "we must be realistic and pragmatic, this is the lesser of the two evils, we must minimize damages as much as possible etc., etc."

The Left never asked even its most radical elements to disappear so as not to tarnish its image. It believes in itself. It is time for the Jewish majority to believe in itself, as well. And as Moshe Feiglin says, "He who has faith triumphs."

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Straw Candidate

straw manChairman of the World Likud, Danny Danon, has also entered the Likud primaries race. After MK Silvan Shalom quit the race last week, MKs who support Netanyahu told The Jerusalem Post they hoped "a straw candidate" would enter the race, so he would not have to face Feiglin one-on-one.

It seems that Netanyahu prefers to hide behind the back of a straw candidate rather than to take on Moshe Feiglin in a serious and honorable manner.

Danon is considered a hard liner on national issues. He claims that his candidacy will allow Likudniks displeased with Bibi to vote for someone other than Feiglin, who, in his opinion, is too radical and places too much emphasis on G-d and Judaism.

We actually agree with Danon. While he is nothing more than a slightly more nationalistic version of Bibi, there is a genuine difference between him
and Moshe Feiglin.

Danon and Netanyahu stand for the same thing -- nationalism/pragmatism without G-d. Moshe Feiglin stands for bringing G-d back
into the Israeli equation. We have already seen all of Israel's nationalist/pragmatic leaders collapse under pressure. Danon, clearly less talented than Netanyahu, is not a better prospect than any of the others.

Moshe Feiglin is the ONLY candidate offering Israel true, Jewish leadership that will
successfully deal with Israel's problems specifically because G-d is in the picture. And actually, taking G-d into account is the most pragmatic thing
for Jews to do!

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The Only Hope

one and onlyMoshe Feiglin does not represent the classical Right. He does not play on the Left's arena as the eternal loser and prophet of doom. The fact that Moshe Feiglin openly and fearlessly proclaims his faith in G-d creates a new arena. No more pragmatic questions of present chances to succeed and no more desire to find favor in the eyes of the leftist elites. Moshe Feiglin presents the voters with the true values of the Jewish Nation and Israel's unique destiny.

The majority of the Jewish public wants a state that will express its values. It longs for education based on Jewish ethics and for non-coerced
Jewish identity. The Jewish majority wants a leader who will put an end to the rebelliousness of Israel's Arabs and will have the power and faith to defeat our external enemies as well.

Moshe Feiglin had the prescience to define the leadership vacuum ten years ago, before anybody else had identified it at all. He is the person who
established an ideological movement that has swept tens of thousands after it, gaining political power targeted to this very moment. Get the word out. Manhigut Yehudit is Israel's only hope on the political horizon.

Support Manhigut Yehudit Today
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Is The Jewish Majority Ready To Lead?

primaries sticker
There are moments when one feels that he is at the threshold of a deeply significant change -- of a momentous juncture that will transform his world. That is how we felt just before the referendum on Gush Katif. All the polls predicted that Sharon's scheme to destroy Gush Katif would merit the support of the Likud members. But we believed, worked hard -- and won. (The immense referendum victory was not translated into triumph in the struggle for Gush Katif because there was no political leader who was loyal to the will of his constituents).

The Likud primaries have presented us with a historic opportunity to actualize the basic desire of the Jewish majority. The Likud voters will have to make a choice. They can choose the continued estrangement from their basic values. They can choose Oslo, the Hebron Accords, the Wye Accords and the Disengagement. They can choose to take the final plunge off the Oslo precipice.

Or they can choose a completely new path. They can choose a leader who has a G-d and understands that he answers to Him. They can choose a candidate who knows how to explain to his children why he is in Israel. They can choose a candidate who has a vision for a good and rectified world. A candidate whose platform is Jewish education and family values. A candidate who knows how to deal with the Leftist elites that have overtaken the country. A leader who genuinely represents Israel's Jewish majority.

We have to win to save our children. We have to win to save Israel. And we need your help. This Wednesday, 10 Av, 5767 (July 25) we will all gather at the Renaissance hotel in Jerusalem to volunteer for Manhigut Yehudit's election campaign. We'll be starting at 6:30 p.m. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Michael Fuah
General Director
Manhigut Yehudit
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Recycling Israel: Garbage In, Garbage Out

By Jason Gold

The world is going green. Notwithstanding Al Gore's hysterical blathering and his part in helping the environment by sponsoring rock concerts that few watched but were responsible for much burning of jet fuel as jaded musicians hopped from continent to continent, recycling waste is becoming a priority. The idea is to take biodegradable waste and recycle it into something useful. Garbage in, recycled product out is the paradigm.

Ah, but leave it to Israel to change the paradigm. For in what other country are washed-up, corrupt politicians bereft of any vision save to blame the settlers for all the country's problems and prostrate prone in front of the Arabs, Europeans and the United States State Department, are returned to positions of power again and again ad nauseum. Hence the biodegradable Israeli leaders recycle themselves and redefine the paradigm as garbage in, garbage out.

How does Shimon Peres, a man who has done more to damage Israel's deterrent position by helping to propagate the Oslo holocaust vision, a man who so virulently anti-Jewish that he virtually defines the self-hating Jew, end up as President of Israel? How does a so-called religious party vault him into this position based on the rationale that he will free Jewish prisoners? The man who handed the United States evidence against Jonathan Pollard? No, the only prisoners Mr. Peres will free are Arabs "without blood on their hands" (translation: we tried to kill Jews but failed) while making sure he does everything possible to keep Jonathan Pollard buried in prison.

How does Ehud Barak, the man singularly responsible for thousands of Katyushas landing on the North get put back into the head of Labor and then head of the defense ministry? You would think he would be anxious to prove his military toughness and fortitude by going after the terrorists launching rockets at Sderot and Ashkelon. But no, he is pursuing a completely different track. He is far too busy implementing Ehud Olmert's newest vision of propping up the myth of the "moderate" terrorist Abbas by agreeing to the latest amnesty insanity for at-large terrorists in addition to freeing 250 terrorists already in prison. I can see it now. Terrorist walks in, signs his worthless declaration, hands over his terrorist firearm at desk number one and picks up his Fatah "preventative" security force sidearm at desk number two. This is obviously a novel military strategy as Barak and Olmert have hit on a new fighting formula. They will defeat the terrorists by having them laugh themselves to death.

So depending on whether one counts Olmert in this mess and borrowing some Christian imagery, we are either waiting for the fourth horseman of the apocalypse or the completion of the unholy trinity as we await to see whether the Likud membership is short-sighted and amnesic enough to give Bibi another turn at leading the country to the precipice of disaster. Another alleged right-wing leader who is determined to make more painful concessions for peace and morph into Peres' little brother, Bibi is hell-bent on bringing Jordanian troops into Yesha to maintain peace, as the first step in the eviction process. Lest we forget, this should probably work about as well as his plan in Hebron during Bibi I.

Israel has a choice, a very stark choice. A choice between the old and failed versus the new and faithful. A chance to begin to correct the root cause of Israel's myriad of problems and select faith-based leadership for the Likud and eventually the country. Nearly 60 years of secular stewardship have resulted in incompetent, faithless, and morally bankrupt leaders that have put its citizens in danger and rendered the country little more than a banana republic. The time for Manhigut Yehudit and Moshe Feiglin has arrived. For the survival of the state, it is a necessary condition. Israel must have faith-based leadership and begin to fulfill its destiny as a Jewish state. If not, we can always start funneling those pardoned terrorists into the British health care system.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Primaries At The Threshold and Whining By Livnat And Katz

sunrisePrimaries At The Threshold

We are at the threshold of the most important test that Manhigut Yehudit and its message of Jewish leadership has ever encountered. Ever since the Oslo Accords (and actually even before them) the belief based public in Israel has been concerned only with survival -- extinguishing whatever fires have been set by the government and Left. These efforts are worthy and important -- but they vividly express the proportions of the tragedy. The only public that has the faith, self-sacrifice and connection to the Nation of Israel that can save the country and lead it -- has steered itself into a pathetic rearguard war.
But now, the Creator has presented us with a truly wondrous opportunity to achieve the leadership position of the Likud, to unite all the National and Religious parties into one bloc under the leadership of the Likud ("One Israel") to defeat the corrupt Left in general elections and to lead the nation to its historic destiny.
The future and very existence of the State of Israel is at stake. G-d has given us a golden opportunity. Now is the time to unite all of our forces, stage a vibrant and convincing campaign, pray to G-d that we do only His will -- and win!
Moshe Feiglin

The countdown has begun and Manhigut Yehudit needs your help more than ever. You can also help create the Jewish majority revolution. Now is the time to support Manhigut Yehudit. Click here for our on line secure donation form. If you are in Israel, now is the time to volunteer to help. For more information, call (Israel) 02-996-1123.

Whining By Livnat And Katz

mediaToday's Jerusalem Post reports that the "Likud fears that Moshe Feiglin may get thirty percent of the primary vote." Although the JPost presents this
prospect as a threat, it does not conceal the fact that Feiglin is a serious contender.
In the article, two Likud MKs, Limor Livnat and Yisrael Katz cast doubts on Moshe Feiglin's relevance to the Likud. But in last year's primary, the
Likudniks thought that Moshe was much more relevant than both Livnat and Katz together. Livnat quit the primary race after polls showed that she had only one percent support among Likudniks. Katz stayed in the race, eventually getting 8.7% of the vote, well behind Moshe Feiglin. (Two other would-be contenders, Shaul Mofaz and Uzi Landau, quit after polls showed them trailing behind Feiglin).
Would the relevant Likudnik please stand up and stop whining?

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Terror Release Psychosis

By Moshe Feiglin

psychosisTamuz, 5767
July, 2007
Translated from the Yisraeli newspaper
Yehudit Dasberg was one of the first victims of Oslo. Her daughter and son in law were murdered in a drive-by shooting near Gush Ezion. Yehudit and her husband Uri adopted their two babies and have raised them ever since. When Israel began to release terrorists, Yehudit appealed to the Supreme Court. Time and again, the court rejected her appeals. After a number of years and terrorist releases, Yehudit tried a new tactic. She came
to the court equipped with a large poster onto which she had pasted pictures of more than one hundred men, women and children. "Do you know who these people are?" Yehudit asked Justice Mishael Cheshin. "These are the Jews murdered by the terrorists that you insisted on releasing."
The release of the murderers of Jews has become a fact of life. At first, they explained that it would bring peace. Today, they tell us that it will strengthen the good terrorists in their fight against the bad terrorists and that it will help get negotiations started. Nobody buys it but nevertheless, as if it were some sort of heavenly decree -- we continue to release them.
The answer to that is hidden in the realm of our denial of our Jewish identity.
We have rejected our Jewish identity and have enlisted the cruelest of our enemies to help us be rid of it. We called it a peace agreement, or Separation, or Disengagement or who knows what -- but it is all one and the same. It is the drive to purge ourselves of the Land of the Bible and the people faithful to it -- the people who interfere with our denial of our Jewish identity.
And it works. We have denied our Jewish identity so much that we tolerate the murderers of Jews. We release them time and again to preserve our illusion of normalcy.
Return to Jewish values, Jewish identity and the Land of Israel means return to Divine morals. Our sages expressed Divine security morals in the
adage, "If someone plans to attack you, be sure to attack him first." (Sanhedrin 72).
It is imperative that we return to the life-giving values of the Torah. Our security culture must be motivated by the principle that potential aggressors will be attacked before they have any chance to cause us harm. The battle must move from within our cities to enemy territory. An aggressive security stance is not only necessary, but also Jewishly moral. When this principle is applied in our security culture, it will, with G-d's help, bring Israel genuine and long lasting security.

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Feiglin Speaks Out

feiglinMaariv political correspondent Ben Caspit, guest-hosting Army Radio's Ma Boer morning talk-show interviewed Moshe Feiglin on Tuesday. "We are
back to the 90s - with Netanyahu, Barak and Olmert competing for the top spot," Caspit said. "Israeli politics is stuck with the same ideas, same
concepts and same people. We are about to talk with someone who says he is a fresh change to the old cast of characters."
[Excerpts from the interview:]
: "The question is not about primaries but about who will lead this nation...I am running to win and not to make a show or increase influence."
Caspit: "So Netanyahu is just another leftist?"
Feiglin: Netanyahu is a very worthy person and he should certainly be active in the government, but there is no choice - the leader must
be a man of faith. We are talking about a basic element of leadership - we took G-d out of the equation."
Caspit: "But the Likud is not a religious party - for that there are religious parties. "
Feiglin: "Ben, you are mistaken. The Likud is not a secular party, but a national party. A majority of its members are traditional.
Caspit: "But you are making it religious! The Likud believes in Democracy!"
Feiglin: "I am not talking about a religious party - I am against the existence of religious parties. I am talking about restoring national pride, about
why we returned to this land in the first place. What are we if we are not Jews?"
Caspit: "Democracy overrules Jewish law and the rabbis!"
Feiglin: "It is the nation that wants a more traditional society. We are the biggest democrats. What has happened here? A tiny minority took control
of the courts, took control of the press, a group that doesn't believe in anything Jewish and dragged our society to the fringes of the Left. When a
normal person comes along - a simple, proud Jew who wants to represent what the nation wants and is proud of - he is labeled a 'right-wing
extremist.' We will lead this country, with G-d's help, very soon."

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Feiglin's Speech At The Likud Central Committee

Moshe Feiglin at Likud Central C'mtee
feiglinOn Tuesday, the Likud Central Committee convened to set the date for primaries. The following are translated excerpts from Moshe Feiglin's speech at that event:
Honorable Chairman and Dear Friends,
"Israel's citizens have been dealing with an ominous feeling of impending doom -- as if they are about to fall into an abyss. The Nation of Israel
understands that its current leadership is irresponsible and cares only about itself. That is why the Likud -- as a responsible leadership party -- must quickly offer Israel a completely different type of leadership.
When the Likud members vote, they are not only electing the leader of the Likud. They
are electing the leader who will defeat Nasrallah and Achmadinijad! They are electing the leader who can save Israel!
And who can defeat Israel's enemies? The answer is simple. Only a leader who believes in G-d can win. We are the Nation of faith, the Nation whose
faith has triumphed throughout two thousand years of exile. But we failed in last year's battle against a nobody because he had his faith, but we have lost ours. Dear friends, if we do not have leadership that believes in G-d, we simply will not be here! We will continue to stagnate, decline and eventually collapse.
Today, with our decision to hold primaries, we have started the process that will depose Israel's corrupt and faithless leaders. From here, we will
bring a new message to the Nation of Israel. The Likud is taking responsibility and rising to the challenge. Soon, the Nation of Israel will have worthy leadership. Leadership that believes in this nation and in this Land -- leadership that believes in the G-d of Israel.
No more equations like: "If they give, they will get." We do not want to give them anything and we do not want to receive anything from them. We
want to defeat them! It is simple and entirely possible -- as soon as we begin to believe.
Dear friends, our triumph will begin at home. We do not stand for religious coercion and we do not plan on creating a halachic (Jewish law) state.
We stand for Jewish education. We stand for restoring honor to the Jewish family. We stand for a Supreme Court that represents the Jewish people -- a Supreme Court with a Jewish heart. We stand for a proud Jewish state that knows how to deal with its enemies! And most importantly, we stand for the end of the horrible betrayal of all that is dear to us. First and foremost, of our brother Jonathan Pollard.
I am running for chairmanship of the Likud because I believe with all my heart that only a leader with faith can return us to ourselves and win. Let us
lead the nation, save it and create a proud and thriving Jewish state for all the generations to come!
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let's Be Realistic

By Moshe Feiglin

The following article is translated from Moshe Feiglin's book, "The War of Dreams."
7 Adar, 5764
February 29, 2004
TanachFifty six years ago, the Jews decided to establish a state in the Land of Israel. Initially, America supported the idea. But when it realized the extent of the Arab opposition, it backed down. The entire world stood back and shirked responsibility toward the small Jewish community in the Holy Land. They all waited to see how seven Arab armies would continue from the point that Rommel stopped at Al Alamein -- and add the 600,000 Jews of the Land of Israel to the 6,000,000 already murdered in Europe. An embargo was imposed on weapons sales to the determined but practically defenseless Jewish community. Old World War Two weapons shipments that U.S. Jews attempted to ship to Israel were confiscated in the New Jersey port.
Never has such a desperate, dangerous and hopeless attempt been made to establish a state. The Arabs did not hide their intentions as to the fate of the Jews in that war - or in the wars that followed. The Jews were sentenced to annihilation with shocking cruelty. The leader of the Arabs in the Land of Israel, Haj Amin el Husseini spent time in German concentration camps, learning how to build gas chambers. He had already charted out the area in which the concentration camps in the Holy Land would be built - in the Dotan Valley, not far from my home in Karnei Shomron, where I am writing these lines.
Against all odds, the State of Israel was born and became the strongest and most established state in the region. In the past decade, though, the entire world, under the orchestration and leadership of Israel, has been attempting to establish another state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. An Arab state for the descendants of el Husseini.
In contrast to the establishment of the Jewish state, the entire world gladly supports the establishment of the Arab state. And they put their money where their mouths are. The world (and Israel ) have donated millions of dollars to the state in-the-making; they have given them huge supplies of arms, the CIA trains terrorists in special training camps, they have received fully equipped army bases, international recognition and media encouragement, seaports and airports.
Never has an ethnic group anywhere received a state in this manner - literally on a silver platter.
But something strange has happened. The Arab state in the Land of Israel has not been established.
Reality in the Land of Israel has its own set of rules. Reality in the Land of Israel is intrinsically connected to the will of the Creator. Whatever correlates to His will is realistic. Whatever opposes His will is unrealistic, even if the entire world is mobilized to achieve it. This is true in every place. But in our era in the Holy Land of Israel, it is most obvious.
Time and again the would-be realists bang our collective head against the wall. They think that their small intellect is realistic. For them, the Land of Israel is nothing more than another piece of real estate, as Rabin said about the Golan Heights. It is nothing more than a bargaining chip. But the leaders of our State who do not take the Creator's will into account deny reality. And the price of that denial is increasingly unbearable.
We know that our Eternal G-d will never let us down. We know that our Father in Heaven has brought us back to our Land and will not destroy the re-born Jewish settlement in the Land of our Forefathers. The final Return to Zion is not simply a macabre joke played upon us by G-d.
So why do we need Manhigut Yehudit? After all, we believe that G-d will work everything out for us anyway.
There are those people who relate to faith as something detached from reality. This religious approach characterized the Jewish Nation in exile -- until the appearance of Zionism. It still characterizes important sectors of the religious community. But it is this detached approach that fostered the destruction of entire Jewish communities during the Holocaust. The Jews who believed that the Nation of Israel would miraculously return to its Land were right. But the price they paid for their detached faith was staggering.
Authentic Jewish faith is not detached from reality. On the contrary, it defines reality and requires us to act to actualize it.
Reality is the will of the Creator in His world.
The reality is that there is a G-d, that there is a nation whose very existence reminds the world of His existence, that there is a land that G-d has created for His nation only and that only in this land can His children accomplish their universal mission.
That is the reality. Our job is to reveal and actualize it.
Today, there is only one political movement that is synchronized to this reality. It is Manhigut Yehudit. This synchronization to reality is becoming clear even to those who initially opposed Manhigut. Just like a surfer who rides the wave instead of fighting it, Manhigut Yehudit correctly understands reality and guides Israel and the Jewish Nation to safe shores.
Join those who have shouldered the wonderful challenge of Jewish leadership, and prevent unnecessary suffering from our Nation.
Let's be realistic. It is time for Manhigut Yehudit -- authentic Jewish leadership for Israel.

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Breaking News: Likud Primaries Scheduled for August 14

The Likud Central Committee has scheduled primaries for Rosh Chodesh Elul, August 14. Yesterday, Former Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom dropped out of the Likud primaries race, leaving Moshe Feiglin and Benjamin Netanyahu as the sole contenders for chairmanship of the Likud.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Likud activists advised Shalom over the weekend not to run after Israel Radio broadcast a poll that predicted 78% of Likud members would vote for Netanyahu, 14% for Feiglin and just 8% for Shalom.

Israel National News reported that Feiglin could be the true explanation for Shalom's sudden self-removal from the race. Speaking with Arutz-7, Feiglin agreed with this explanation and stated that Manhigut Yehudit is satisfied with the date set for the primaries, Rosh Chodesh Elul (August 14). Feiglin added:

"We welcome the primaries as a golden opportunity to achieve the leadership position in the Likud and, no less important, to get our message of faith-based leadership into every home in Israel... The State of Israel cannot continue to exist for much longer without belief-based leadership."

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