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Moshe Feiglin on Netanyahu's 6/14/09 Policy Speech

From the June 15th Manhigut Mondays regular interview segment with Moshe Feiglin on Yishai Fleisher's online radio program To hear the rest of the interview please visit

Monday, June 22, 2009

Netanyahu’s inner truth?

By Hagai Segal

Prime minister’s current views could apparently change by tomorrow

The shapers of public opinion around here admire leaders with fluid principles; especially when it comes to rightist leaders. The moment they pledge allegiance to the Knesset, they face heavy pressure to deny past promises, violate pledges, and make u-turns.

Moses, David Ben-Gurion, and Menachem Begin did not employee a pollster. They acted based on what they believed in, and the people adapted themselves accordingly. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, does nothing without such advisor. His name is Yisrael Bachar.

Last week, Bachar was interviewed on radio, on the occasion of the successful Bar-Ilan function, and said that the prime minister arrived at the university filled with desire to “face the public and utter his inner truth.”

To be honest, it isn’t quite clear what “inner truth” means. The nature of things is that any person can have one truth at most. If the prime minister simultaneously maintains a complex system of two truths, an outer and an inner one, he would do well to avoid a polygraph test. Someone may ask him for his view on the establishment of a Palestinian state, and he may be confused between his own views and the views of the pollsters and advisors.

Indeed, interviewer Yaron Dekel suspected something. He asked Bachar: Since when does the endorsement of a Palestinian state reflect Netanyahu’s inner truth? Bachar responded with one very decisive word: “Today!”

That is, this is the inner truth as of today. Tomorrow, Netanyahu will have a new inner truth, and so on and so forth. For example, he will renounce the demand to demilitarize Palestine, and possibly even the notion of the united Jerusalem, and again he will draw praise.

Fluid principles

If we use an Iranian analogy, what we are dealing with here is election fraud, no less. Had Netanyahu delivered the Bar-Ilan speech on the eve of elections, his party would not have won 27 Knesset seats.

Back then, he invested immense efforts in order to draw votes from other rightist parties, and at the last moment he managed to get two or three extra Knesset seats that way to bring him to power.

“It’s either me or Livni,” he warned undecided rightist voters in winter, but he did not tell them that within three months he will adopt Livni’s views. Livni ran a campaign based on the idea of two states for two peoples, and suddenly Netanyahu is doing the same. The notion of rotation between them suddenly appears more moral than ever. After all, they are so similar.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Silly and Harmful Fantasy of “Two States for Two Peoples”

By Steven Plaut

Those who support the “Two States for Two Peoples” doctrine, and I suppose that now one must even include Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in that category, no matter how reluctantly he joined it, have a very simple position. Indeed, the entire “Two States for Two Peoples” doctrine can be summed up in one simple idea, in fact in onXye simple sentence. It is this: maybe after the Palestinians get their own state, then they will agree to live in peace with Israel. No matter how complex and “scholarly” is any article or position paper that supports “Two States for Two Peoples” doctrine, once one clears away the verbiage it all boils down to that one simple idea.

To put it even more strongly, no one who is currently promoting “Two States for Two Peoples” would still be promoting it if they could be persuaded beyond all doubt that the Palestinians would NOT live in peace after getting their own state under “Two States for Two Peoples,” or if they discovered with certainty that the second of those states (“Palestine”) would be used for nothing other than terrorist aggression. Well, almost no one would. In the increasingly anti-Semitic Left around the world and even at the margins of the Israeli Far Left there are already people arguing that Israel should agree to “Two States for Two Peoples” even if it is totally clear and obvious that “Palestine” will be used for nothing besides terrorist aggression against Israel. They support that idea because they think that creating a Palestinian state is the right thing to do no matter how destructive it will be and no matter how disastrous for Israel will be the consequences of its creation. The more honest far Leftists defend this position by admitting that they want Israel annihilated and all of its Jews thrown into the sea.

Today to promote “Two States for Two Peoples” requires a bit of cognitive dissonance. After all, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, turning it over to the “Palestinian Authority,” and the whole world saw the consequences. They included 8000 rocket missiles aimed at Jewish civilians inside Israel. So those who insist that the Palestinian will desire to live in peace once they have their own state are about as consistent and credible as are people who argue that North Korea and Iran will seek genuine peace once they get nuclear weapons, or those that once insisted that Hitler would be satisfied once he gets the Sudetenland.

But more generally, the whole “Two States for Two Peoples” campaign is nothing more than a special case of the “Then Maybe they Will” doctrine. For the past 30 years the Israeli political establishment has been prisoner to the "Then Maybe They Will" doctrine. Every major policy decision made by the government has reflected the power of wishful thinking and faith in the make-pretend. Here is a brief recapitulation of the doctrine:

If Israel gives Sinai back to the Egyptians, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL stop the Nazi-like anti-Semitic propaganda in their state-run media.

If Israel agrees to limited autonomy for Palestinians, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL stop seeking Israel's destruction and the world will not try to set up an independent Palestinian Arab terror state.

If Israel provides the Palestinian Authority with arms and funds, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL not be used for terrorist atrocities against Israel.

If Israel grants its Arab citizens affirmative action preferences, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL stop cheering terrorists and seeking the annihilation of Israel and its Jewish population.

If Israel frees thousands of jailed Palestinian terrorists, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL renounce violence and not murder any more Jews.

If Israel agrees to hold talks with representatives of the PLO, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL put a stop to Palestinian terrorism.

If Israel allows the Palestinians to hold elections, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL not elect Hamas.

If the Palestinians elect Hamas, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL not pursue a program of aggression and terrorism against Israel.

If Israel holds talks with terrorists, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL renounce their genocidal ambitions and seek peace.

If Israel conducts a unilateral withdrawal from all of southern Lebanon and allows Hezb’allah terrorists to station rockets on the border, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL not launch any of them.

If Israel sits back while the Syrians exert their hegemony over Lebanon, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL rein in Hezb’allah and stop border attacks on Israel.

If Israel refrains from retaliating against Hezb’allah terrorists after they murder captive Israeli soldiers in cold blood, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL not seek to kidnap any more soldiers.

If Israel agrees to one cease-fire after another with the Arabs, THEN MAYBE THE ARABS WILL eventually comply with one.

If Israel allows Arabs in Israel to build illegally, including on public lands, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL become pro-Israel and moderate.

If Israel agrees to the stationing of UN troops in Lebanon, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL actually do something to stop terror attacks on Israel.

If Israel ignores Hezb’allah border violations, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL come to an end.

If Israel lets the Muslims control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL respond with friendship and moderation.

If Israel expels all Jews from Gaza as a gesture of friendship to the Palestinians, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL reciprocate with friendship toward the Jews.

If Israel turns the Gaza Strip over to the Palestinians, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL not use it as a base for terror attacks against Israel.

If Israel turns the other cheek after Qassam rocket attacks from Gaza, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL stop being fired.

If Israel allows the Palestinian Authority to control parts of the West Bank, THEN MAYBE THE PALESTINIANS WILL not fire rockets at Jews the same way they do from Gaza.

If Israel returns the Golan Heights to Syria THEN MAYBE THE SYRIANS WILL seek peace and reject the idea of using the Heights to attack Israel again.

If Israel agrees to place its neck in the Oslo/Road Map/Saudi Plan noose, THEN MAYBE THE ARABS WILL not pull the rope.

If Israel officially agrees in principle to let the Palestinians have a state, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL abandon their agenda of annihilating Israel.

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Moshe Feiglin Response To President Obama on YouTube

The Jewish Leadership Movement
24 Sivan, 5769 (June 16)

Moshe Feiglin
You Tube Project

The following is a very important video by Moshe Feiglin.

It is Moshe's response to President Obama's speech in Cairo and his alternative to Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech in Bar Ilan University.

Please watch it and pass it along to as many friends as possible.

Moshe Feiglin is the ONLY Jewish political leader that speaks this way.

Watch it and see what a true JEWISH leader is:

You can also see this movie on the Jewish Leadership Movement website at

This entire video was filmed and edited by our own "in-house" staff.

It is our desire to produce these high-quality videos once each week and post them on our website -, our Facebook page, plus on "You Tube" and as many blogs and websites as possible.

In order to do that, we need to build our own studio and get some professional equipment (which we borrowed for the production of this video).

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Let the entire world see these videos.

Let them learn about Moshe Feiglin and understand that new leaders in Israel, who are strong and proud - and VERY JEWISH, are on the horizon.

And let the whole world know that AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Moshe Feiglin Responds to Netanyahu's Speech

June 14, 2009...

Just a few years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu made his vote in favor of the Disengagement from Gush Katif conditional on 14 reservations. Ariel Sharon used Netanyahu's votes of support to implement his Expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria while forgetting about Bibi's reservations.

In his speech at Bar Ilan University this evening, Netanyahu assented in principle to a Palestinian state in our biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria (and in other parts of the Land of Israel) - with conditions. The door to continued American pressure has been opened wide, the price of the time to be bought will be dear in Jewish blood, and we can expect that in due time all of Netanyahu's reservations will once again evaporate or be rendered moot.

The Likud must quickly elect a new chairman who is loyal to its constitution, the decisions of its institutions, to its electorate, and to the principles of the national camp.

The Likud Constitution states:

Chapter 2: Objectives

Preserving the right of the Jewish Nation to the Land of Israel as an eternal, inalienable right, perseverance in the settlement and development of all parts of the Land of Israel and implementation of the State's sovereignty on them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Speech Netanyahu Will Make and the Speech Every Israeli PM Should Make

By Moshe Feiglin

I do not know what Netanyahu will say in his address to the nation this coming Sunday. I certainly hope that he will connect to his Jewish roots, declare that we can rely only on G-d and highlight the uniqueness of the Nation of Israel and its destiny. If he does so, he will have taken a giant leap in the right direction and we will stand behind him to the best of our abilities.

There are quite a few things that we can learn from Obama. While it is true that the man has no real message, he promotes his warped policies full steam ahead. Obama has a goal and he is focused on achieving it. If Netanyahu wishes to do so, he can also use his upcoming speech to steer Israel onto a new course.

But from the very fact that Obama did not divulge the content of his speech to Netanyahu before it was delivered, while Netanyahu is preparing his speech in coordination with Obama and with his approval, we can conclude that while Obama decided on a new direction and would not allow Netanyahu to interfere, Netanyahu has capitulated to the boss in the White House.

It is highly improbable that Netanyahu will announce a change of direction for Israel. Unfortunately, it is much more likely that his speech will include a very bitter pill called "consent to a 'Palestinian' state," albeit with ridiculous restrictions that are completely inapplicable. (There is no such thing as a state that is prohibited from making treaties and retaining armed forces.) Netanyahu's speech will likely also include another bitter pill; destruction of settlements that will be euphemistically referred to as "illegal." Netanyahu will wrap these bitter pills will all sorts of conditions that will melt away immediately. He will wax poetic with words of praise for the wonderful settlers of the Land of Israel and our holy places for which we will always long. He may also propose a magical new peace plan that will obviously be rejected at once by the Arabs.

I hope and pray that this forecast is wrong. But unfortunately, it is the more realistic of the two options. The details of Netanyahu's speech will be forgotten in no time. All that will be left will be his willingness to establish an additional Arab ('Palestinian') state in the heart of the Land of Israel and his willingness to destroy settlements. Pressure on Israel to retreat even further will only increase and Netanyahu will likely try to alleviate some of the pressure by destroying more settlements.

The Speech that Every Israeli PM Should Make

President Obama,

With singular devotion to your identity and your values, you set out to lead your country. And you succeeded. I am also committed to leading my nation, with devotion to its identity and its values. You can certainly understand that one cannot lead a nation to peace and prosperity while denying it most basic values.

In your speech in Cairo, you declared your Christian faith and appealed to the common denominator of the faithful of the three religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The common denominator of those religions is the faith in the One G-d and in the Bible that the Nation of Israel brought to the world. The faithful of the three religions understand that peace and prosperity will begin to reign in our world when we fulfill the will of our Father in Heaven.

"You are children of G-d, your G-d," the Creator directs us in the holy Torah. The Jews are My children. It is to them that I designated the Holy Land so that they could build their homes and Holy Temple there and from there I will bestow my Divine Presence and blessing on the entire world.

Please allow me to quote another verse from the book upon which all the religions are founded: "Those who bless you will be blessed," G-d says to Abraham, "and those who curse you will be cursed."

Do you think, Mr. President, that pressuring Israel to evict the children of G-d from our Holy Land, bequeathed to them - and only them - by G-d - will bring blessing to your land? Do you think that tearing the Nation of Israel from its ancient homeland and from its destiny ordained by the King of the world will bring prosperity to humanity?

From the Temple Mount, holiest of all Jewish sites on earth, I call to the American nation and to all nations that hold liberty dear. Do not place obstacles on the path of peace that is outlined in the holy Torah. Do not place obstacles on the path of the return of the Jewish nation to its land. Do not place obstacles on the path to the redemption of the entire world. Instead, do all in your power to foster the process of the Return to Zion and to the continued fulfillment of the prophecies of blessing before our very eyes. You can help by encouraging the Jewish neighbors who you have had the merit of hosting in your lands and who brought blessing upon you - to return to their Holy Land and to fulfill their destiny. You can also help by encouraging the absorption of those non-Jews who presently live in Israel and who do not accept Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish land - in one of the 22 Arab countries or in any other land that they choose.

This is the only true peace plan because this is the will of G-d. He who questions the right of the Nation of Israel to even one grain of sand in its holy land in effect has declared war on the Jewish State and on world peace. It is my duty as the Prime Minister of Israel to defend my nation from all lurking dangers and from all those who plot against it. Our nation can be sure that with the help of G-d, we will defeat all of our enemies.

Mr. President, your nation and your land have many merits. I call upon you to fulfill the will of G-d, to preserve the great merits that your nation has amassed and to merit the blessing of the G-d of Israel. As a first step, I call upon you to immediately release a dear and special Jew who saved Israel and the entire world from the danger of the nuclear bomb that Sadaam Hussein was developing. Jonathan Pollard has been imprisoned in your country for 24 years. His continued incarceration is a message of hostility toward the Jewish nation. The time has come to do justice and to release Jonathan Pollard to his family, his nation and his land.

In our sources it is written that anyone who saves just one Jew has brought life to the entire world. If you really desire to save the world, there is no better way to start than by saving one dear Jew, Jonathan Pollard.

For now, we in Israel will focus on the truly important tasks before us; Jewish education, absorption of new immigrants, building our land and creating a free economy based on the Jewish cultural values of faith and loving kindness. We will deepen our connection to the holy Torah of the Land of Israel as we reveal more and more of its inner meaning. We will build a free society that bears the message of liberty and faith to the entire world. We will focus on our destiny: To perfect the world in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Faith in G-d Key to Leadership in Israel

"And we were in our eyes as grasshoppers, and so we were in their eyes." (From this week's Torah portion, Shlach Lecha, Numbers 13:33)

If you do not know that G-d is running the world, the only way to evaluate reality is through human eyes. That is called being "realistic" and "pragmatic." The spies in this week's Torah portion were not lying. The information that they reported was completely accurate. The only problem was that they observed reality without taking faith in G-d into account.

When Israel's leader views reality without the key factor of faith in G-d, it makes him and his country look awfully small in the eyes of the other nations. And then, the president of the United States, who grovels before every small dictator and terrorist, sees him and his country as nothing more than - grasshoppers.

And then he shows you the soles of his shoes.

President Obama as photographed this week during his phone conversation with Netanyahu. It is no coincidence that the White House chose to publicize this photograph.

"And all the nations of the world will see that the Name of G-d is upon you and they will fear you." (Deuteronomy 28:10)

When we will have leadership that fears G-d, we will restore our lost honor and power of deterrence. In the meantime, the honor is afforded to other leaders who call out in the names of their gods.

Shabbat Shalom,
Moshe Feiglin

Friday, June 05, 2009

3:0 for the Islamic Front

By Moshe Feiglin

4 Sivan, 5769
May 27, '09

Translated from the Hebrew article in Makor Rishon.

"We may have to take down illegal outposts, as the US demands, in order to focus attention on the Iranian threat."

Demolished outpost Maoz Esther, Wednesday

These words, spoken by Binyamin Netanyahu at a stormy Likud Knesset meeting last week, testify to the fact that an anti-Semitic outpost has been planted in the heart of Israeli mentality. Its name? "Illegal outposts."

No serious person claims that the persecution of the Jewish settlement movement is in any way connected to the necessity to abide by the law. The Jewish buildings slated for demolition are surrounded by countless Arab structures even less " "legal" than the outposts - but nobody pays them any attention. In other words, the term "illegal outposts" is an Orwellian euphemism that is meant to conceal simple anti-Semitism. Netanyahu, Lieberman and all the coalition members who use this terminology in an attempt to hide their capitulation to pressure from the Left, the Arabs, Obama and the rest of the world must know that they have been ensnared in anti-Semitic semantics. There is no difference between negating the right of Jews to live in the mountains of Samaria and negating the right of Jews to walk on the sidewalk. The term "illegal outposts" is a salute to Goebbels. Period.

Those people who do not have the tools to understand Israel's uniqueness in the eyes of G-d will necessarily adopt anti-Semitic premises. A Jew can not be normal. If he does not accept that he is chosen by G-d, he will ultimately stoop lower than anyone else. That is why in the battle currently being fought between the Islamic front and Netanyahu, the score is 3 to nothing.

In order to defeat the enemy, it is imperative to understand who he is. But a person who cannot identify himself cannot identify his enemies, either. He loses even before the game begins. If he cannot defeat his enemy - he ends up joining him - and channeling his energies inward - against the "illegal outposts" instead of fighting his real enemy.

Let us analyze the battlefront that Israel faces. It is comprised of four major players: Mahmoud Abbas, Mahmoud Achmadinijad, Barack Hussein Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu. The first two want to destroy Israel and replace it with a Moslem entity. The third is patently pro-Moslem and consistently supports the first two. And the fourth doesn't really understand who he is. He attempts to be "pragmatic" in a struggle that is completely religious and willingly folds up the barriers blocking the first three.

Here is how the pre-game warm-ups have gone in the short time that Netanyahu has been prime minister:

Mahmoud Abbas refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state prior to the start of negotiations. Obama supported Abbas' positions and Netanyahu, of course, gave in. The result is that Israel recognizes the "Palestinian nation" and its right to a nation state in the Land of Israel, while the "Palestinians" - with the rest of the world following suit - do not recognize the right of the Jews to have a state in their land. That's a goal for the "Palestinians." The score is now one to nothing.

Mahmoud Achmadinijad doesn't have a bomb yet, but the Jews have already begun to destroy themselves. Netanyahu has surrendered and is channeling Israel's energies against the outposts in a futile attempt to buy international approval to attack Iran. The pictures of the destroyed outposts broadcast throughout the world will help Netanyahu attack Iran like the pictures of the destroyed Gush Katif made Europe repent. It is a clear case of the dialectic of destruction - channeling destructive energy inward against an "enemy" that can be easily defeated. That's another goal for the Islamic front. The score is now two to nothing.

When Barack Hussein Obama released the trial balloon called Bushehr in exchange for Yitzhar, it seemed that Netanyahu could easily deflect this anti-Semitic proposal - that really means that a Jew has to pay for the right to live. The nuclear danger presented by Iran is widely understood in the world and the foolish correlation between the settlements and the need to stop the Iranian threat is easy to invalidate. But last week, Netanyahu adopted the Bushehr for Yitzhar principle and distributed eviction notices to the Jewish settlers.

That's three to nothing for the Islamic front.

We have lost world recognition of our right to a state, we have destroyed settlements and we have adopted the Bushehr for Yitzhar principle - in other words, it is not the Iranians who are the problem - it is the Israelis.

That is the list of Netanyahu's achievements until now.

And the game has not even begun.