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Winning Day Seven Of The Six Day War

By Moshe Feiglin
Translated from the Makor Rishon newspaper

7 Iyar, 5767
April 25, 2007

6 Day War"I did not get any instructions to conquer the Sinai," apologized Six Day War Southern Commander Shaika Gavish in an interview with Israel's Makor Rishon newspaper. "My objectives were very clear: To destroy the Egyptian army, to open the straits and to prevent hostilities from the Gaza Strip. Period. And that is what we did."

"I stood here next to Brigade Commander Mota Gur," related Rabbi Yisrael Ariel who was a soldier in the battle for Jerusalem, "when IDF Chief Rabbi Goren arrived. He seemed to be looking for something. 'How can I help you?' Mota Gur asked Rabbi Goren. 'I am looking for a place on the Mount of Olives to bury the IDF casualties,' the Rabbi answered. 'Why look on the Mount of Olives?' the paratrooper Brigade Commander and liberator of Jerusalem asked in surprise. 'After all, in a few months, it will all go back to the Jordanians.'"

The paratroopers fought like lions, but the mindset of the leadership and the High Command was exactly the same then as it is today. Exactly as Shaikah Gavish described it. We did not come as liberators; we did not come as children returning to their ancient homeland; we certainly did not come to connect to Israel's holiness or to our Jewish identity. We came to solve a technical problem and to leave.

Israel's Six Day War political leadership was by and large made up of the pioneers of the Second aliyah. Their sons, who controlled the military leadership, were brought up on rebellion against the "Jewish exile mentality." They derisively called the ambivalent Eshkol government "the Jews." That expression is the quintessence of the auto-Anti-Semitism on which the second generation of "proud Israelis" on the kibbutzim and on the beaches of Tel Aviv was raised. While the Nation of Israel joyously reunited with Israel's newly liberated Biblical landscapes, its leadership began to look for ways to rid itself of those identity-laden territories.

The tension between the nation that desires to connect to its homeland and the interminable leadership that simply wants to solve a problem and disconnect has been part of our lives since the day after the Six Day War. It is the conflict of the seventh Day of the Six Day War. And it is still not resolved.

When it became clear that giving "this whole Vatican" -- in the words of Moshe Dayan -- to the Jordanians was not an option, the Six Day War military leadership, which had already assumed the political leadership of the State of Israel, was forced to look for another outlet. It came up with the detestable option of recognizing the Palestine (all of it) Liberation (from the Jews) Organization. The handshake between the Chief of Staff of the Six Day War (Rabin) and the arch terrorist and the advent of the Oslo era were meant to once and for all provide the disconnecters with victory over the connecters, the Israelis over the Jews -- even at the price of withdrawal from Zionism's basic principles. Arafat did his job by agreeing to accept most of the "cursed territories" (as Leftist politician Yossi Sarid called them).

But terror escalated, the settlements continued to develop despite the terrible price that Oslo exacted from them, and the disconnecters were left with just one more option -- unilateral withdrawal. The destruction of the Jewish settlements in Gush Katif and Northern Shomron was the ultimate expression of the internal conflict that has been raging in Israel since Jerusalem was "liberated." After the Expulsion, it seemed that the outcome of the conflict had been determined. It looked like the Jews had been defeated and that Israel would now "converge" into the state of Tel Aviv.

But actually, we are witnessing the opposite process. The enlightened Israeli tyranny that destroyed its internal enemy has been left without any goal around which it can unite the nation and its army. One year after the Expulsion, Israel suffered a humiliating defeat in Lebanon. Since then, all the arms of the enlightened tyranny fight each other, hastening their quick descent into oblivion. The Jews, though, are waking up. The energies that we saw at the return to Homesh are no less potent than the energies of Sebastia one generation ago. They leave no doubt as to the outcome of the conflict that started on the seventh day of the Six Day War.

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The Jerusalem Knock Out

By Moshe Feiglin
Translated from the Makor Rishon newspaper.
28 Iyar, 5767
May 16, 2007
Bible"Shalom, this is Gideon Levi from the Ha'aretz newspaper," said the voice on the other end of the phone line. "On Sunday, I will be moderating a symposium on the topic of Jerusalem. Health Minister Yuli Tamir will be there, Faisal Husseini from the Palestinian Authority will speak, and I will be happy if you would also come," he says.
The Jerusalem Theatre is filled with Jerusalem Leftists -- all sorts of "human rights" types. A film depicting the suffering of Jerusalem's Arabs under the Israeli occupation is screened. At the end, the audience is palpably angry.
"I am honored to present the Jerusalemite who holds the Education portfolio in the Palestinian Authority, Dr. Faisal Husseini," says Gideon Levi. Loud applause accompanies Husseini as he ascends the steps to the stage and seats himself near the small coffee table at center stage. "Our second guest is Health Minister Professor Yuli Tamir." The honorable minister also enjoys loud applause as she sits next to Husseini. "And our third guest, Mr. Moshe Feiglin." I don't hear any catcalls, but the absolute silence shouts even louder. I walk between the rows of seats to the stage. But before I could ascend the stairs, Husseini gets up, stands at the top of the steps and greets me with his outstretched hand. His hand remains in the air. I ignore him and seat myself next to Yuli Tamir.
"Before we begin our discussion," Levi says, "I must ask you a question, Mr. Feiglin. A respectable, mature person gets up in your honor and wishes to shake your hand. Why don't you respond in kind?"
"Mr. Husseini is my enemy," I answer simply. "He wants my Jerusalem. Would you shake the hand of someone who demands your home?"
The discussion begins. Husseini speaks about his family who has lived in Jerusalem for 600 years. He speaks of the good neighborly relations between the Arabs and Jews, depicting the pastoral Garden of Eden that existed in Jerusalem before the Jewish conquest. "When the occupation will end," he concludes his words to the vigorous nodding of Minister Tamir, "we will once again live in peace."
"You know what, Faisal?" I turn to Husseini in a friendly tone. "We have something in common that nobody else in this auditorium shares." Husseini looks at me in surprise. The audience becomes alert, waiting for peace to break out in the hall. "I think that you and I are the only people in this entire auditorium that believe in G-d," I continue. "You do believe in G-d, isn't that correct, Mr. Husseini?" Husseini nods his agreement. "Now look," I continue. "I have brought a Bible with me. This is my holy book." I take a Bible out of my briefcase and place it on the coffee table. "Jerusalem appears in my holy book more than 800 times. You can count if you would like." Husseini nods his head, looking confused.
"I also brought another book," I continue as I pull a Koran that I had borrowed from the library out of my briefcase. "This is a Koran. It is your holy book. Is that correct?" Husseini nods his agreement. I place the Koran on the coffee table next to the Bible. "Can you please count how many times Jerusalem appears in your holy book? You will not have to work hard, because it doesn't appear at all. Now tell me -- to whom does Jerusalem belong? To the People of the Bible or the People of the Koran?"
To my surprise, the audience begins to applaud. This is the language with which we will retain our sovereignty over Jerusalem.

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Counting The "Olmert"

By Shmuel Sackett
International Director, Manhigut Yehudit

Everybody asks me when Ehud Olmert is going to resign. With a popularity rate of just 3% it seems clear that his days as Prime Minister are coming to an inevitable end. Corruption scandals are all around him, Israeli society is crumbling and the Winograd Commission's report on his total failure during last year's Lebanon war is the nail in his political coffin. In Israel, the countdown to his resignation is called "Sefirat Ha'Olmert". How convenient to come exactly during these days!

The truth of the matter, however, is that I am not concerned about when Olmert will resign. I am worried about something far more important: Who will take his place?

In 1992, the Prime Minister of Israel was Yitzhak Rabin and everybody asked, "When will we get rid of this guy?" After that we got Shimon Peres and everybody asked, "When will we get rid of this guy?" Next came Bibi Netanyahu and everybody asked, "When will we get rid of this guy?" (Start seeing a trend yet???) After Bibi came Ehud Barak and -- you guessed it --everybody asked "When will we get rid of this guy?" Then came Ariel Sharon and his plan to throw 8,000 Jews out of their homes. Our response? A loud yell: "When will we get rid of this guy?" Now we have Olmert.

I need to ask some powerful questions. Are we eternally doomed with Prime Ministers who constantly disappoint, frustrate and anger us? Is this our national fate? Should we just accept this and deal with it?

I refuse to believe that! I refuse to accept this as an eternal punishment that we simply have to learn to live with.

Bad leadership in Israel is not a terminal illness. We can change those who lead us!

The key to making this happen is by changing direction -- not just names and faces. In 1996 when the people of Israel chose Netanyahu over Peres they didn't change direction. They merely got a Prime Minister who was 30 years younger and spoke a better English. Bibi was -- and still is -- committed to the Oslo peace process and the creation of a Palestinian State. He met with Arafat and even hugged him! He signed away Hebron, gave more weapons to bloodthirsty Arabs and proceeded down the path that Rabin had started. This continued with Barak who passed the baton to Sharon who then gave it to Olmert. Don't you see? It's a relay race!!! It doesn't matter what party they are from or if they consider themselves "right", "left" or "center". They are all on the same team because they all share the same dream!

What is needed is a breath of fresh air -- a change of focus and a totally new game plan. Luckily, this is not just "wishful thinking". A new leader exists in Israel who has been deeply involved in the political scene for the last six years and who has built his following on a totally different set of priorities. The Jerusalem Post calls him "a force to be reckoned with." Israel's largest paper, Yediot Aharonot, says that he is "one of the strongest men in Likud." The weekly Makor Rishon newspaper called him "one of the top ten most influential politicians in Israel today" and Ha'aretz refers to his rise in politics as "a strategic threat to Netanyahu and his party in the next election."

His name is Moshe Feiglin and he has built his impressive support by following a different set of priorities. His focus is on Jewish identity. He wants to turn Israel from the state of the Jews into the Jewish state. He wants a society based on Jewish values, an army that fights with Jewish pride and an educational system that teaches every Jewish child about his/her heritage. He is a leader who is not running away from the world but not apologizing to it either. He is proud of being a member of the Chosen People yet he understands what a heavy responsibility it bears. Being Jewish doesn't embarrass Moshe Feiglin -- it energizes him! It guides his every move and infuses him with unconditional love for all of our people.

Moshe is not looking to create a state based on Jewish law. He believes that this is reserved for the days of Mashiach. His job is to teach Jewish concepts and values, set a proper example for all to follow and motivate the nation to appreciate its unique place in the world. His plan calls for all of this to be done with love and tolerance for every Jew, regardless of level of observance.

I urge you to learn about Moshe Feiglin. Read his plan, understand his vision and identify with his dream. His website is: and it contains a wealth of information. Other politicians are vague about the issues and cloud their positions in mystery and double-talk. Moshe is not like that. Everything is spelled out and he is very clear on all issues; from the simplest to the most controversial.

After reading his material, please send me an email and let's start a serious correspondence on how we can bring his dreams to fruition. I can be reached at: Hopefully, you will arrive at the same conclusion that Jonathan Pollard did when he sent a letter endorsing Feiglin in the Nov. 2005 Likud primaries: "I believe that Moshe Feiglin may be the only leader in Israel today who understands that power is a test, not a gift, and that it must be wielded judiciously. I want to express that support for Moshe is a vote to restore Israel's national honor and integrity."

May our great and holy Nation merit that kind of leadership very, very soon!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Conversation With Mr. Israeli Leftist On The 3% Solution

By Jason Gold

Mr. Israeli Leftist (MIL) looks over my knitted kippa, and techeilet-laden tzizzit and comes to the obvious conclusion. "Ah, you are a religious Zionist Kitzoni!". Where are you from? Hebron, no doubt, eh?"

I respond that no, I am not from Hebron although I will be spending a visit there for a number of days including Shabbat. He starts to visibly cringe at the thought.

"You seem like a nice guy, he says. Why would you go to a place with a few hundred Jews surrounded by thousands of Arabs? To pray at a shrine? What, are the patriarchs helping us today with what's going on? Please. Let them have the Machpela and the freedom house and the whole thing and all the other shtachim where the trouble originates from."

I look at MIL and ask in an amused way does he really still buy into the notion that the shtachim and mitnachalim who live there are the answer to the world's problems with Islamofascism and that giving it all away will soothe the Arab breast and make peace break out in our time? Didn't he learn that we tried the giveback experience multiple times only to meet with abject failure?

"Well, then," he asks me, "What is your solution?"

I patiently begin to explain about the moral bankruptcy of all of Israel's secular leadership from year 1 through year 59. How each generation has gotten worse and worse leading to our current gang of Sharon's thugs and bunglers. How the erstwhile PM with a 3% approval rating and his Josef Stalin look-alike DM are circling the wagons post-Winograd report in a pathetic effort to hang on to the throne rather than doing the fall-on-the sword routine for honor and all that. I also explain how every problem this country has can be traced to a lack of faith-based leadership and why secular leadership no longer works here.

"So what, do we put the Mafdal or the Chreidim in charge?" he says looking at me in horror and beginning to tremble and appear physically ill. "I mean I know the 3% solution isn't really working but come on now!!!"

No, I say soothingly. We need faith-based non-coercive leadership that everyone can be comfortable with and that will eventually inspire people like you to start thinking seriously about Jewish Identity rather than reviling it.

I reach into my pocket and pull out a Manhigut Yehudit card and it is as though I have aimed the sun into the vampire's tomb.

"FEIGLIN???!!!" He screams out. "Oh my Gd. That extremist??!!! "No, no, no" he says as he as he appears ready to either retch or pass out. But then he suddenly becomes serious and looks at me expecting another volley.

I ask him them what is his solution might be aside from the tired old leftist slogans we've heard before. Where is your leadership? Ayalon? Barak? Peres? Beilin? How about the Hadash party?

He laughs. "Labor? Meretz? Please they are almost irrelevant even with a bright young guy like Ayalon who has bought into the fantasy of withdrawal to the green line and peace will be ours. The others? Ha! Ready for embalming. "

"Even the so-called right, what a choice. Bibi? Please, is that the best you guys can do? Mafdal? National Union? Shas? Special interest groups, all of them." And besides, a kippa-wearing PM? C'mon, really? Like we need a theocracy here?"

I patiently explain that Feiglin and Manhigut are not about coerced religion or theocracy but then it hits me. I tell him it's not religion or a kippa-wearing candidate that he objects to, but it's something else isn't it?

"Of course, he admits. "I am worried a kippa-wearing or faith based government as you call it will do to people like me what we have been doing to you datiim all along."

I smile and tell him quite frankly, vengeance is Gd's domain and also we will be too busy cleaning up your mess to worry about petty revenge issues. So I put the question to him again on who would he vote for?

He smiles.

"Feiglin," he replies clearly enjoying the look of shock on my face. "Why? Because at least here is an intelligent man, untainted by corruption, with ideology, with a plan, a vision. I may not agree with it, I may spend every night at his home protesting his plans when he becomes PM, but at least I know I can have an intelligent dialog with someone honest and forthright."

We shake hands to part and I ask him if I'll see him in Hebron soon.

"Not so fast," he replies. "what did Einstein say before he became nominally respectful? "I am not ready to be delivered into the hands of the priests"?

I smile and nod. OK, I tell him, then I guess Har Habayit will have to do for now.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good Morning Israel

Good Morning, Israel
missile lebanonBy Moshe Feiglin

As this update is being written, all eyes are focused on Olmert, his government and the unfolding political drama in Israel. The Winograd Commission methodically described the failure of the Leftist leadership.
But in truth, it didn't take a big expert to understand -- from the very outset of the Lebanon War -- that the purpose of the war was neither to free the captives nor to stop the rocket fire on Israel's north. Attempting to free the captives with massive air raids is like trying to catch a mosquito with a bulldozer. The claim that the purpose of the war was to stop the rocket fire on Israel's north was a coarse lie -- clear to anybody who dared face the truth. It was the war, itself, that triggered the rocket fire on Israel. As soon as the IDF stopped shooting, the rocket fire stopped, as well.

Sadly, the purpose of the war was far less patriotic. From the very beginning of the war, Manhigut Yehudit had the audacity to tell the truth. We angered many people and caught a lot of flak. But two weeks into the fighting, Olmert himself confirmed what we had been warning of: The war was meant to promote further unilateral withdrawals.

Despite his declaration, though, no other Right wing or religious body had the courage to ask tough questions or to oppose the military fantasy of the leaders of the Expulsion from Gush Katif.

The Israeli Right, bereft as always of any true path or independent thinking, once again dragged along after the Left. It supported Olmert's War of Convergence with all its might. In the words of MK Efi Eitam, of the National Religious Party at the beginning of the war:

"I think that this Defense Minister (Peretz) conceals in his personality -- and specifically because he is free of past traumas -- the potential to be Nasrallah's strategic surprise."

While Eitam was lauding the strategic virtues of Defense Minister Peretz, we wrote the following in our weekly update:

"What movement will be able to rehabilitate Israel from its state of physical and moral destruction?

It will have to include two factors: One, that it is not part of the problem. It must have correctly identified the reality facing Israel, warned of it, and under no circumstances joined the chorus of fools building its own reputation on the basis of the old concepts. The second factor is willingness to lead. It is not enough to be right. One also has to be accessible to the public -- to be in the leadership arena. In other words, to be relevant.

Simply put, Manhigut Yehudit must ready itself to take the steering wheel."

Dear friends, there is only one movement that correctly identified reality, fearlessly warned of it, and under no circumstances joined the chorus of fools.

We had better get ready to take hold of the steering wheel.

Leadership that Sees Straight

manhigut protestThe partial picture that the Winograd Commission has revealed, almost a year after the Lebanon War, was articulated by Manhigut Yehudit in crystal-clear language before and during the war. We have chosen just a few quotes of many from Manhigut Yehudit's weekly updates to show just how prescient Manhigut Yehudit was:
Before the War
(Weekly Update 1 Nissan 5766 -- March 30, '06)
Olmert's deceptive swagger ("It's going to be fun to live here") will quickly shatter on the hard ground of reality. The possibility of a belief based revolution for leadership of the country is closer than ever.
(Weekly Update 8 Nissan, 5766 -- April 6, '06)
Parallel to the nihilism that plagues Israeli society, our enemies are undergoing the opposite process. The more that we lose any connection to truth and justice; the more they are empowered with their vision of Moslem justice. The explosion seems unavoidable.
After Kidnapping of Gilad Shalit
(Weekly Update 3 Tamuz, 5766 -- June 29, '06)
The belated IDF response (the purpose of which is to "look good" in the eyes of the world) that includes the entry of infantry into Gaza, unnecessarily endangers the soldiers. The kidnapped soldier could have been freed in other ways, without endangering our soldiers. After all, we hold the key to all the basic necessities (water, electricity) of Gaza.
At the Beginning of the War
(Weekly Update 17 Tamuz, 5766 -- July 13, '06)
The responsibility for the fact that our enemies strike at us and that we are incapable of stopping them rests entirely on Israel's G-dless leaders. Israel's politicians and advisors have dragged us into the current process of collapse with open eyes. They are motivated by ideological and personal decadence and are responsible for their tragic results.

There is no reason to appeal to their conscious. It is buried deep in the sands of Gush Katif. There is no reason to help them fight on Israel's borders. This is a pointless war of deception that endangers soldiers and civilians for no reason and with no goal. They must all be replaced -- from the Prime Minister and Defense Minister through the Chief of Staff and Chief of General Security Services -- from the President of the State through the Supreme Court Chief Justice. They all share responsibility for the debacle that we have been warning about for years.
(Weekly Update 24 Tamuz 5766 -- July 20, '06)
The War of Convergence finds Israel facing off with an enemy (Hamas and Hizbollah) that is fighting for its beliefs. Israel's leadership, though, has no belief with which to counter them. That is why Israel will necessarily be defeated.
War to Promote Convergence
(Press Release 8 Av, 5766 -- August 2, '06)
Olmert's declaration that the war in the north will facilitate the convergence plan has created a situation in which every soldier fighting now in the north is bringing about the destruction of Israel with his very own hands. The officer Ro'i Klein, who jumped on a live grenade to prevent it from harming his soldiers, could not possibly have understood the depths of the lowliness for which our leaders sent him to fight. Olmert is using Ro'i's noble act of self sacrifice to actualize the destruction orders on the house that Ro'i built in the settlement of Eli, and to drive his widow and children out of their home. He learns nothing from experience as he madly hastens the end of the State of Israel, taking cynical advantage of the dedication of Israel's most faithful citizens.
Has Winograd Gotten to the Root of the Problem?
Of course not. The Commission is working on the basis of current consciousness. It has analyzed why the train that is racing on the track to nowhere is doing so ineffectively. The questions that it chose to evaluate are all on the plane of the "how" and not the "why." The Commission concluded that the objectives of the war were not clear. But it missed the point. There was a clear objective to the war. The following article was written by Moshe Feiglin after the war, during the debate over which, if any, type of Commission of Inquiry would investigate the war:
winograd commissionThe Commission of Inquiry's Conclusions
By Moshe Feiglin
29 Elul 5766
The following are the conclusions of the Commission of Inquiry that will not be established. And if it is established, the parameters of inquiry will not be correctly defined. And if they are defined, it will not have the appropriate authority. And if it does, it will be afraid to speak the truth. And if it does speak the truth, Israel's media and justice system will be sure to delegitimize it.
1. The Facts
A. With the retreat from Sinai, Menachem Begin sanctified the borders of pre- 1967 Israel. The price was the elimination of the principle of Zionist settlement.
B. With the retreat from Lebanon, Ehud Barak sanctified the borders of pre-1967 Israel. The price was the elimination of the principle of Zionist security.
C. With the retreat from Gush Katif, Ariel Sharon sanctified the borders of pre-1967 Israel. The price was the elimination of both Zionist settlement and security.
D. The Unilateral Withdrawal Principle became the official religion of the State of Israel.
E. On the platform of this principle, the Kadimah party was formed, the Convergence plan was hatched and Ehud Olmert became Prime Minister.
F. It soon became apparent that from the borders of withdrawal, the IDF cannot even defend the lives of its own soldiers.
G. The abduction of the soldiers threatened the Withdrawal and Convergence concept -- the horse upon which Olmert rode to the premiership.
H. That is why Olmert hurried out to war. This was a war to prove Israel's ability to defend itself after unilateral withdrawal. In short, it was a war to save the Convergence plan. That is why the Left supported the war even more than the Right.
I. Olmert turned to the arrogant Chief of Staff, who convinced him that it was possible to triumph from the air.
J. But the Hizbollah was not playing their game, and began to shoot rockets into Israel's north.
K. It took the Chief of Staff two weeks of rockets falling into Israel's cities to internalize what an army cadet learns early in training school -- winning means conquering territory.
L. But conquering territory contradicts the principle of Withdrawal and Convergence upon which a new generation of army commanders was educated.
M. This produced confusion in the IDF's orders to its fighting forces. Enter Lebanon but leave, conquer but retreat, fight but don't win.
N. The result: 156 casualties, the abducted soldiers remain in captivity, more rockets fired into Israel at the end of the war than at the beginning, Hizbollah stronger than ever, Israel's deterrence factor shattered and the threat of Israel's destruction more tangible than ever.
2. Conclusions
A. The war was not fought to protect northern Israel from the Hizbullah's rockets. On the contrary, the war is what caused them to be fired.
B. The goal of the war was patently political -- to defend the concept of unilateral withdrawal, the Convergence plan and Olmert's government.
C. If Israel's entire political and military elite that was involved in any way with unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon and Gush Katif is not immediately replaced, Israel's existence is gravely endangered.
Does the Opposition Offer an Alternative?

The Opposition has never had a better opportunity for political gain. But although it is making some noise, it offers no true alternative. The Opposition, almost in its entirety, jumped blithely on to the war bandwagon, without giving a thought to the day after the war. Now Opposition head Netanyahu calls for the government to resign. But he and his colleagues are all part of the problem. Those who attempted to partake of the spoils of power that the war seemed to promise can not propose themselves as an alternative. They have nothing new to offer. With G-d's help, this current crisis will help bring about the major shift toward Jewish consciousness that Manhigut Yehudit has been working so hard to achieve.

Primaries Rapidly Approaching
feiglin primaries
There is only one movement in Israel that correctly analyzes reality, fearlessly swims against the stream of fools -- even when that is most unpopular -- and also presents an authentic leadership alternative. That is Manhigut Yehudit. The first step, of course, is winning the rapidly approaching Likud primaries. When the Likud members hear what we have to say, they connect to our message. It is urgent to reach out to them now. To volunteer, contact the Director of the Anglo Division in Israel, Dovid Shirel, phone: 02-996-1123.

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