Monday, October 22, 2007

Capital For Sale

By Moshe Feiglin

For SaleWith its last remnants of strength, Western culture is clinging to the outer veneer of world hegemony. Technology, social and military structure, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, to learn from experience and progress, capitalism and human rights have all created a Western cultural dynamism with which the Moslem near east and the pagan far east cannot compete. Even atheistic socialism collapsed under the weight of Western freedom based on faith in G-d.

But all of this is rapidly crumbling away. Just like the Twin Towers, the West is imploding. The ability to distinguish between good and evil has been replaced by post-modernism. Freedom has been replaced by nihilistic servitude and capitalism has lost its refinement and cultural restraint. Instead of liberating man, it now enslaves him and has turned the masses -- both rich and poor -- into servants of the system. There is no need for 'gulags.' Western society lives in golden cages, more enslaved and despondent than ever. There is no day of rest and no days of work; no working hours and no free time; no family time and no culture time. Everything is the shopping mall. Everything flows into the bottomless consumer pit. The air, water and oil that once empowered man's liberty have been exhausted and polluted. The foundations of the Western Tower of Babel are corroding away.

It turns out that the new, G-dless capitalism is much better suited to the paganistic East; the never-ending toil, the discipline, the culture of enslavement, the unending pagan circular trap -- with no way out and no destiny -- interface much better with the far East, idol worshipping Chinese tyranny, in which enslavement of one's fellow man is a given. There, in those countries in which one can be imprisoned for chewing gum in public and the organs of those people considered a threat to the regime are removed and sold while they are still alive (to Western hospitals, of course) the new capitalism is flourishing. The faith fundamental printed on the dollar has died, and the dollar seems to be going in the same direction. Everyone is fleeing the green bills with the pictures of the Founding Fathers, men of liberty and faith. The new king is the red Yuan with the picture of the greatest mass murderer in history.

Economically, the Far East is conquering the world. But the more fundamental political summit cannot be conquered by a culture that is not monotheistic. That summit is being conquered by Islam. Europe already has a large Arab minority; many European countries, which had encouraged a negative birthrate -- now have no chance to survive without the waves of Moslem immigrants. Many of the West's philosophers have already surrendered and accepted their fate.

But the first and last stronghold is Jerusalem.

Giving Jerusalem to Islam -- under the cloak of the Orwellian code name "the Holy Basin" -- means that the last significant obstacle to Islamic hegemony has fallen into Moslem hands.

The Jews have betrayed the Temple Mount. Now they are selling the entire city. When Rabin and Netanyahu -- the representatives of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel -- embraced the Chairman of the Palestine (all of it) Liberation (from all the Jews) Organization, the fate of the Twin Towers was sealed. Until then, the concept of the Islamic suicide bomber did not exist. The opening of this horrific Islamic Pandora's box is the true and only heritage of Yitzchak Rabin.

"He who rules the Temple Mount rules the Land" wrote the poet of rebuke and faith, Uri Tzvi Greenberg. We have surrendered control of the Temple Mount and we are rapidly losing our sovereignty in the Land.

If negotiations over Jerusalem actually do take place, G-d forbid, and the Jewish Nation officially and finally surrenders its sovereignty over the source of the world's Divine message, the Moslem message to the world will erupt from Zion, flood the Land of Israel in no time and then submerge the entire cultured world.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stand At Attention In Memory Of The Murderer

This week will be the anniversary of Yitzchak Rabin's death. Traditionally, this week has become a Right-bashing free-for-all in which the Left blames the Right for murdering Rabin and a long list of other complaints.

The following article was translated from Moshe Feiglin's book, "The War of Dreams."

24 Adar 5761
March 19, '01

One of the "undeniable proofs" that Margalit Har Shefi knew about Yigal Amir's plan to assassinate the Prime Minister was the fact that she refused to stand at attention during the siren in Rabin's memory.

If Netanyahu had been assassinated by a Leftist, everybody would be shocked, but the very foundations of the earth would not have quaked as they did when Rabin was assassinated. Why not? Because Netanyahu is not a member of Israel's "Blue Blood" Society. Rabin's murder was much more than an ordinary murder and much more than a blow to democracy. It was the rabble's rude invasion into the kingdom of the elite.

Now Margalit Har Shefi is imprisoned. She is one of the rabble, a friend of the murderer, and she is not willing to stand at attention! Heaven help us! The rabble is an insidious threat! But we will show them who is boss. Margalit's fate was sealed. The more that she appealed, the less were her chances of acquittal. The higher the court, the bluer the blood.

I had the honor of being pursued for the same "crime" by the same blue-bloods. I was charged with sedition because I led illegal massive protests against Oslo. But the charge sheet included an accusation that didn't seem relevant to the other charges against me. The State prosecution took the trouble to write that the defendant called the Prime Minister a "murderer."
Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon were called "murderer" day and night. A number of the leftist protesters who used that term went on to become ministers and Knesset members. I, however, did not call Yitzchak Rabin a murderer. The prosecution simply wanted to entangle me in a saga of denial and apology.

I represented myself at the trial. When it was my turn to address the allegation in the charge sheet, I turned to the three judges and said: "I never called Yitzchak Rabin a murderer. But since the prosecution insists on accusing me of doing so, I hereby announce that Yitzchak Rabin was a murderer. If the State prosecution opposes this statement, I intend to bring witnesses to prove my allegation."

Yes, I certainly do have chilling proof that Yitzchak Rabin was a murderer. When Rabin was Israel's ambassador in Washington, the embassy held an Israel Independence Day celebration. Each of the guests was asked to recall a memorable event that he had experienced. Of all his experiences, Yitzchak Rabin chose the story of how he had personally shot the Jews -- some of them Holocaust refugees -- who had jumped overboard the burning Altalena. "We shot them on the ship and we shot them while they swam in the water," Rabin bragged to the embarrassed guests.

(In the photo: The Altalena burns off the shore of Tel Aviv, 1948.)
I wanted to bring some of those guests to testify in court, but it was unnecessary. The three judges simultaneously looked at the representative of the State to see how he would deal with the challenge with which I had confronted him. Will the official representative of the State of Israel accept the statement that Yitzchak Rabin was indeed a murderer? And if he does not accept it, what will we do? After all, we cannot prevent this impertinent defendant from bringing witnesses to the court and his trial will turn into Rabin's trial!

The prosecutor kept his eyes on the floor. He did not take issue with the statement that Rabin was a murderer. That was the smart thing for him to do.

And you, Margalit, must be proud that you did not join the brainless rabble that stood at attention in memory of that murderer.

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Where Is The Bottom Of The Barrel?

Bottom of BarrelWhere is the bottom of the barrel? Where is the point from which we will not budge? Does that point exist?

When Begin gave up the Sinai, they explained that the Sinai is not the Land of Israel and that we will not budge from the Land of Israel. When the Arabs threw rocks, they explained that if they dare shoot, they will be at the receiving end of the IDF's wrath. When Rabin brought Arafat to Israel, they explained that they were only giving him the parts of the Land of Israel populated by Arabs, but will not touch Jewish settlements. When they destroyed outposts, they explained that the law is the determining factor and that they were only destroying "illegal" outposts. When they destroyed Gush Katif they explained that it was the law -- the new law, of course.

But throughout everything, they persistently explained that Jerusalem is the very bottom of the barrel. Since the city was liberated, all of Israel's leaders repeated that Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel will remain united forever and eternally, etc. etc.

Clearly, the commitment of most of Israel's leaders to Jerusalem was nothing more than insignificant lip service. So where is the point from which we will not budge? Where is the bottom of the barrel? Is it the posh Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv? Is it Tel Aviv? Will missiles on Haifa make a difference?

Well, we've already had missiles on Haifa. And if it is so simple to get used to constant rocket fire on Israel's cities, why would anyone think that some missiles on the Azrieli Towers would change anything?

The simple truth is that there is no bottom to the barrel. There is no point from which Israel will not budge.

The early Zionist's old dream of becoming a nation like all other nations has shattered on the rocks of reality. It is simply impossible to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel without Jewish goals. The world will not allow us to forget who we really are -- and it is right; if you do not represent Judaism, you have no right to steal Ramat Aviv from the residents of the Arab village of Sheikh Munis. And if you do not allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, you have no right to steal the Western Wall from the Moslem wakf, either.

Soon, we will see how every point from which we were sure we would not budge turns out to be nothing more than a false bottom. Tel Aviv will be Sderot -- and we will get used to it. The final remnants of Israeli sovereignty will evaporate and the negotiations on Jerusalem will turn into negotiations on the allocation of sovereignty over the entire land to all sorts of international forces.

There is only one point from which we will not budge; only one true and firm bottom of the barrel. That is our Jewish identity and connection to G-d. Only as Jews can we continue to survive, progress and flourish. Our Jewish roots are planted firmly in the bottom of the barrel. When we nurture those roots, the only way that we can possibly move is UP!

Manhigut Yehudit needs your help now more than ever. You can also help create the Jewish majority revolution. Now is the time to support Manhigut Yehudit. Click here for our on line secure donation form. If you are in Israel, now is the time to volunteer to help. For more information, call (Israel) 02-996-1123.

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The Temple Mount And Rachel's Tomb

Temple Mount destruction
(Photo: Destruction on Temple Mount)
Israel's political Opposition is faced with a fateful decision -- and it seems that it does not understand the magnitude of the challenge at its doorstep. In the face of Olmert's plans to abandon Jerusalem, the Opposition can choose between two plans of action:

The first option is the accepted, pragmatic, political norm. After all the speeches, explanations and lip service to the voters, the most effective route for the Opposition is to enter into secret negotiations with Olmert to minimize the damage of his plan and to join the government to ensure that no greater damage is done. This is exactly the option that Netanyahu has chosen in the face of every fateful decision. When faced with Oslo and Arafat, with Wye and Hebron, with terrorist release and armament and of course, with the destruction of Gush Katif, he feebly protested but ultimately lent his practical and moral support to every outrage. All signs point to the fact that this is exactly what Netanyahu plans to do in the face of the surrender of Jerusalem to our enemies.

But there is a second, much more effective option that the Likud can and should adopt: Not to lend any legitimacy whatsoever to negotiations on the status of Jerusalem. The Likud must announce that any future Likud--led government would in no manner be committed to agreements on Jerusalem and would not compromise Israel's complete sovereignty over the entire city.

Last week, Manhigut Yehudit sent Binyamin Netanyahu the following letter:
To Knesset Member Binyamin Netanyahu
Chairman of the Likud

Am Yisrael has been following Israel's negotiations on the heart of the Jewish nation -- the division of Jerusalem, with trepidation. In the past, we have seen how these types of agreements have become painful and destructive reality for the State of Israel -- despite the strong opposition to them. But this is not just another agreement or an additional surrender. Jerusalem is the foundation of our existence. Jews throughout the generations have always vowed: "If I forget thee, O' Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning." Any compromise on the status of Jerusalem is a mortal blow to the Jewish foundation of the State of Israel, just as annulment of elections would be a mortal blow to the democratic foundation of the State of Israel.

A very heavy responsibility now weighs on the shoulders of the Likud as the leading movement of the national camp, and on your shoulders, as Chairman of the Likud and head of the Opposition. Mr. Olmert is capable of bulldozing any agreement through the Knesset with bribery and deception, just as Rabin did with the Oslo Accords. It is in our power, though, to negate the legitimacy of an agreement before it is even signed.

My expectation and request of you as Chairman of the Likud and Chairman of the Opposition, is that you will announce in no uncertain terms that the Likud views the negotiations on Jerusalem as an illegitimate act and that future governments led by the Likud will not honor the decisions that will be made in these negotiations.

This announcement, together with a public campaign conducted by the Likud under your leadership, is a powerful tool to prevent continued negotiations. It will render the negotiations meaningless, with support for Israel's government and prime minister dropping to single digits.

Jerusalem unites the entire Jewish public in the State of Israel. I have no doubt that the leaders of the nationalist parties and even some of the Kadimah MKs will join this struggle, which literally interfaces with the very essence of our existence. I believe that if we set our differences aside and focus together on the struggle to save Jerusalem, we will succeed in saving our holy city and will also assure that the Likud is elected to head Israel's next government.

With Blessings,
Moshe Feiglin
What Are We Doing to Save Jerusalem?

As of this writing, we have not received an answer from Netanyahu. But that does not absolve us of responsibility. Manhigut Yehudit is working hard to convene the Likud Central Committee so that it will adopt a decision negating the legitimacy of negotiations on Jerusalem. The decision will also clarify that the Likud will not honor agreements to surrender any part of Jerusalem. This decision will unite the ranks of the Opposition, prevent additional Lieberman-type betrayals and will take the wind out of the sails of the negotiations to surrender the city.

We are working on uniting the ideological factions in the Likud and collecting the 600 signatures needed to convene the Central Committee and adopt this decision.

Has Anybody Seen Rachel's Tomb?
Rachel is the quintessential Jewish matriarch. She represents the Shechinah (G-d's Divine Presence) and the eternal connection between the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel. Traditionally, Jews throughout the generations have poured out their hearts in prayer and tears at Rachel's Tomb in Beit Lechem, always feeling that they have come home to their mother.

All of the above explains why Israel's governments have done their utmost to rid themselves of this holy Jewish site. When they didn't manage to hand it over outright to the Arabs, they opted for the next best plan: To "disengage" from Rachel's Tomb -- to literally strangle it, to bury it in a maze of concrete "protective" barriers, to add the requirement that Jews travel to the holy site in bullet-proof vehicles only and then only with the escort of an armed soldier. All of this when Rachel's Tomb is just a ten minute's stroll from Jerusalem's Giloh neighborhood.

The result is that access to Rachel's Tomb is difficult, at best, and often -- impossible.

Rachel's Tomb
Rachel's Tomb before
the concrete walls.

Rachel's Tomb Walls

Rachel's Tomb after
the concrete walls.
(Photos courtesy of Israel National

This Tuesday, the 11th of Cheshvan (Oct. 24) will be the anniversary of Rachel's death. Traditionally, tens of thousands of Jews would stream to her tomb to pray. Since the concrete barriers have been constructed, tens of thousands of Jews still attempt to reach her tomb on this day, with varied degrees of success. The problem is not only the concrete walls that surround the Tomb. The problem is the concrete walls that surround the hearts of Israel's leaders.

May the prayers of all those who reach Rachel's Tomb be answered and may we merit a new, authentically Jewish government in Israel soon!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

How To Become A Distinguished Israeli Leader

politicianWhat professional politician does not want to be eternally remembered as a distinguished statesman? What professional politician does not want a starring role in the headlines, to appear smiling at all the cocktail parties, become larger than life and stake his claim in the international Hall of Fame?

In Israel, the path to glory is simple. All that a politician has to do is retreat, destroy Jewish settlements and talk about peace. Since Menachem Begin, the only Israeli prime minister to withstand this temptation was Yitzchak Shamir. Begin, Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu Barak, Sharon and now Olmert all opted for their brief moments in the international sun. True, some of them had other motivations -- police investigations or heavy international pressure. But the name of the game is fame.

Olmert is not stupid. He also wants to be famous. And just like Sharon, he also has some uncomfortable dealings that must be whitewashed by destroying Jewish settlements. But despite his corrupt and controlling leadership methods, Sharon just barely managed to drive the Jews out of Gush Katif. How could Olmert even dream of driving the remaining 95% of the settlers from Judea and Samaria?

With the help of the Supreme Court, Olmert tried to destroy a settlement -- Amona. It was a test case. But the settlers did not fall for the State Supremacists among them who usually quell any type of opposition to the forces of destruction. It looked like a real struggle was sprouting, the Israeli public did not like the gory pictures and an easy expulsion as in Gush Katif was obviously not in the cards.

The Expulsion Chief of Staff Halutz promised Olmert a simple military victory in Lebanon, straight from the air. The victory was supposed to give Olmert political stature and make his leadership more convincing. "Victory," Olmert explained, "would provide momentum for the Convergence." But "victory" was out of his reach and Olmert became relatively harmless for about a year.

Slowly but surely, though, Olmert's condition stabilized. The waves of civil protest died down in the face of the inexplicable impotence of the political Opposition. Netanyahu, as usual, was afraid to open his mouth. Instead, he hoped that Olmert would be forced to resign and that he would become prime minister effortlessly. But just the opposite occurred. The public simply got used to the situation and understood that it really had no alternative.

The old disease began to rear its head once again. Together with his counterpart who had been driven from Gaza, Olmert began to weave new dreams of glory. The successful air force strike in Syria brought the color back to Olmert's cheeks. In no time, everyone will pose for pictures on the White House lawn and who will remember the small-time swindler, the house on Cremieux Street and the defeat at the hands of the Hizbollah? Olmert will have his fame and glory. What will happen afterwards? Who cares?

This formula works quite well. Just ask Shimon Peres.

Until this point, there was not much cause for worry. After all, Olmert is just Olmert. He has no legitimate mandate to surrender Jerusalem. Surrendering Jerusalem means giant demonstrations and threatens the stability of the government coalition.

Where can Olmert access the legitimacy to sign Jerusalem away? From the Right, of course. From Netanyahu and Lieberman. Just like every other smart administrator, Olmert knows that the best way to control the workers is to buy off the union head. The Ultra-Orthodox will join and the National Religious are irrelevant. All that Olmert needs to succeed is the support of the Likud and Lieberman's party. The path to fame crosses Bibi's threshold.

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Don't Doven At The Kotel

By Shmuel Sackett
Kotel at sunriseWhen you come to Israel, and I hope it's soon, please do not doven (pray) at the Kotel (Western Wall). Before you call for "the men in the white coats" please allow me to explain that rather strange request.

Imagine that a very wealthy man invited you to a party in his beautiful home. For years this party had been taking place but you were never lucky enough to be invited. And now, after so much time, the invitation you were waiting for has finally arrived. Thank G-d! In honor of the special event you bought the best suit money could buy, the finest shoes in town and a custom made shirt. You had your hair done by the best hairstylist and -- just for the occasion -- bought the most expensive cologne on the market. Everything was perfect and you were counting down the days.

And then came the bad news. Just three hours before the start of the party-of-the-year, a major fire broke out in the host's magnificent home. Five fire companies were busy putting out the flames and destruction was everywhere. Obviously, the party you had waited for so anxiously was cancelled. You were devastated.

And then came the good news. While the wealthy man's home and property were indeed destroyed, a small piece of his backyard was not! You quickly put on your fancy suit, shiny shoes, custom made shirt and started driving to the party, which you felt was going to be held in the backyard. On the way, you fixed your hair and "shpritzed" yourself with the expensive cologne. You drove past all the fire-trucks, still busy fighting the fire, and arrived at the backyard. "I must be early" you thought, because nobody else was there. And then, all of a sudden, you saw the host of the party! "Wow, the host is here. Let me go over and greet him," you said to yourself.

And then came the bad -- and extremely embarrassing -- news. "Are you serious?" asked the wealthy man. "You actually thought the party would be held here -- with my house still burning several feet away??? Are you insane??? Don't ever come near me again, you insensitive fool! Get off my property!!!" And with that, the wealthy man turned away in anger, shock and total disbelief, and you stood there in your fancy suit and sweet smelling cologne looking like the biggest fool who ever walked the planet.

Dearest friends, G-d's house is burning. As you read these words, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem is being destroyed. Right now at this exact moment! This is not an exaggeration. It is 100% fact. The Arabs, who control Har Ha'Bayit (the Temple Mount) are digging and destroying actual walls of the Holy Temple.

The following is a quote from Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of Machon Ha'Mikdash (The Temple Mount Institute);

Temple Mount destruction 2"For the past several weeks, workers employed by the Islamic Wakf have been excavating on the Temple Mount. This excavation, ostensibly to facilitate improvements to the infrastructure of the Al Aksa Mosque, is being carried out with the approval of the Israeli government. Digging in any archeologically sensitive area is generally carried out with great care and delicacy, especially if the site is associated with religious traditions or considered holy. However this work is being carried out as it would be at any construction or building project, utilizing heavy machinery such as tractors and bulldozers. The Israel Antiquities Authority, legally empowered by the government to protect all archeological sites in Israel, is turning a blind eye to this excavation and has not posted supervisors or any representative at the site. Indeed, respected independent archeologists who have expressed concern over the irreparable damage currently being wrought by this work, and who have attempted to observe the digging firsthand, have been physically prevented from doing so by Israeli police officers, who vigilantly ensure that no one interferes with the work. According to the eye witness reports of these archeologists, and based on photographs they have studied, irreparable damage is being caused.

Islam maintains that there never was any such thing as the Holy Temple standing on the Temple Mount. For years a concentrated effort was made to obliterate any vestige of evidence from the site. Yet now, as a result of this destructive and wanton bulldozing, a section of the wall of the Holy Temple - in the area universally recognized as the location of the Women's Court - has been unearthed. This is the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple that actual physical evidence of the Temple has been revealed. But all of the antiquities of the Temple that have been uncovered are in danger of being destroyed by the Wakf."

I suggest you read those last two sentences again. Rabbi Richman wrote that this is the first time since the destruction of Bayit Sheni (the Second Temple) that physical evidence of the actual Temple has been found yet that evidence is being destroyed by the Arabs. Please understand that this archeological find is far more important than Massada. We are talking about the Holy Temple -- the Beit Hamikdash!!!

Three weeks ago, I went up to Har Ha'Bayit with my son and we saw this destruction with our own eyes. Many bulldozers are busy at work destroying our holiest site. A 400 meter long trench has already been dug and damage has been made that is simply beyond repair. As Rabbi Richman wrote, the Israeli government and the Israeli police department are allowing this tragedy to happen. It's simply horrific.

But I want to go one step further. It is very easy to blame Prime Minister Olmert, President Peres and their gang for what they are doing. These people have made their careers out of destroying all that is dear to our tradition. Olmert and Peres are currently busy at work trying to give Hebron and Bet El to the enemy and when that is done -- G-d forbid -- they will try to give away Kever Rachel, Kever Yosef, Elon Moreh, Shilo and more.

My question is where are the Rabbis during this crisis? Where is "Da'as Torah"? Where are the Gedolim (rabbinic leaders)? Their silence is deafening. How come all the Rabbis were up in arms when anonymous bones were found during the building of Highway #6 yet not a sound is made when walls of the Bet Ha'Mikdash are found -- and destroyed??? Those bones caused quite a stir. Massive rallies were held and physical battles were waged with the Israeli police. The violence was so intense that the Israeli government gave in and rerouted an entire section of the road, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. The Rabbis declared the victory a sanctification of G-d's Name and didn't even care when scientific proof was presented that these bones were not even Jewish!

Where are the battles over the Bet Ha'Mikdash? Where is the outcry, the willingness for self-sacrifice for the Sanctification of G-d's Name?
There is none. Do you know why??? Because nobody has touched the Kotel. For thousands of years we have prayed and cried at the Kotel, the place where G-d's "Shechina" (Divine presence) never left. The Kotel has served us just fine and even though G-d restored Har Ha'Bayit to our hands, our people prefer to remain at the Kotel. I understand that there is a great Jewish-law debate over ascending Har Ha'Bayit and if one follows the ruling that says that going to Har Ha'Bayit is forbidden, then you should indeed not go there, but that doesn't change what is happening.

Even if you do not go to Har Ha'Bayit, you should be outraged by what is happening there. A Jew must protest every act of desecration of G-d's Name in the world and certainly when it is being carried out on our holiest site. But not a word has been said. Olmert is allowing it, the police are allowing it and -- sadly -- the Rabbis are allowing it too.

This is why I wrote not to pray at the Kotel. Hashem's house is burning at this very moment and I do not recommend saying, "But the backyard is fine so we'll go there". Especially if you do not go up to Har Ha'Bayit, do not go to the Kotel. At least not while the fire is still burning.

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The Gaza Yo Yo


By Moshe Feiglin

Translated from the NRG website

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

Defense Minister Barak has made it clear. A major military incursion into Gaza is just around the corner.

Strangely enough, I find myself strongly opposed to entering Gaza. The world is upside down. It used to be that the Left would oppose military action while the Right would demand it. But not any more. The Left needs military action to fuel its peace processes. "Victory will create momentum for the Convergence." Remember? The Right, on the other hand, is beginning to free itself of the automatic reflex that always demands to "let them have it." It is beginning to understand that military action will not necessarily defend Israel. Sometimes it can serve the opposite purpose; government hegemony, for example.

Not long ago, a massive brainwashing campaign took place in Israel. The nation was dragged into an operation known by the Orwellian code name, "Disengagement." In reality, it was the destruction of an entire settlement region, the razing of hundreds of homes and the scattering of their residents in every direction. It cost 27 billion dollars (10 years of US aid), brought terrible suffering upon ten thousand people, tore the nation apart, eliminated the final remnants of Israel's democratic culture and encouraged the enemy to attack.

We paid the price of all the above to achieve one thing: Disengagement. So that "our soldiers will not have to endanger themselves in the alleys of Gaza." The truth, though, was eventually told by television personality Yair Lapid. The real reason for the Disengagement was simply to defeat the Left's political opponent. "We had to teach the settlers a lesson," he explained. Disengaging from Gaza was simply the excuse. So now, after we have paid the terrible price, the Defense Minister proclaims that our sons will return to Gaza? For what? To retreat once again? How can we play this cruel yo yo game with the lives of our soldiers?

It is important to understand that when Barak announces that a military incursion into Gaza is near, he is admitting in no uncertain terms that all the concepts touted to justify the Disengagement have failed. There is no other way to understand it. If you send troops to fight once again according to precisely the same failed concept, you are simply playing with human life. After all, it is clear that even after the most successful military action, a new set of left wing journalists and protesters will see to it that the IDF retreats from Gaza in no time. And then the Kassams will explode here once again.

Those who do not recognize their mistakes, should not play with the lives of our sons. It is time to admit that the concept of land for peace and security has failed. Since this concept was adopted and applied in the Oslo Accords, we have a lot less peace and a lot less security. Many more Israeli citizens were killed in terror attacks since 1995 than in all the years of Israel's existence until the Accords were signed.

In truth, I would oppose these agreements even if they did bring peace and security. But the point being discussed in this article is if the policies that engendered these agreements have achieved the goals that their proponents set for themselves. Clearly, the answer is negative. The Oslo concept, the Disengagement concept, and the concept of land for peace have completely failed.

Going into Gaza for yet another round endangers our soldiers' lives for no reason. We must understand that true security will come as a result of Jewish settlement and Arab emigration. If we return to Gaza, we must do so with the intent purpose of declaring Israeli sovereignty there, encouraging the Arabs to emigrate from there (they want to leave anyway) and rebuilding the destroyed communities of Gush Katif and the entire Land of Israel.

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Why Attack Bibi?

If a person wants to stay healthy, he doesn't need to eliminate disease. Instead, he must keep his body and environment fit so that the nasty viruses and bacteria waiting to attack him don't have a chance.

The same is true on a national level. Ehud Olmert is not the problem. Olmert and his cohorts in the government are a given -- a strain of disease that attacks our national immune system. This disease cannot spread or do harm without the proper conditions. Ever since Israel's peace agreement with Egypt in 1979, those conditions have been provided by Israel's Right. We may not be able to eliminate the disease, but we can certainly eliminate the conditions in which it is able to attack.

So why attack Bibi? The answer is simple. To save Jerusalem.

Is Bibi in on the agreement being constructed by Olmert and Abu Mazen? We have no proof that he is. Persistent rumors that include the names of other Likud Knesset members who are involved in the talks have been loudly whispered for more than a month. But at this point, they are no more than rumors. What is clear though, is that in the face of hasty negotiations to surrender Israel's capital to the enemy, the head of the Opposition is doing nothing. If the rumors are true, it will not have been the first time that Netanyahu creates the Right conditions for the breakout of the Left disease:

· Netanyahu was the man who gave the National Camp's approval for the Oslo Accords when as Prime Minister, he hugged Arafat.
· Netanyahu was the man who, as Prime Minister, gave the National Camp's approval for continued retreats, arms transfer and terrorist release in the framework of the Wye Accords.
· Netanyahu was the man who voted in favor of the Expulsion, remained in the government and paved the way for all the vacillating ministers to follow suit.

In light of the above, there is definitely reason for concern in the face of Netanyahu's current behavior. He will speak out against the developing agreement with zeal in order to prepare an alibi in case it fails, just like he did when he quit the government shortly before the Expulsion and after it was too late to stop it. But no substantial action to stop the dangerous move will emanate from his office.

And what about Lieberman? Lieberman is playing a smart game. On one hand, he blasts the Leftists, calling them "kapos" and keeping his voters happy. On the other hand, he is part of the government, supplying the "kapos" with a most fundamental necessity: legitimacy. Now he claims that Ramon's plan fits his own plan to exchange territory -- as if Israel will actually declare sovereignty over other places after it surrenders Jerusalem.

It seems that Netanyahu has figured out what Lieberman has known all along.
He has nothing to lose from joining the government. He can only gain. The right wing public has no alternative to the Likud and Lieberman (the National Union party is not on the playing field). Just as he did before the Expulsion, Netanyahu will resign from the government just prior to the elections and all will be forgiven. The columnists in the right wing Makor Rishon newspaper will explain why Netanyahu is the only chance and everyone will crown him as the last Zionist leader. In the meantime, Netanyahu will be able to leave the Opposition desert while Olmert protects him from the poison pens of the Left. He will once again be at center stage and his hopes to become prime minister will be high. After all, the Rightist voters are used to being betrayed by their "leaders."

And what about Jerusalem?
Honestly! Is Shuafat Jerusalem? Have we prayed for Sheikh Jarah for 2000 years? You will be able to continue to pray at the Western Wall, so what is the problem? Why continue to atrophy in the Opposition?

And what about Manhigut Yehudit?

Remember, it is not necessary to eliminate the disease -- just the conditions that allow it to rear its head.Our job is to unite the genuinely concerned nationalist forces. We must foster a healthy atmosphere in which the Right does not create the conditions in which the disease can spread. More details to come!

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