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Releasing Terrorists is an Immoral and Deadly Policy

June 29, 2008...

The Israeli government has no Jewish compass to guide it as it drifts aimlessly in treacherous waters. Without this necessary navigational instrument, the Israeli ship of state is hopelessly off course and headed for further disaster.

Samir Kuntar is a cold-blooded Jew-murdering terrorist whom the Olmert government is on the verge of releasing. In 1979, Kuntar shot Danny Haran in the back and then drowned him. He then smashed Danny’s four-year-old daughter Einat’s head against beach rocks and crushed her skull with the butt end of his rifle until she was dead. He also murdered an Israeli policeman. Additionally, Danny’s two-year-old daughter Yael was accidentally suffocated to death by her mother as they were hiding in the attic of their home trying to avoid detection by Kuntar and his group.

In publicly arguing in favor of releasing Kuntar in exchange for Jewish hostages, Kadima Minister Ruhama Avraham-Balila states that “The price [of the deal] is painful and intolerable, but it shouldn't be an obstacle." The Olmert government does not even know if they are scheduled to receive live hostages or remains.

Manhigut Yehudit officials note that since the Olmert government has no moral compass, of course it does not see releasing a man who has stated that he enjoyed murdering a four-year-old Jewish child as an obstacle.

Nor does MK Avraham-Balila consider her government’s culpability in the event that the murderer Kuntar makes good on his claim to kill Jews again, even though it has been conclusively demonstrated that almost all released terrorists revert to their deadly ways immediately.

Manhigut Yehudit's intolerable pain is the very thought of what our captive soldiers are living through – or perhaps, G-d forbid, dying for - needlessly in the name of this false peace.

It is clear that what Israel eventually receives when it negotiates with terrorists is only remains of soldiers. The proper way to negotiate with terrorists is to wipe them off the face of the earth. With this technique, other would-be terrorists will understand – sooner rather than later - that it will be too painful for them to attack Jews.

The weak and immoral Israeli leadership that has no fear of heaven will also probably soon send Jewish boys into battle risking their lives to hand over Gaza from one terrorist group – Hamas - to another terrorist group led by the allegedly moderate Mahmoud Abbas.

If, G-d forbid, some of our precious Jewish boys lose their lives in Gaza (as is being predicted by most military observers), these so-called Israeli "leaders" will use Orwellian doublespeak to grotesquely pronounce their deaths as “sacrifices for peace.”

The current Israeli leadership of “New Middle East visionaries" will continue to offer our G-d- given Land on a silver platter to its implacable enemies in a vain effort to rid themselves of the yoke of "being Jewish." These “leaders” want no part of the Jewish mission of being a Light Unto the Nations – they only wish to be a Nation Like the Other Nations.

Israel desperately needs leadership that will take appropriate action to protect the lives of our Jewish children and embrace our unique and beautiful heritage – not leadership that continues to run away from its heritage and throw these precious lives away to please the United States or to slice up our divinely-given Land of Israel.



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We Are All Gilad Shalit

By Moshe Feiglin

Sivan, 5768
June, '08

When Gilad Shalit was abducted, the spin was that the kidnappers were part of a clandestine terror group; some sort of popular front over which the Hamas had no control. But then the Hamas realized that even if it takes full responsibility for abducting Shalit, no harm will befall it. And so, without blinking an eye, the elected government that rules as a sovereign in Gaza embarked upon direct and open negotiations for the release of the abducted Israeli soldier. Ismail Haniyeh doesn't even masquerade as a mere mediator. He, the leader of the Hamas, sets the price that will convince him, in his capacity as the prime minister of Gaza, to release the Israeli soldier.

In plain English, that is a declaration of war. But Israel is paralyzed. Why?

What would have happened if in the Yom Kippur War, the Syrians would have stationed an artillery unit in the Syrian village of Kuneitra and shelled Tiberias from its heights? Would somebody have even thought it improper to retaliate because of the civilian casualties that would inevitably result? That would be ridiculous. If a sovereign government decides to go to war, it does so in the name of its entire nation. Everybody is included. There are no 'innocent civilians.' If the elected government goes so far as to use a civilian platform for its attack, the responsibility for the results is clearly on its shoulders and not on the side defending itself.

But in Israel's case, this logic does not hold. The Hamas enjoys the best of both worlds. On one hand, it has territory, a democratically elected government, and international aid and recognition while on the other hand, it bears no responsibility for its actions. It has the power of government and the responsibility of an impudent teen. It shells the Jews from inside its sovereign territory, and the Jews restrict themselves to policing the attackers alone - as if they were a gang smuggling drugs from Mexico to Texas.

Can Israel win under these circumstances? Obviously not. That is precisely the cause of the insane situation in Israel today - unique to this country alone.

Israel cannot defeat the Hamas because defeating the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, or actually dealing with the rising nationalism of Israel's Arabs - would leave Israel alone with its Jewish identity. Victory means a return to the Biblical Land of Israel. It means reconnecting to our Biblical role models, encouraging Arabs to emigrate from our Biblical homeland, declaring sovereignty over our homeland and massive Jewish settlement. Israel's short history proves that anything less than that is not victory.

Actually, the only real victory that Israel ever enjoyed was the victory of the War of Independence in 1948. In that war, Israel actualized the four principles mentioned above: conquest, Arab emigration, sovereignty and settlement. That triumph triggered a true peace process. For a while, it looked like the process would end like most wars, in which one side defeats the other and in the end both sides shake hands.

But that did not happen. The Arabs eventually realized that the Jews did not establish an independent Jewish state, but a new Israeli state. This identity-less state desperately needed the Arabs to prove just how normal it really was: No Jewish identity; just a collection of Jews, Arabs and whoever else living together with no roots or religions to disturb it. The logical result is that the Arabs - who hold the key to the new Israeli identity - have an insurance policy against any Israeli aggression or retaliation. That is why Israel cannot deal with the missiles flying into its sovereign territory on a nearly daily basis. That is also why an 'Israeli' Arab MK can direct the Katyusha missiles into Haifa and laugh all the way from his interrogation in Israel to the bank in Jordan with his hefty Israeli compensation.

What will we do? Will we continue to raise white flags all the way from Gaza to Tel Aviv? After all, Israeli mentality can no longer integrate a solution based on the principles of the War of Independence. Tens of years of leftist brainwashing have deleted the concept called 'victory' from the Israeli lexicon. Concepts like the Land of Israel or the Jewish Nation are virtually unthinkable.

The real threat to Israel is not from the military might of Iran or the Arab states. The real threat is that they will not need to use it. They have already discovered Israel's weak spot and they can watch it crumble away without a battle.

Israel must change direction and elect leadership with a Jewish orientation - leadership that draws on its internal resources for its sense of self worth and is not dependant on the approval of other nations. If we don't do that soon, we will all turn out to be - in the best case scenario - Gilad Shalit.

The Modern Day Korach Spin

By Moshe Feiglin

"And why do you lord over G-d's congregation?" (Numbers 16:3)

These are the words used by Korach and his followers to de-legitimize Moses' rule over the Israelites in the desert. In modern terms, they said the following:

"Look at us. We are rich, good-looking and enlightened. Not primitive like the old leadership. We represent the people, we do not show favoritism, are not guilty of patronage and do not appoint our brothers to the priesthood. On the contrary! We fight corruption. We judge everything objectively - the true test of an enlightened person. "

The ground has not opened up and swallowed our present day political Korachs, but reality is doing the job instead. The Nation of Israel looks on in disgust at the 'enlightened elite' that controls it. Israel's public has lost the last remnants of faith that it had in the Korach spin.

All the while, Manhigut Yehudit is slowly but surely holding out hope to this battered nation. With G-d's help, the entire faith-based public will soon connect to the rest of the national camp through its leadership tool - the Likud. This is the only realistic chance that we have to restore the authentic Jewish leadership that Israel so urgently needs and deserves.

Feiglin vs. Eitam

Last Tuesday night the settlement of Beit El hosted Moshe Feiglin and Effie Eitam for a debate on Israel's future. Eitam was elected to the NRP but resigned and has started a new party called Achi.

Eitam said that after Gush Katif, he understood that the Religious Zionist public has to lead the nation. That is why he established the Achi party. He admitted, though, that Achi can achieve 9 Knesset seats at most. His conclusion? One possibility is to join the Likud as part of the Achi faction now. The other possibility is to attract as many voters as possible from the National Camp (not necessarily Religious Zionists) to Achi and then, with a solid number of Achi MKs, to join the Likud.

For readers of our weekly updates, Moshe Feiglin's response is obvious. Number one, it is a shame that Eitam woke up to the leadership imperative only after Gush Katif, while Manhigut Yehudit has been working on it for over a decade. Secondly, if you believe that the Religious Zionist public must connect to the National Camp, why create a new party? It is more straightforward and logical to join the leadership party of the National Camp, the Likud, combine forces from there and lead the nation.

Manhigut Yehudit needs your help now more than ever. You can help to get our message out. Support Manhigut Yehudit, print out this update and distribute it in your community, arrange a Manhigut Yehudit lecture in your community, and tell your friends about the fast-growing Jewish Leadership alternative. For information call:

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Livni is not the answer

By Ted Belman

The Jerusalem Report has a major article, The Livni Beat, which attempts to explain Livni’s politics.

In Livni’s view, the occupation of Palestinian territory must be wound up for two reasons:

- to ensure that Israel will remain democratic with a Jewish majority, and to preempt attempts

- to use the ongoing occupation to deligitimize the state.

That’s what is motivating the present government to pursue the negotiations. Its unfortunate that the writer calls Judea and Samaria, “Palestinian territory”. Such a reference may have come from Livni and that is part of the problem. So long as Israel thinks of it as Palestinian, Israel will give it up. In truth it was promised to the Jews and they are entitled to call it theirs and keep it.

The first reason doesn’t stand up. Demographic studies which are now two years old and are constantly being updated confirmed that If Israel were to annex Judea and Samaria, the Jews would outnumber the non-Jews by a ratio of 2:1 for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, a Constitution could be drawn up which would ensure that Israel is a Jewish state and would ensure citizenship to all who qualify. But many Israelis don’t want another 1.5 million Arabs in their state even if Israel gets to keep all the land. That is why the Jordanian solution interests many.

There is no question that the current government wants to end the occupation because of the damage it does to Israel’s legitimacy. The negotiations are not intended to achieve real peace but to achieve international legitimacy. The government is worried about what the gentiles think. The Right will have none of it. It prefers to keep the land and the world be damned.

Our readers have often debated whether Israel must bow down to world opinion or can in some way thwart it. Moses condemned the twelve spies for asking on their return whether the Israelites could defeat the Canaanites. The question should have been, how can we defeat them or, in this case, thwart them.

To begin with Israel is discredited in part because it doesn’t argue the justice of its cause. Israel has left the field wide open to the Palestinians to demand justice. In reality the Jews can make a far better case for justice but they don’t. That’s a large part of the problem.

Another part of the problem is that the West doesn’t care about justice and prefers to side with the Arabs to maintain good relations.

Finally, Israel doesn’t argue for an alternate solution thereby leaving only the two-state solution on the table. As long as it is on the table, Israel is putting itself at a disadvantage. Of course it is going to result in deligitimation and demands for retreat.

Now if Israel were to call a moratorium on the process for a two-state solution, if not the outright abrogation of it, and were to put other options on the table it could easily make the case that they are more viable and have a better chance to end in peace. Once again the West doesn’t care about a good solution, it just wants to please the Arabs.

Nevertheless, Israel would gain legitimacy by putting forward a more rational solution.

Where is it written that the US can’t be convinced to back a different solution. I believe in time it will be. Sooner or later the US will accept that the two-state solution is an impossible dream or vision, if you will, and will start to entertain alternatives.

Jordan has quietly made it known to the US that a Palestinian state would be a danger to it. Jordan much prefers that Israel remain in in Judea and Samaria. There are many in the US who prefer the Jordanian option and we have to keep pursuing it. Jordan is also have discussions with Israel.

But after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza was followed by an increase of rocket fire on Israeli civilians, Livni remarked that next time “we can’t just throw the keys over the fence” - not even for the sake of international legitimacy. In other words, there will have to be agreement with the Palestinians and possibly international guarantees before Israel makes any further withdrawals.

Thus Livni is talking about a negotiated withdrawal rather than a unilateral withdrawal.

Livni is currently negotiating a deal known as the “shelf agreement” with the Palestinian Authority, so called because both sides know that it will remain unimplemented until conditions are right. For Livni, it is intended partly to show the international community that Israel is prepared to go all the way towards a two-state deal, even if it can’t be implemented because of continued Hamas-initiated violence from Gaza.

One of the problems with this thinking is that the agreement won’t be implemented but will cast a giant shadow over all that goes on and there will be no going back.

Nowhere in this article and unfortunately in her thinking, does the horror of uprooting 200,000 Jews from their homes factor in. Surely that should o’er weigh the desire to accommodate the world. It should also make the two-state solution a no go area.

As late as one month ago, Bush reiterated that Israel is entitled to defensible borders. His letters of ‘04 said so also and both presidential candidates have agreed on this. The only odd man out is Israel. She prefers not to even mention it for fear of killing the negotiated withdrawal. The same goes for Jerusalem. If she insisted on keeping it, it would mean the end of the negotiated withdrawal.

Now who wants that?