Thursday, November 01, 2012

Moshe Feiglin on the Likud-Lieberman Merger

Moshe Feiglin has been interviewed numerous times this week about the Likud/Lieberman merger. Here are some excerpts from his most recent (Wed., 15 Cheshvan/Oct. 31) interview on the topic on Israel's Hebrew Knesset Channel:

"When I heard of the planned merger, I immediately released a supportive press release. I have been advocating merging all the nationalist, Jewish-oriented parties into one large party led by the Likud for over 12 years. An ideological showdown between a nationalist, Jewish bloc opposing a leftist bloc would greatly benefit the Israeli political discourse."

"Avigdor Lieberman represents a large sector that is ideologically part and parcel of the Likud. The Likud has to do some soul-searching and explore why so many people who are in our ideological camp couldn't find their place in the Likud and left to join a different party. With G-d's help, this merger will rectify that distortion."

"I do not think that the merger with Lieberman will harm my chances to get into the Knesset. The whole will more or less be the same as the sum of its parts. I have spent the past weeks visiting Likud branches and members throughout Israel. I believe that ultimately the votes of the Likud members will determine the Likud roster – not backroom deals."

"I do not think that this time, Netanyahu will force me off the Likud list, as he did last time. We are on much more solid footing than we were in the previous primaries for the Likud list. The Likud members know this and have internalized this message."

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