Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sackett Sets the Record Straight

Shmuel Sackett's post-election update elicited many heartfelt reader responses. Here are excerpts of some of the questions addressed to Shmuel and his answers:

I love Moshe Feiglin and he is 100% right about being represented in a big party however as long as the likes of Netanyahu and his followers are running the show I don't believe he will
accept Moshe in the party. Therefore , we need a Naftali Bennet to counter the LIKUD and Barak Husein Obama . Our children deserve much better than what the Likud and Netanyahu
have given us.
Most respectfully,

If you truly love Moshe Feiglin, as you wrote, then don't worry about Bibi. Please don't write lines that say "I don't believe he will accept Moshe in the party".
Bibi is not the king. He will not lead Likud forever.
Our message is to the 120,000 members of Likud and they are understanding what we are saying. They agree with our position and very soon – our day will come.

We need to keep working hard. Bibi is on his way out and Feiglin is right behind him to take over the empty seat!


I really believe in your vision, but if Naftali Bennet is such a “breath of fresh air” with so much potential, maybe it is time to consider a different option. Step back, not out, but back. Netanyahu does not want you and you have shown the Dati Zioni demographic what Likud really thinks of them (if they couldn’t tell by what Netanyahu let Barak do). You won’t get a good slot in Likud, you won’t get a seat, so don’t split the vote. Like it or not, over the years while you’ve been making friends, some people have decided you are the enemy. As wrong as they are, step back, and don’t put your brand on the vote or split the vote, let Bennet have the full vote and as many seats as possible, arrange with him to step into a senior position under him after the election, and help carry Religious Zionism to it’s next step.

We know that Netanyahu doesn't want us but we are appealing to the Likud VOTERS and not begging for his acceptance and charity. The hills that we have climbed in the last 10 years have been incredible and we are making terrific progress. Rising to the leadership of Israel is becoming closer and closer. You must understand that THIS is our goal. We do not represent settlers or Religious Zionists. We did not start Manhigut Yehudit to stop withdrawals from Yesha and we don't work 24/7 to change Israel's image throughout the world. There are many wonderful groups that do that and we wish them well.

We are interested in one thing: L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P.
We want to lead this nation based on authentic Jewish values and concepts.
We want to teach every Jew with love and tolerance.
We want to build every part of this country, feed every poor Jew and make sure that there is unity among our brothers and not separation and fights.

Naftali Bennett has gone OUTSIDE the leadership party and will be leading his sectorial party. Although we welcome him into the political game, he will fail, as have all of his predecessors, because he is playing on the wrong field. Leadership comes from inside Likud and that is where we are.

Thanks for writing!



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