Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obama’s re-election and Jewish Redemption?

By Tuvia Brodie

What a strange twist: will America be included in the Jewish Redemption story?
In the Eighteenth century, America established its reputation as the home of the free by standing up against foreign rule.  In the Nineteenth century, America committed to freedom when it fought a Civil War to free slaves. In the Twentieth century, she stood up against evil and fought Nazi Germany to free Europe. At the same time, when a 1941 Japanese attack killed 2,400 Americans at a military base called Pearl Harbour, America fought until those who dared attack were crushed.
Fifty years later, as the Twentieth century ended, the world appeared to turn ugly. America, still the land which fought for freedom, stood up again--in Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia. America the strong stood strong.
Then, as the Twenty-First century began, everything changed. Evil attacked  America. On September 11, 2001, nineteen Muslim extremists killed almost 3,000 American civilians by hijacking four civilian passenger jets and then using those aircraft as killing machines.
Today, ten years later, America does not stand strong. She does not defend freedom. She does not defend her allies. She does not defend her sovereign property when, for example, a US Consulate safe-house in Libya was attacked.
America retreats. She appears to yield to those who hate her. She cannot protect her Ambassador to Libya.
The world engorges with hate. Three American officials in Libya are murdered. America apologizes.
The Jewish story of Redemption involves a period during which the nations of the world recalibrate their values. They turn against Israel. Jerusalem becomes a battleground.  War breaks out. Powerful nations confront Israel.
It gets ugly.
Thirty years ago, there appeared to be no obvious evidence that America would turn against Israel. Today, it appears that America becomes increasingly hostile towards Israel. But evidence of that seems real only for those who say they see it.
Thirty years ago, there did not appear to be strong evidence that the nations of the world had committed to isolate and demonize Israel. The Zionism-is-racism vote seemed more the exception than the rule. Today, we see evidence that such attacks are the norm, not the exception. But such evidence seems compelling only for those who say they see it.
Thirty years ago, no nation worked to develop nuclear capability while at the same time calling for Israel’s destruction. Today, evidence suggests that one nation openly pursues both goals. But such evidence appears obvious only to those who say they see it.
We saw a similar pattern between 1932—when Adolf Hitler was elected to lead German—and 1939--when World War Two began. Some said Hitler was a forceful, admirable leader for difficult times. Others said the evidence pointed to grave danger—but such evidence appeared clear only to those who said they saw it.
Today, we see the same thing: some say that a re-elected President Obama will save America. Others say he brings evil to America-- and to Israel.
We see this difference of opinion another way. In Israel, early exit polls suggested that only twenty per cent of American [and presumably Jewish] voters in Israel voted for Barack Obama, while in America, early exit polls suggested that perhaps sixty-nine per cent of American Jews voted for Obama.
How strange. Jews in Israel see Obama as a brewing disaster. Jews in America seem to see him as salvation for difficult times.
Such a stark difference between Jews prompts a different Jewish opinion. This minority opinion suggests that Obama’s re- election is, potentially, a sign from above that the Jewish Redemption is ready to begin.
The Jewish Redemption and Barack Obama? How strange. Many of us reject such a thought. But as we reject, we notice that America’s values appear to change just as an international cast of players denounces Israel.
America changes. She no longer challenges anti-Israel actors as she once did. She threatens to join them.
Do you see anti-Israel aggression here, or do you see ‘international diplomacy’ at work?
Israel is already at stage-center. Nations gather to pressure her borders. They demonize her in the name of peace.
The world calls Israel evil—or vile, depending on how each organizes his attack.
Some whisper that November 6, 2012 is the date that brings us to the threshold of Redemption. The ugliness, they say, will now be unleashed.
Is this correct? Does the final path to our Redemption begin with the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama?
How could that be?
Perhaps his role is to push Redemption forward—by creating policies that encourage (consciously or unconsciously) the ugliness that precedes the Final denouement.
Some say the evidence is there to see. Others say that what we see is more coincidence than evidence.
November 6, 2012 has passed. Barack Obama has been re-elected. 
Our future begins now.

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