Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moshe Feiglin Wins 14th Place on Likud List

By Shmuel Sackett

Click here for a short film of the moments
following the announcement of the winner's of the primaries.

Shmuel's election diary:

Dear Diary, (I actually never write those words but they make this article more dramatic!)

It is Monday night, 3:15AM, and I just returned home from the Tel Aviv Convention Center.

Baruch Hashem, Moshe has just won spot #14 – a GREAT accomplishment!

Here are the key points:

1) Moshe was the ONLY candidate to be elected to the Likud list from OUTSIDE the present Knesset. As Moshe said: "A senior government minister said to me tonight, 'To run against all the ministers, all the deputy ministers and all the Knesset members on the Likud's national ballot and to come in at 14th place (without being a former Chief of Staff or supported by a major player) is almost a mission impossible.'"

2) Moshe's position on the list is ahead of the present Finance Minister, Yuval Steinitz.

3) In 2008 when Moshe won spot #19 – before they pushed him to #36 – he received 12,500 votes. This time he received 26,500 votes!

4) The big victors tonight were Danny Danon, Yariv Levine, Miri Regev and Tzippi Hotoveli who all moved up into "The Top 13". All 4 of these people were rookie Knesset members! To understand the extent of Moshe's victory tonight you need to realize that Danny Danon, for example, rose tonight to spot #5 all the way from his rookie spot of #26. Yariv Levine rose from #22 to #7. Therefore a rookie spot for Moshe of #14 is simply incredible! There's no stopping him now! I don't recall this EVER happening in Likud!

5) At the Convention Center tonight, when the names were announced, a nice round of applause was heard from the crowd of 3,000 supporters. However, when Moshe's name was announced the place went wild with chants of: Feiglin – Feiglin – Feiglin!!! Trust me on this one: This NEVER happened in the past!

In short, we are seeing something we never saw in the past and therefore, the tricks that will be thrown at Moshe in the next few days will be much more cunning than in years past. I am sure that the forces of evil will try something nasty – but we are ready for them! PS: We have a few tricks of our own this time!

The final two points I want to make is that while we are all very excited about Moshe's placement on the list, he is still not an MK. Those elections will be held on January 22nd and the combined list of Likud and Lieberman needs to secure victory on that day. Also, based on the arrangement with Lieberman, Moshe'a actual position on the combined list will be #24. Since polls show the combined list will receive 32+ seats, there is no need to worry about spot #24, but we still have to wait until January 22nd.

Last point: Appeals, claims or legal arguments can be made against any of tonight's victors until December 2nd. Bring it on!

It is now Tuesday at 2:00 PM. I managed to get a few hours of sleep and am on my way to a post-election meeting in the Feiglin HQ in Jerusalem.

Moshe gave interviews today! He is all over the radio, television and print media. The online blogs, Facebook and chat groups are buzzing as well. I actually feel bad for Gidon Sa'ar and Gilad Erdan who won spots #2 and #3. They are nowhere to be found! Feiglin is getting all the media attention, but don't worry; Moshe is a team player. His interviews have been focused and sharp. His goal is the success of Likud in the coming elections and he will do everything he can to defeat the Left.

And now for a few lines from outside the diary:

As I am sure you heard, the primaries were extended to a second day. There were many technical problems and thousands of people could not vote on Sunday. Therefore, the elections were extended another day so that everyone could participate. We agreed with that decision, although it brought us logistical nightmares. Cars and cellphones had to be rented for a second day, additional printing was needed and many items were purchased which were not planned for. In short, because of that change, we ran over budget by $11,300. Please help us with those last funds. As you can see, the campaign was successful but we still need to pay our bills on time.

Please click here to donate to the successful campaign. Be a part of history!!!

With Love of Israel,

Shmuel Sackett

International Campaign Manager

Moshe Feiglin for Likud Knesset Member

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