Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What You Are Not Hearing

By Shmuel Sackett

Even though you are probably reading every article, blog, website and news release about the "campaign" in Gaza, I want to share something with you that you will not read anywhere else.

It is a story about a dear friend of mine named Yitzchak Neuman. Yitzchak made aliyah from Queens (New York) in 1989 and began his life in Israel studying full time in a Yeshiva. After a few years, his father passed away (back in NY) and during the shiva, his mother asked that he begin his college education right away. Yitzchak was an only child and decided to do what his mother requested. Immediately after the shiva, he came back to Israel and enrolled in Bar Ilan University. In order to continue his Talmudic studies he participated in the Bar Ilan "Bet Midrash" program which combines university study with an intense Judaic program. Things were going well. He was at the top of his class in his Biology major and also the top of the class in the Tamud program.

The year was now 1995 and he was in his final year of Bar Ilan University. At the same time, Yitzchak – like tens of thousands of others - was also very active protesting against the Oslo Accords which were signed in 1993 and which were responsible for shedding a tremendous amount of Jewish blood. Whenever his schedule allowed, he would attend rallies and demonstrations against the horrific "peace process" which had been signed by Rabin and Peres. When Rabin was murdered in November 1995, Yitzchak Neuman sent out an email which said, "Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead." Officials at Bar Ilan – already embarrassed by the fact that Rabin's alleged assassin attended Bar Ilan – were furious over this 11 word email and immediately expelled Yitzchak Neuman from the university.
Yitzchak apologized, begged them to take him back and even appeared before the Bar Ilan disciplinary committee. This committee saw that he truly regretted his silly action and demanded that he write an email apologizing for what he did. Yitzchak immediately wrote this email and sent it to the committee, as they requested. Two days later the committee ruled that he NOT be allowed back into Bar Ilan and the expulsion remained. Yitzchak had no idea what to do. He was in his final year of university and just months shy of graduating with high academic honors in Biology. He called me and asked for help. I immediately called Professor Israel Hanakuglo who was a personal friend. Prof Hanakuglo was the Chairman of PSI – Professors for a Strong Israel. He immediately jumped into action and tried everything he could. Unfortunately, he failed. Not only did Bar Ilan not let Yitzchak back in, they managed to "black-list" him in EVERY Israeli university so that not one of them accepted him for his final year! Yitzchak Neuman was literally out in the cold.

Compare this story with what happened last week in Haifa University. On the day after Israel killed master terrorist Ahmed Jabari – the beast who kidnapped Gilad Schalit and who is responsible for designing the system of shooting rockets from Gaza - 40 students held a protest in support of Jabari. They were not expelled or condemned. They were not called to appear before the Haifa University disciplinary committee. They were not black-listed from other universities. They were not asked to apologize. Absolutely nothing happened to 40 students who held a rally in support of a terrorist who was responsible for the death of hundreds of Jews. Finally, after 5 days, the president of the university, Amir Shapiro, issued a statement that all public activity be suspended on the university campus for two weeks. That was it. No punishment for the 40 students, even though they supported an arch terrorist.

How low have we fallen to punish a beautiful young Jew who admitted that he wrote a stupid 11 word email but do absolutely nothing to 40 students who proudly support a massive Jew killer? It simply defies logic and is the reason why we find ourselves deep in the mud.

The story actually gets much worse because you might ask: Whatever happened to Yitzchak Neuman? Well, after being expelled by Bar Ilan and not having any university to turn to he fell into a deep depression and one month later shot himself in the head and committed suicide. I was at the funeral and identified the body. I stood next to his mother who lost her husband and now was burying her only child. Professor Hanakuglo was screaming that Yitzchak's blood was on the head of Bar Ilan, but nobody cared to listen. Yitzchak's suicide pained me greatly and I still think about him, 17 years later.

Think about this for a while: An 11-word email, which he apologized for and realized was a mistake versus a public show of support for a leading Hamas terrorist. Who would YOU punish more? In a crazy way, this is EXACTLY what is happening in Gaza today. In an effort to make the IDF "the most humane army in the world" (as if the world will love us for that!) we care more for the civilians of Gaza than for our own troops. We continue to supply them with electricity, fuel, gas and water even though most of these resources are being used to assist the war against the Jews! If you say that we cannot punish the innocent civilians of Gaza, consider this: These Gaza civilians democratically elected Hamas to lead them. They chose this way of life and these leaders. They prefer terror over peace and therefore aren't as innocent as they appear. Israel must first and foremost defend and care for its own citizens and its own soldiers and we certainly need to punish students from Haifa University who proudly support terrorists! How basic is THAT?

When we talk about changing the leadership in Israel – THIS is what we are talking about! It is not just changing the "faces" but the actual direction this country is headed! We need a strong and proud Jewish state; from the army to the educational and cultural system. We need a Jewish based economy where poor Yidden are helped with much more than "tzedakah" but are trained in vocational skills that can – and WILL give them jobs and respect. We need to change the brainwashing leftist media and court systems and we need to design a system of Aliyah that every Jew in the world – regardless of religious observance – will be comfortable with. In short, we need to turn the state of the Jews into the Jewish State.

This is what Moshe Feiglin is all about and why I have dedicated my life to helping his dream, vision and ideology come to life.

We owe this to people like Yitzchak Neuman, of blessed memory, who paid with his life due to Israel's weak, apologetic and exile mentality.

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With Love of Israel,

Shmuel Sackett

International Campaign Manager

Moshe Feiglin for Likud Knesset member

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