Friday, June 28, 2013

A Letter from Michael Fuah

 Shalom Dear Friends,
Almost two weeks have passed since I announced my candidacy for the chairmanship of the Likud Central Committee. The feedback has been very good and many local activists are joining my campaign and expressing their support. I am the only candidate who truly represents the voters. Each of the other fine candidates who have joined the race already holds a public position to which he is totally committed. This highlights yours truly as the person who will be totally committed to the Likud Central Committee; I will have the freedom to act for the good of the Committee without other considerations and I will also have the time and clean slate to do the best job possible.   

Our phone team has been getting tremendous response to my candidacy. Yesterday I received a very moving letter from a Likud veteran and former Irgun fighter that I would like to share with you:

June 19, 2013
To my brothers, members of the Central Committee, blessings and life!
I cannot remember a Likud term in office so liquid, weak and stormy; truly on eggshells! Foreign ideas and anti-nationalist and anti-Jewish forces have suffused the Likud. They attempt to take over key positions and erase our heritage – Jabotinsky’s legacy. I am 83 years old, but I still feel that I am Jabotinsky’s student. In my memory, I see myself as a pupil of my beloved commander, Attorney Dov Shilanski, of blessed memory, former Speaker of the Knesset during Shamir’s tenure. He was one of the bold commanders of the famous Altalena ship. With your permission, I will quote the vow of our teacher, Jabotinsky. This vow was imprinted on all the Betar membership cards that I “redeemed” for over fifty years. And now I hold the “Betar Faithful” membership card. The words of this vow show us just how distant we have become from Jabotinsky’s legacy. 
I have found among the members of the Likud an esteemed individual, Michael Fuah. He draws strength and daring from his faith in the justice of his cause. This faith gives him backbone to stand firm against all those who seek to destroy us from within and from without. 

One does not need a good imagination to understand what would have happened if we had not united with the Yisrael Beiteinu party. Would President Peres have left the scepter of government in the hands of Bibi Netanyahu? Thus, in our current fragile condition, we must choose a strong, faith-based man, who can unite our forces – particularly those who still attempt to walk in Jabotinsky’s footsteps. Thus, we will say to Michael Fuah, “You will be our leader!” (as the elders of Gilead said to Yiftach when in danger). Otherwise, we will find ourselves with no alternatives, on the edge of the abyss. Please, my brothers! Let us rise above our personal , egotistical interests and save “our home” from collapse. And we will stretch out our hands to one another to give young and new energies to a man experienced in politics, who knows how to skip over obstacles. 
The good G-d will help us to overcome the obstacles and the foreign forces trying to take over our home, and we will say “Enough!” to all the intrigues. 

The Vow
1. I will dedicate my life to the rebirth of the Hebrew Nation on both banks of the Jordan, East and West. 
2. I will make my personal benefit, and the benefit of my home and position subservient to the building of the Nation.
3. The Hebrew language will be my language and the language of my children, be it in Israel or the Diaspora. 
4. I will be ready to fight to defend my Nation and conquer my Homeland. 
5. I will be ready to enlist in the Beitar conscription, be it for the legion or for aliyah to Zion or to serve in the Diaspora – near or far!
6. I will obey the laws of Beitar and the orders of its commanders as I would the voice of my conscience, for the laws of Beitar are my ultimate desire, and its commanders are my teachers.
7. Remember what Amalek did to you.

Yours, my Beitar brothers, blessings and life!

Mordechai Ben Yosef

Please note: The elections for the heads of the Likud institutions, including Chairman of the Likud Central Committee will be on Sunday, 22 Tamuz (June 30). The elections will be held in 10 locations. Eligible voters (Likud Central Committee members only) will receive a notification on the location of their voting place by mail. 

We need many volunteers to campaign at the entrance to the voting stations on Sunday, 22 Tamuz/June 30.
To volunteer: 054-711-8181 or
We also need donations:

With prayers that G-d will direct us to do our utmost for the good of our nation,

To perfect the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty,

Michael Eldad Fuah

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