Wednesday, June 05, 2013

No Coalition Discipline Until Temple Mt. Sovereignty Resolved

By Moshe Feiglin

On the 20th of Nissan ( March 31) Jordan signed an agreement with the Palestinian Authority in which he granted the latter sovereignty and responsibility in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Is Israel's silence on the agreement an admission of foreign sovereignty on the Temple Mount? If not, what is Israel's position on this agreement? And how is that position expressed?

If somebody had sold your daughter to a third party, how would you react? Presumably, your shouts would be heard from here till the moon. Because if you would not react strongly, after some time, you would have a problem.

The government of Israel is silent regarding the Temple Mount. Not only is it silent, but it allows the Moslem wakf to decide which representative of the sovereign State, Knesset committee or just a regular Knesset Member will or will not ascend the Temple Mount.

Tomorrow, the 19th of the Hebrew month, I should have been ascending to the Temple Mount, as I have done monthly hundreds of times. But once again, the Police Commander of the David Region informed me - in the name of the Prime Minister! - that I will not be allowed to ascend.

I cannot be part of the surrender of the very heart of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel - of the Holy of Holies of the Jewish Nation throughout the generations. I cannot continue to function as the long arm of the Prime Minister in the coalition. I will continue to vote in the Knesset according to my understanding of the issues and to absent myself from no-confidence votes until the situation has changed.

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