Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Oslo Accords Result = Lack of Sovereignty

By Moshe Feiglin

The person at fault for the tragedy called Oslo is Menachem Begin. The Oslo Accords came into the world because the State of Israel refused to declare sovereignty on the territories liberated in the Six Day War. The nation’s leadership did not want Jerusalem, that had fallen into our hands. Yossi Sarid and other leftists said so.

The foundation of the Accords forms the basis for separation from Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. The Oslo Accords were meant to force us to be rid of “the cursed territories” as Yossi Sarid called them. Peace was the last goal of these accords. After just a short while, it was clear that peace was not the goal, at all. All that we got was even more horrible bloodshed.

We must decide. If Jerusalem is not holy enough to fight over, we can move to Holon. But we did not come to the Land of Israel for peace. We came to the Land of Israel to fulfill our destiny. As soon as we are at peace with our Jewish identity, we will have peace. 

Oslo was a watershed event. All the Prime Ministers were very careful to make peace with the neighbors and not to recognize the Organization for the Liberation of everyone. As soon as Yitzchak Rabbi shook Palestine Liberation Organization Arafat’s hand, he recognized their claim of justice. At that moment, the Jewish State was lost.

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