Friday, June 28, 2013

Just a Few Days Until the Most Crucial Likud Internal Elections in a Decade

Update from Shmuel Sackett 

Just a few days left to the biggest internal Likud elections in the last decade!   
Michael Fuah is running against Danny Danon for the Chairman of the Likud Central Committee and the race is getting tighter.   
One of Fuah's main points is that this job must not be done by an existing MK, nor anyone with an existing position in Likud, since this job requires a lot of time to do it right.   
Furthermore, someone who is already "in the system" will not have the ability - or courage - to stand up and do what is required.   
Someone like this will simply not be willing or able to challenge the Likud establishment and leadership on many key issues.   
With all due respect to our friend, Danny Danon, it must be pointed out that ALREADY TODAY Danon is:   
1) A member of Knesset
2) The Deputy Minister of Defense
3) Chairman of World Likud
4) Chairman of the Likud Congress
It is VITAL that the job of Chairman of the Likud Central Committee be someone, like Michael Fuah, who will work in this position FULL TIME and will not be worried about risking his position when it comes to challenging Netanyahu.   
Michael Fuah has shown his courage and his willingness to bring key issues to Likud's court - against the wishes of the establishment. It must be pointed out that the reason these elections are being held this Sunday is because one person in Likud sued the leadership in Likud's court and forced their hand. After a tremendous amount of pressure, this one individual succeeded in getting the Likud court to issue a ruling in favor of the membership and grant the vote. Who was this fighter and courageous Likud member who battled - and defeated - the existing establishment? MICHAEL FUAH!!!
This is what we need and it will not come from someone already deep in the system. 
Fuah is the man to do it and we need your support. 

This is the time for action!

DONATE NOW to Michael Fuah's campaign and be part of the Jewish leadership revolution!
Just a few days left!

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