Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moshe Feiglin's Logical Solution for the Equal Burden Issue

Moshe Feiglin at the first meeting of the Professional Volunteer Army caucus in the Knesset:

"Those who want unity in Israeli society, must stop looking for it through the sites of a gun and look instead at shared values.

This caucus will work to advance the idea of transforming the IDF into a professional, volunteer army. This change will enhance Israel's security, generate huge savings in money and manpower, enhance personal and civic liberty, minimize polarization in Israeli society and heal the societal rift.

The IDF is already advancing toward this goal, albeit, unknowingly: The rate of exemptions from full army service is steadily increasing; more and more military programs for professionalization in elite units - with appropriate remuneration - are being established and the IDF is constantly searching for ways to shorten army service and to become more cost-effective. Fact-finding inquiries by the Defense Ministry have recommended that the IDF move in this direction and more than one Chief of Staff has already declared that he would prefer a small and smart army."

Collaborating with Moshe Feiglin on this proposal are MK Yisrael Eichler from Yahadut Hatorah and former Meretz MK Musi Raz (pictured). The very fact that these natural opponents are working together on this issue shows how unifying and healing this approach really is.


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