Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pamela Geller, Glenn Beck, Patrick Poole--and King David

By Tuvia Brodie

It is possible that the road to the Final Jewish Redemption unfolds through multiple paths. Consider the Biblical stories of  Esav, Yishmael and Jacob. Each of these figures built his own independent life. Each developed his own family history across time. But as the Final Jewish Redemption draws near, their paths converge. Why?  
Look at Esav. He is Jacob’s twin brother. He became Edom (B’reisheet, 36:1).  As history unfolded, Edom became Rome (The Schottenstein Talmud Bavli, Megillah, 6a, note 33).  For us, ‘Rome’ has become the Christian-inspired West, including   the West’s leader, the United States.
Yishmael is Abraham’s son. He is also Esav’s and Jacob’s uncle. He became the Arab nation. Then he became the Muslim.
Jacob became Israel. He is the father of the Jewish nation.
Forty years ago, Arabs attacked Israel in what has become known as the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Despite strong anti-Israel sentiment within the Nixon administration, the United States air-lifted 27,900 tons of war material to Israel, helping the besieged Jewish state win that War (Yehuda Avner, The Prime Ministers, The Toby Press, New Milford Ct, 2010, p. 248). Forty years ago, in other words, Edom—despite an American animus towards Israel—helped save the Jewish State.
According to Pamela Geller (atlas shrugs.blogspot), Glenn Beck (The Blaze) and Patrick Poole (below), Edom appears to be changing. Edom still ‘supports’ Israel. But Edom may now  also be protecting a Jihadi Islam whose aim is to destroy Israel.
Geller and Beck describe two problems: first, the Jihadi movement to establish a world-wide Islamic Caliphate  spreads and grows bolder; and second, the American government appears to be seeking advice from Jihadi proponents.  Patrick Poole, meanwhile, has written an essay in the MERIA Journal (volume 17, summer 2013, June 4, 2013), entitled, “Blind to Terror: The U.S. Government’s disastrous Muslim outreach efforts and the impact on U.S. Middle East Policy.” He argues that, while the US government has gone to Federal Court to label certain Islamic groups as ‘terrorist’, that same government calls these groups ‘moderate’--and embraces them. He describes a full-scale campaign of political correctness that he says is being waged inside Federal agencies under the Obama administration to shut down all reference to Jihadi terrorism. This compulsory blindness helps to opens doors for Jihadi supporters to such sensitive places as the FBI, The Department of Homeland Security and the Oval Office. Poole names names and dates.
Writing on her blog (June 5 on atlas shrugs), Ms Geller offers more evidence of this compulsory blindness. In November 2009, a US Army Officer, Major Nidal Hasan, walked into his Fort Hood office and, shouting Islamic religious slogans, shot to death 13 servicemen and wounded 32 others. The Obama administration has refused to label this attack as ‘terrorism’. Instead, the administration calls this a case of ‘workplace violence’. One result of such a decision has been the denial of important terror-related benefits to the victims. Geller wrote her piece on June 5 because Major Hasan had just told the judge in this case that he needs more time to prepare his defense because his shooting was ‘in defense of others’. When the judge asked him who he had been defending, Hasan replied,  “the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban and its leader, Mullah Omar.”
The Obama administration insists this shooting is not   related to Jihadi terror.
Poole (above, ibid) lays out evidence that the Obama government gives power and access to known Jihadists. The administration partners with them and seeks council with them even as they preach terrorism.
Glenn Beck has spent three years showcasing evidence that Washington has become saturated with anti-Israel and anti-US advisors. Like Geller and Poole, he names names, dates and places.
Are these accusations true? Does Edom (the United States) seek council with Yishmael (Muslim Jihadists)?
Almost 3,000 years ago, the Jewish King David wrote that Edom will indeed one day make such council (Psalms 83:6). We may have forgotten his words. Certainly, no one stood up forty years ago to accuse the United States of taking council with Muslim organizations that preach murder; today, however, at least three Americans make that case.
Check their internet sites. It’s all there.
It appears that when the Jewish nation stands at the threshold to its Final Redemption, the paths of Edom, Yishmael and Jacob will converge.  When you look at today’s headlines, that’s exactly what you see: the Muslim, the United States and Israel--Yishmael, Edom, Jacob.
The paths of Edom and Ishmael are no longer unrelated. Yishmael is welcome at Edom’s White House. Edom gives Jihadi supporters a ‘place at the table.’ Geller, Beck and Poole argue that Yishmael influences Edom’s policy decisions, particularly those that affect Jihadi terrorism and Middle East strategy.
King David was correct. Edom seeks council with Yishmael against Jacob.
The footsteps of the Redemption draw near.

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