Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elections 101

By Moshe Feiglin

Why vote at all?

Israel is controlled by the Left. The Jewish majority has no democratic avenue to fashion Israel's society according to its values. The rightist parties are nothing more than a fig leaf, just barely concealing this basic truth. Personally, I would not bother to vote if Manhigut Yehudit were not in the Likud. The fact that a new alternative is growing inside the Likud - an alternative that allows the voter to vote for an idea other than the Oslo religion that controls all the large parties - is the only glimmer of hope for true democracy in Israel. That is why it is important to join and vote for the Likud.

Everyone understands the above. But they forget every time elections roll around. At the moment of truth - it is hard for people to make strategic decisions. They opt instead for tactical mediocrity such as, "Don't be right - be smart." This time, though, we can be both right and smart. Even tactical considerations still point us in the direction of the Likud.

Why not National Union or Jewish Home?

According to the latest polls, the National Union and Jewish Home parties are teetering on the edge of Knesset representation. But even if one of the parties does make it into the Knesset, its political influence will be negligible. It is important to remember how much the National Union and NRP 'impressed' Sharon as he bulldozed the destruction of Gush Katif through the Knesset. The only place that he had to wage a serious political battle was within his own party.

Netanyahu has already declared that he will form a national unity government. The religious/nationalist parties will be out of the government or will be used to stabilize the coalition until the time will come to dispose of them. (Remember Benny Alon and Avigdor Lieberman).

This is not mere speculation. It is an obvious conclusion based on years of negative experience. Whoever wants to continue to fool himself and to have representatives in the Knesset who look just like him but who have absolutely no political influence - should vote for National Union or Jewish Home. (For more on this topic, see Moshe Feiglin's article, "Why Vote Likud?").

Why not vote for Lieberman?

"Why were you arrested?" the thief in my jail cell asked me.
"I blocked roads, organized demonstrations - that type of thing," I tried to end the conversation.
"What scoundrels!" said the thief. "They also arrested me for no reason!"

No, nobody thinks that the State Prosecution does not have an agenda. They really are out to get Lieberman. He is not part of the old-boy club and as far as they are concerned, he is amassing too much power. If the elections were nothing more than an insignificant game, it might have been worth it to vote for Lieberman for that reason alone. But just as in the above anecdote about the thief, the fact that the system is corrupt does not mean that you are an honest person.

The memory of the Right seems to be extremely short. Strongman Lieberman joined and upheld Olmert's government for almost two years - for no visible reason. He did not prevent any retreat and the array of allegations against him and his dubious business dealings are a guarantee that at the moment of truth, the way will be found to force him to vote with the elites - who will use all the nave votes of the Right to expedite the next expulsion.

Lieberman's name is associated with Martin Schlaf. This is the same Martin Schlaf who came into sudden wealth and whose name is criminally associated with Ariel Sharon (through Cyril Keren). Sharon was also a strongman until his misdoings forced him to execute the policies of the Left. Sharon had no less love for Israel than Lieberman. On the contrary - he had a long history of self-sacrifice for the Land of Israel.

Before the elections, Lieberman makes some politically incorrect declarations about the Arabs and captures the hearts of rightist voters. Afterwards, he's back to business. A vote for Lieberman may be good for his business, but as he proved last time around, it will ultimately be used to the detriment of the Jewish majority.

Once more, this is not mere speculation. It is an obvious conclusion based on years of negative experience.

You really want me to vote for Bibi?

Bibi doesn't need you. All the polls show that the Likud will get 30 mandates without you. And the Likud is gaining in the polls all the time. The question is where will the votes of the ideological Right go?

To the small, patently non-influential parties? To Lieberman's business connections? Or to the steering wheel and brakes of the ruling party?

Your vote for the Likud is not a vote for Bibi. It is a vote for the people in slots 30 and up. Eight of them are Land of Israel loyalists and former Likud 'rebels.' Slot 31: Keti Sheetrit, Slot 33: Sagiv Asulin, Slot 34: Boaz Haetzni, Slot 36: Moshe Feiglin, Slot 37: Michi Ratzon, Slot 38: Ehud Yatom, Slot 39: Shalom Lerner of the Achi faction, Slot 40: Osnat Mark.

If you vote for the other rightist parties, you will be watching the game from the bleachers - at the very best.

If you vote Likud, your players will be part of the game!

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