Monday, November 23, 2009

Netanyahu Bows to Leftist Oligarchy

By Moshe Feiglin

Just as we had warned, Netanyahu has closed the case on the division of the functions of the attorney-general and the State Attorney's Office. This proposal would have significantly limited the power of the Attorney General.

From the time that Netanyahu declared an all out war against Feiglin while simultaneously increasing Dan Meridor's power, we explained that his plan is to win the elections with the votes of the Right and then to put himself at the disposal of Israel's leftist oligarchy.

When Netanyahu was in the Opposition, he passionately defended Israel's claim to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. But since he became PM, he has sent Meridor to shoot down Olmert-era legislation to protect the Golan from retreats and has quashed the legislative proposal that would have solidified Jerusalem's political status. It was Netanyahu who personally axed the proposal to split the functions of the attorney-general and the State Attorney's Office. After all, that would have compromised the status of the rule-of-law gang. He has nothing to fear from Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman: despite his threats, he will not quit.

It is entirely clear that Netanyahu is brewing a scheme that will make the Expulsion pale by comparison. Once again, we are facing a government that stole the votes of the Right and joined up with the leftist rule-of-law gang, justice system and media, and is scheming to surrender our Land to our enemies.

This entire upside down pyramid is supported by the obedience of the Jewish majority, which has been deceived. The Shimshon and Nachshon soldiers who refused to evict Jews are a ray of hope that this time, the scheme will not work.

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