Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Israel (not so) Random Thoughts

By Jason Gold

1. Tzipi the Traitor? Nah, Just another Day for the Left in Israel.
2. Israel’s China Leverage.

1. Tzipi the Traitor? Nah, Just another Day for the Left in Israel

I am a big fan of Isi Leibler. I enjoy his writings and in fact you can even see his blog (Word From Jerusalem) listed on our blog roll. However, I’m not quite sure why he is in such a twist in his posting here about Tzipi Livni’s recent comments to American Jewish audiences and to journalists James Bennett and Jeffrey Goldberg. OK, so Livni advocates more America pressure on Netanyahu and that Bibi should have capitulated to Obama’s ridiculous demands. She also brings up the dual loyalty canard (not a great idea, Tzipi). Leibler also states Livni implied that Prime Minister Netanyahu is creating a situation in which American Jews could be compromised by being obliged to choose sides. The Israeli Opposition Leader said “the Prime Minister, deliberately or not, puts Americans into a very complicated situation… in which they need to choose a side, and they don’t want to be in this situation.” She went on to say “it’s a nightmare because we are actually on the same side. We cannot afford this. This is something new. It forced American Jews to take sides.”

Guess what? American Jews are going to have take sides sooner or later. There is a process going on; a process designed by an entity even higher than Livni or Obama to push American Jews to the point where they will have to decide where and with whom they stand, but that’s a story for another posting.

Aside from that, nothing much going on here. Whatever her motives and I’m sure she believes them to be noble , why should Livni be different from any Leftist opposition leader who has tried to undermine a somewhat right-leaning government? Take your pick; Peres, Barak, Beilin etc. All at one time or another (including now) would try to advance their own agenda even when it was not in sync with government (like having secret negotiations with murderers like Arafat when it was clearly illegal). It’s a proud tradition of the Left. Perhaps it is more magnified with Livni because there was so much hype that the Left heaped upon her including that NY Times Sunday Magazine cover anointing her the next leader of Israel. Or more disappointing because her father fought side by side with Begin and may be spinning at in his grave at warp speed over this.

But at the end of the day, does any of this matter? Leibler puts forth the supposition that Livni should resign. He almost but not quite implies treasonous behavior. Perhaps so but perhaps not, but again her resignation, her behavior, her weltanschauung may not matter at all. Why? Because the bottom line is that Israel is moving more and more to the right. Polls show it. They show that the average Israeli is fed up with the lies and promises of an illusory peace with a mythical people, homicidal in nature, with the illusion promulgated by Israelis full of self-loathing for their Jewish heritage. The Left is becoming more and more irrelevant as Labor and the rest of the Left are circling the proverbial bowl and Kadima is in queue. As such, they are becoming shriller and more desperate in their attacks on the right and anything resembling Jewish identity, heritage and culture. But less and less are listening and they are being tuned out. So Isi, let Livini speak. Let people see the depth or lack thereof of her leadership aptitude. She and the rest of her Leftist colleagues are destined for the dustbin of history. Let’s all wish for her what I wish for most of the Left collectively; a good life with good health and happiness way outside of Israeli politics and/or leadership. For some select others, well, solitary confinement and/or a personal escort to the gates of Gehennam via one of the Talmudic-approved forms of execution will do just fine.

2. Israel’s China Leverage.

Rob Miller over at JoshuaPundit has a great piece here about China’s military Chief of Staff paying Israel a visit to discuss mutual military and strategic cooperation. Amazing how this went virtually unreported anywhere in the news-sphere. As Miller correctly points out, Israel has a huge opportunity here. As the sun is setting on the US Empire, and as the treachery in Washington from the White House and State Department towards Israel becomes more manifest (hardly a coincidence now is it?), it is time for Israel to turn its attention to a more “natural” alliance with the next world power in ascendance; i.e. China.

Shocked? Don’t be. With the US and Europe baring their fangs at Israel and with their economies and influence beginning to decline, Israel has a golden opportunity here. China desperately needs Israel technology, know-how and innovation both at the military and non-military level. And let's not forget the recently discovered gas and oil. And not just China. There have been reports circulating that prescient Bank of Israel head Stanley Fischer has been quietly orchestrating a priority shift of Israel’s trade relationships to China and South America over the US and Europe due to the Shekel’s increasing strength over the fading euro and dollar. This would be a welcome and necessary move in once and for all ending Israel’s addict-like dependence on the US. The strategic leverage Israel would gain in this relationship would be enormous in bending China foreign policy to Israel's advantage while waving (a fond?) zai jian (goodbye) to the US . Think of the Israel China relationship as the ultimate combination of brains and brawn. Mental exercise: Remember Mad Max Thunder Dome? Think of the Master Blaster character without the arrogance. Any questions?

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