Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moshe Feiglin's Speech at the Likud Central Committee

The Likud Central Committee convened last Thursday to endorse the requests of Likud Chairman, PM Netanyahu. His main request: To hold elections for chairmanship of the Likud by the end of January, a year earlier than scheduled. Click on the picture for filmed excerpts of Moshe Feiglin's speech at the Likud Central Committee. See below for the entire transcript of Moshe Feiglin's speech:

I have taken up the challenge that the Chairman of the Likud has presented to us all. And believe me, I also know that to play around with the date for the convenience of the strong candidate is problematic. But the essential question that is on our agenda is the path that the Likud and the State must take. Thus, I announced that I would run for chairmanship of the Likud on any date that would be determined.

Ladies and gentlemen, to ensure that these elections will not become a farce, to ensure that we respect ourselves, we must not allow phenomena that we witnessed in the past to take place again: Phenomena like no observers at the voting stations, relocation of voting stations to decrease the number of voters in specific locations and more. We must not allow these phenomena to take place. So before I speak about the essential issues, I turn to you, Chairman of the Likud, to request that you ensure that the negative phenomena that accompanied the voting in the past will not recur; that the debate between us will remain principled, factual and fair so that the outcome of the election will not be in question. Elections without transparency and observers are not elections.

And now to the essence:

For Israel to exist with security and triumph we need leadership that is loyal
to Jewish identity, to a Jewish state and to the Jewish majority. Loyalty is the name of the game!

I will begin from the third point because it is the simplest: Loyalty to the Jewish majority.

The time has come to be loyal to our constituency. We must stop being afraid to rule!

Does anybody here remember a leftist government with a Defense Minister from the Likud? Why do all the votes loyal to the Land of Israel that we received in the last elections get a Defense Minister who rips the Land of Israel away from us? Don't we have a good Defense Minister from our own ranks?

Why is it that when Likud MKs begin to rein in the Left and its long arms in the Supreme Court and media, we block them? Why shouldn't we be loyal to the Jewish majority and ensure that it is represented on the Supreme Court?

Ladies and Gentlemen, he who believes does not fear! He is not afraid of the Left, not of the media and not of the Supreme Court.

The time has come to return the state to the nation! To be loyal to the Jews of the Diaspora. To bring Jonathan Pollard home!

The time has come to be loyal once again to the Jewish majority that votes for us time after time and continues to get the Left instead!

The second point is loyalty to the Jewish State.

We must unify the State of Israel around its Jewish identity and values.

Our state needs to be Jewish in its essence –and not just in slogans:

We need a Jewish State in its approach to economy;
A Jewish state – in its approach to the family;
A Jewish state – in its approach to education;
A Jewish state – in its approach to community;
A Jewish state – in its approach to justice;
And of course, a Jewish state – in its approach to security.

The economy of a Jewish state is truly free; no privatization to monopolies. Jewish economy is based on the values of liberty and Jewish loving kindness. Traditionally, Judaism prescribes the proper balance between socialism and capitalism. It is part of our Jewish values.

A Jewish state's approach to family means strengthening the family unit with tax breaks and breaks for mothers who prefer to raise their children at home. You finished your army duty? You have established a family? Great! The State of Israel thanks you and would like to present you with your own piece of land. This will significantly lower the cost of housing. There is no other state in the free world that owns 93% of all the land reserves slated for construction. This Land is ours – it belongs to all of us! It belongs to every family in Israel!

We need a Jewish approach to education: Jewish education for all children in Israel: Knowledge of history, heritage and faith.

We need to return to the Jewish community: To revive the community structure and to hold district elections.

We need a Jewish justice system: Judges and justices from the Jewish Nation and not from the UN. I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud MK Yariv Levin, who is spearheading an extremely important campaign to achieve precisely this goal!

And last but not least, we need Jewish security: Because only true and deep faith that this is our Land makes victory possible. No sophisticated weapons will help if we do not believe that our Land – with the Temple Mount at its center – was given to us by our Father in Heaven and that it is ours – exclusively.

The last, most basic and important point is loyalty to our Jewish identity:

Loyalty to ourselves, to our identity, to our Land and to our G-d will give us the strength to face our existential challenges:

Iran and Turkey
Islam and terror
Hatred, anti- Semitism and Israel's demonization in the West.

This loyalty will give us what it takes to face the challenges and to triumph!
On the 7th of Shevat the Likud will take a new direction:

A direction of:

Loyalty and faith
Brotherly love
Victory over our enemies

On January 31st we will return to the authentic Likud – and we will build a truly Jewish state for our children.

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