Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The End of Bibi

By Jason Gold

Mark the date as you read it here first. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sealed his fate in political infamy by deciding to uphold the Supreme Court’s morally bankrupt position about evacuating Migron. That’s right folks because despite the assurances and Bibi’s pledge to find a mutually agreeable solution (which he did but it still ultimately meant a dispossess, just later rather than sooner), he has sold out these people with barely an afterthought while kowtowing to the monolith of the Left after they tossed out the brokered deal.

In true Santayana-esque fashion, he has decided to ignore the lesson of the Gush Katif expulsion and the toll it took on the nation and on the legacy of his predecessor Ariel Sharon. Let’s also not forget that he is also selectively forgetting (or perhaps not) his own role in fomenting that disaster.

For the record, if indeed the Knesset cannot find a way out of this travesty, and Gd forbid an evacuation is contemplated, the soldiers police et al, will not be met with tears hugs and kisses as they were in Gush Katif. No, this will be the resistance of Amona, considerably amped up with no doubt everyone’s favorite government goon squad the Yassamniks going in swinging clubs at Jewish skulls. There will be active resistance here with people coming from all over to prevent a repeat of the nightmare of Gush Katif.

When Sharon realized that he could never push the Gush Katif evacuation through the Likud, he bolted with the party dregs and formed Kadima (I wonder if there’s any way to let him know that his prime protégé, Livni, just had her head handed to her by Shaul Mofaz?) whose only raison d’être was to allow the expulsion to occur. I dare the current Likud government to allow Netanyahu political cover to allow this travesty on their watch. I dare the Likud to allow déjà vu all over again. It would be national suicide for the Likud and if Bibi is hell-bent on committing political seppuku, there’s no reason for everyone else to go down with him. Find a solution or make him bolt. Either way, if Gd forbid this comes to pass, Bibi’s career and anyone associated with him on this is over. On the positive side I wonder if this will finally be enough for all the people in Yesha to stop the recurrent process of self-immolation every election and finally not vote for Bibi over Feiglin as they have too often in the past because of some twisted Chelmian logic, jealousy, or just plain stupidity. I can only hope. Let the countdown to August 1 begin.

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