Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The EU and the Tower of Babel

In the same breath, EU Foreign Minister Ashton decried the murder in Toulouse and the fate of the children of Gaza. Is Europe crumbling? It looks like it is. While there is no reason to pity the nations that drowned our nation in rivers of blood, it is nevertheless sad to see the treasures of Western culture disappear. Secular Western culture does not bring descendants into this world. A culture that has no G-d simply loses its life force. In Israel over 80% of the Jewish population believes in G-d (and over 70% believes in the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai). It also boasts the highest birthrate of all Western countries.

The idea that formed the basis for the European Union is post-modernism. The European Union Parliament building was inspired by the famous painting of the Tower of Babel. Its motto is "Many tongues, one voice."

In other words, the underlying idea behind the EU is to invite the Creator to another round. They desire to overcome the differences in language by which they were separated in the first round, to overcome the national structures imposed upon us by the Creator and to be informed by the post-modern anthem of John Lennon: Imagine no countries, no religion, no heaven or hell, nothing to live or die for; in short, imagine that there is no G-d. The European Union did not save Europe. On the contrary, it is fostering its demise.

Where there is no distinction between good and bad, there is no distinction between murderer and victim. There is no reason to be insulted by the condemnation of the walking-dead European Union.

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