Thursday, March 01, 2012

Iranian Uranium

By Irwin Graulich

It has become official world policy: "Israel must not provoke Iran with a preemptive attack. Give sanctions a chance to work, for as long as it takes." Are you kidding Mr. Putin, Mr Obama, Mr. Wen, Mr. Noda, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Cameron, Mrs. Merkel et al?

Let me get this straight. The Jewish state should not respond to a prima facia declaration of war by a country whose president, religious leadership and military publicly announce that "they will wipe Israel off the map" and "destroy the Zionist cancer."

When Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany's problems, nations of the world did absolutely nothing. Millions of innocent families-- 6 million Jewish men, women, children and babies were rounded up from their homes to be tortured, shot, gassed and murdered in villages and death camps. The only reason that countries ultimately got involved was because the Germans occupied most of Europe and the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor. Not one country entered WWII because of the genocidal campaign to wipe out the Jews.

Today, 6 million Jews, this time in Israel, again being threatened by a mad regime that is even worse than the Nazis. Yes worse--Hitler kept his methods and desires a secret, while the Iranians brag about their intentions virtually every single day. Has Prime Minister Netanyahu uttered even one strong response other than "Iran is a danger to the world." Bibi was an excellent furniture salesman before entering politics. As prime minister, the jury is still out, although we hear that Macy's is looking at his resume.

Since the conclusion of WWII, democracies have become paper tigers because of the guilt experienced for literally destroying Germany and Japan. However, just like the schoolyard bully must be kept in check, evil regimes must "fear" the strength and power of America--not only as policeman of the world, but in the role of superhero.

"Fear" is an incredibly important emotion and is what made the evil Japanese armies surrender to the United States. Yet those incredible victories somehow led to present day democracies "turning the other cheek" while trying to become Mr. Nice Guy, even against the worst regimes in the world. These desires emanate from a disease that they may have caught from the Jews called Jewish guilt, which has spread throughout the West like a virus. It is caused by "the guilt of surviving bad events."

Unlike Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, today there is an uncontrollable obsession with trying to fight a nice, moral, ethical war through avoiding such things as "civilian casualties," along with some silly notion that "when you destroy an aggressive, militaristic enemy country through war, you are somehow obligated to fix it." These liberal crackpot ideas have led to American disasters--America leaving Iraq no better off than when we began, a loss in Afghanistan, Pakistan hiding bin Laden without fear of any consequences and now Iran fearlessly spitting in our face, while threatening us as The Great Satan. Not to mention OPEC, our so called friends, continuing to raise prices during harsh economic times.

America has become a big joke. The president continues to apologize because he is a leftist, and all leftists want to be loved, whether it is by Mother Teresa or Charles Manson. Unfortunately, America is no longer feared. In fact, our enemies riot and murder innocents when an American soldier inadvertently burns one of their bibles. Yet we do nothing when they murder our soldiers, or burn down Christian churches.

Unless someone acts in a big way, Iran will have nuclear weapons in 3 years or less. Whether they would truly use them, no one knows for sure, not even their present leaders. What is definite is that giving Iran the ultimate permission will set off a "chain reaction" everywhere, especially in the Middle East, where oil rich countries will purchase nuclear technology.

So listen up Mr. Furniture Salesman and Mr. Republican next president--whoever you may be. There is one solution and one solution only. In 2013, keep the rhetoric going about bunker buster bombs and attacking the nuclear sites in Natanz, Estahan, Bushehr, etc. The Israeli military and Mossad already know that it is impossible to destroy these sites, and much of the technology continues to be moved throughout the country anyway. Do you think the Iranians are total idiots, keeping everything in the same original locations? Let's be clear--no one in the world has the ability to cause serious damage directly to Iran's nuclear program.

The only solution to the Iranian dilemma and to the total arrogance of evil dictators including Middle East oil despots who stole oil well ownership from Western companies that developed those wells, is "Total Iranian Regime Change." What this means is that the first time in 2013 when The Iranian Parliament is in full session with all 300 top leaders in attendance, we simply "surprise attack" the building and wipe the real cancer off the map.

Everyone is expecting targeted bomb runs on the Iranian nuclear facilities. Well surprise guys--we found a much easier way to end Iran's threats. Remember the Iraqi deck of cards? How about the 6 decks of Iranian cards--312 Islamic Fundamentalist leaders and Ayatollahs dead. After all, America never paid Iran back for kidnapping and torturing our embassy officials for 444 days--the folly created by the worst president in American history--Jimmy Carter--which has ultimately led to this nuclear arrogant Iran.

What a gift to the Iranian people who will hopefully thank us some day for giving them back their country. In addition, we must strike the homes of the top 50 officials and destroy some key military sites, ships and weapons systems. Iran talks a good game, but let's remember that they fought a stalemate war with Iraq for years--a military we literally wiped out in a week.

Once the attack is completed, we must declare victory and station troops not around the cities like the disastrous Iraq policy--after all, we are not their police. We station troops around the oil fields which now belong to the victors. Remember that famous expression--"to the victors belong the spoils"--a concept first adopted by President Andrew Jackson. Where I come from in Brooklyn, when you win--you win--end of issue.

What a lesson to the world of evil. If done correctly, ending the Iranian Islamic Dictatorship in this abrupt manner will not only place an existential fear into the hearts and minds of future world dictators, but will lead to $1.95 a gallon gasoline--something Putin and his despicable KGB associates do not want the West to ever experience again.

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