Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Secret of Manhigut Yehudit

As we began our campaign in the previous elections, we had a very reliable polling firm chart our standing in various sectors of society. The firm, which does polls for all the political parties in Israel, returned with very gloomy results. On the surface, it looked like we were heading for a devastating defeat.

"But I must tell you something," said the professor from the firm. "You are outside the statistics. I do not have an explanation for the Feiglin phenomenon. According to the rules that I know, a person who loses does not return to the game. A person who loses twice is finished. But for some reason, Feiglin gets stronger with every defeat."

The final result of the elections was above and beyond the calculations of the experts. Clearly, we once again were far outside the statistics and emerged from this campaign stronger than ever.

The following video sheds some "scientific" light on this phenomenon:

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