Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Jews and Israel are Alive!

By Tuvia Brodie

Why do the Jews and Israel exist? Haven't they caused enough trouble? With so many nations hating the vile Jew, why won’t they disappear? Wouldn’t the world be better off without them?

There is a strange truth here, about the Jew, something startling: the Jew proves that the G-d of Israel is real. This is a strange truth indeed because the G-d of Israel has no visible form or physical manifestation; and yet in this very physical world He is proven real.

The Jews’ survival proves that G-d exists. There is no other explanation for the survival of a people so hated, scattered, hunted and murdered by so many enemies for so many centuries as the recent barbaric murders in France demonstrate. No other people have survived such abuse. No other nation has been so horrifically deconstructed and then reconstituted after 2,000 years of exile, persecution and murder.

The Jewish holy texts have said for more than 2,100 years that G-d will disperse and scatter the Jews (for sceptics who believe only ‘science’, I use 2,100 years as my reference because that’s the approximate ‘scientific’ age of the oldest discovered Old Testament Dead Sea Scrolls). For more than 2,100 years, the Jewish Tanach has said that the sword will be against the Jewish people. For more than 2,100 years, the Jewish Tanach has taught that G-d would punish but never reject or forsake His holy people; and for more than 2,100 years, that same Tanach taught that G-d will once again bring His nation back to the land of their forefathers, the land called Israel. Today, the existence-- and the power-- of the state of Israel is the fulfilment of that 2,100+ year-old promise. The survival of the Jews proves that they have a G-d they can trust--a G-d who keeps His promise and speaks a Truth that becomes visible fact.

Can anyone else present a comparable 2,100+ year-old promise?

What individual Humanist has predicted so much so long ago that is now true? The Humanist rejects G-d but his word cannot compare to G-d’s Word. Only G-d’s Word has been Proven: promises recorded more than 2,100 years ago have become today’s reality--the desert blooms, the Jews gather into Israel, the Hebrew language is reborn as a daily language, Jews around the world return (religiously) to Him and the nations of the world now—before our promised Final Redemption— turn against Israel. All of this—and more—was written more than 2,100 years ago. All of this—and more—has come true.

The verdict is in. The judgment is public. History has the record: the Word of the G-d of Israel is True. The proof is modern Israel’s existence. If Israel exists our G-d is real.

This ability of the Jews and Israel to validate G-d marks their greatness. But simply existing is not the issue. The rebirth of Israel is not the issue. What matters is purpose. For example, what is the purpose of a beautiful woman? Does she exist only to be admired as a living statute of perfection? Does she exist so she can provide pleasure to a powerful ruler—or be destroyed by a jealous competitor? Does she exist only to enflame men’s passion and inspire poetry and war?

Are Israel and the Jews that beautiful woman? If so, what is their purpose? Perhaps it is to be a light unto the nations, to compel others by her beauty to understand that her G-d is real.

But a beautiful woman can change. Her beauty can fade through neglect or nature. Her worthiness can diminish. When the beautiful woman rejects what she needs to be beautiful—proper sustenance and attention—her beauty can wither. Every Humanist understands the effort beauty requires. The Humanist worships beauty.

If the Jews and Israel are that beautiful woman, then she, too, can change. Her beauty can fade. Her worthiness can diminish. Every G-d-fearing Jew understands the spiritual struggle necessary to keep Israel beautiful. Jews who believe in G-d, like the Humanists, understand the work needed to keep beauty from fading. But the Humanist faces a losing battle. He cannot escape decay. He cannot avoid death. The forces of the physical world always triumph. A beautiful woman can remain startlingly beautiful for only a short time; soon, the physical forces around her bring decay—and death.

Ah, but the Jews and Israel are different. She is not just a beautiful woman. She is more. She is G-d’s beloved. Her beauty, like G-d Himself, transcends the physical. G-d Himself longs for her to turn to Him. He has taught us how to do that. He has also taught us that the Jews and Israel live through Him alone.

G-d has proven He is real. His promises come true. This is the Truth that marks Israel’s greatness: she lives beyond tomorrow only because of G-d.

This is the truth that keeps Israel safe and the Jews alive. It is the truth that authentic Jewish Leadership must proclaim.

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