Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid-term Grades

By Tuvia Brodie

Since 1948, Arabs have sought to exterminate the world's only sovereign Jewish state. They have tried at least three times to get the job done, in 1947-8, 1967 and 1973. Each time, they failed. In 2010, they developed a new idea: use the UN. Last year, they stood before the nations of the world and requested a new state, Palestine. But if some said their words were diplomatic, their actions were not: they minted new maps to show their Palestine in place of Israel. Through war or the UN, their goal remains constant--to remove the world's only Jewish state from existence.

Although there are perhaps fifty Muslim states today, there is no room for Jews. Instead, there must be fifty-one Muslim states. Each must be Jew-free. Ethnic cleansing is forbidden by UN. But when Arabs demand that the Jew must be cleansed from the new Palestine, the UN remains silent.

The Arab population that would live in the new ‘Palestine’ is ruled by two groups, Hamas and Fatah. Each of these groups has a Charter/Constitution that outlines group objectives. Both Hamas and Fatah want their new nation of Palestine to be built upon the destruction of a neighbouring sovereign state, which will then be depopulated so that Arabs can move in. Their shared goal is to destroy the ‘Zionist entity’. If you’ve never seen a ‘Zionist entity’, that’s okay because there is only one in existence—Israel. The UN Charter declares that Member states have the right to live with peace and security. But when the Arab threatens to destroy the world’s only Jewish state, the UN remains silent.

Since the moment the UN passed Resolution 181 to create the state of Israel, Arabs have killed more than 24,000 Jews in their attempt to un-create Israel. The UN was created to promote peace and prevent war. Why do they remain silent about Arab hate? The Arab is not secretive. He is so forthright about his intentions that he spells everything out in his Hamas Charter and Fatah Constitution. Have you read these documents? They’re worth reading. Use your search engine. You’ll find that nothing is left to the imagination. Both call for the eradication of the ‘Zionist entity’. Both seek the ‘liberation’ of Palestine. If you understand the traditional definition of ‘racism’, both documents are racist, for they seek to exclude and indeed eradicate an homogenous population based on citizenship, nationality and ethnic origin, so as to nullify the recognition of that people. This explicit racism is institutionalized into their founding documents. Moreover, this institutionalized hate is religious in nature, particularly in the more popular Hamas document. On this point their Charter is explicit: they call ‘Palestine’—modern-day Israel-- religious Islamic land which has been usurped [sic] by the Jews. Only Jihad [holy war] can face this usurpation. Only Jihad will liberate Palestine.

In case you fail to understand the focus of this hate, the Hamas Charter spells it out: their battle is “against the Jews” [emphasis mine]. The Charter declares, “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except Jihad…International conferences and initiatives [for peace] are…complete nonsense.”

The UN—created to fight hate—remains silent. Hamas hears that silence. For Hamas, such silence is acquiescence.

Fatah, meanwhile, appears to have rewritten its principal document (in 2009). Look, apologists say, the new ‘charter’ omits language about Israel’s destruction. But when you actually read that 2009 document, you realize immediately that it is an internal charter designed “to regulate the relationship between the members” and does not in any way alter the original Constitution. In fact, it states right at the beginning that it adheres to the original document’s principles and objectives. When you read these two Fatah documents, you realize that nothing changed in 2009. Israel must go.

What’s going on here? Why such institutionalized hate and acceptance of hate? Some say that, in the days preceding our final Redemption, Yishmael—the Arab—will inflict suffering upon the Jewish people (see Yalkut Shimoni) perhaps just as the nations of the world turn against us. These Arab charters of hate were written after 1948 and Israel has suffered because of them and the UN’s silence. Was the rebirth of Israel a spiritual signal for Yishmael (and the nations) to awaken fully, to play out their roles in our ultimate Redemption? If this is Yishmael’s destiny, he is not failing. Surely, he gets at least a B+ for his efforts.

The nations don’t seem far behind. Their mid-term grade might be B.

But what about Jews? If today we approach the threshold of our Redemption, what’s our mid-term grade? Some might suggest that our grades right now aren’t that good—and our leadership is certainly not helping us. Are we prepared to pass the Final?

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