Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Reality of the Big Lie

By Tuvia Brodie

By now it should be clear that those who hate Israel do not accept reality. Look at the Middle East: hatred replaces reality. Take the accusation that Israel is an apartheid state. If you look at the reality of the Middle East, you see apartheid not in Israel but in Arab-run Refugee camps, where Arabs have practically imprisoned their brothers for over 60 years in horrid conditions. In these camps, Arabs are denied good-paying jobs, generally cannot vote, have few legal protections, have limited access to health care and are excluded from most higher education. That’s apartheid. Arabs in Israel, meanwhile, have all of the above. Even Arabs in the Middle East who are not in Arab-controlled Refugee camps do not have the rights Israeli Arabs have. But will that sufficiently answer those who accuse Israel of apartheid? No—not for a second. Hatred is stronger than reality. For the Arab, hatred is forever--like a religion.

Today, however, we do not discuss religion. Instead, we confront the Big Lie, not to answer the haters, but to understand reality.

First, read a book called, This Land is my Land: Mandate for Palestine, Eli E. Hertz, published by Myths and Facts, Inc., Forest Hills, NY, 2007. Here, you will find what’s real.

For example, Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinians’ have made the claim to a ‘homeland’ based on their having lived in their ‘Palestine’ since (to borrow another book title) time immemorial. But they contradict themselves. Their leaders cannot get their story of origin straight. Arabs leaders have claimed that they descend from the Canaanites. Then, they claim they are Philistines. Then, they are Jebusites. They have now recently claimed they are related to Christians ( pp 9 – 10).

Jews have no such confusion. Not only do Jews have a straight story, they have recorded archaeological discoveries to prove that story. The Palestinians have virtually nothing—for good reason. They descend from a nomadic people who had no home. They cannot prove their claim: Canaanite, Jebusite, Philistine, Christian—they have no recorded history in Palestine and no direct link to ancient kings, queens or potentates.

So instead of reality, the Arabs create a Lie. They tell the world they must have our homeland as their homeland, for that is the only justice. In true Goebbels-like fashion, they repeat this lie until the world accepts it. They further dramatize these words using additional Nazi methods of hate-filled cartoons and propaganda. That’s how they picture their justice. The nations, meanwhile, seem to love the cartoons. They ignore the hate.

Think about the connections here. If justice is your goal, why do you need Nazi hate? Nazi hate was never connected to justice. It was connected to killing Jews.

It still is—and that’s the point. That’s the reality beneath the Big Lie. In 1947, when the United Nations agreed to create the state of Israel, the Arabs objected. They did not want Jews. They hated Jews. Read the newspapers of the day. The headlines were never about Arab statehood, sovereignty or justice. It was about Jews. When the UN accepted Israel, the Arabs attacked, intending to undo through violence what the UN had established by international consent. That effort failed. But, as we now realize, that initial attack was only the first chapter of an all-out Arab war to exterminate the sovereign Jewish state just as Hitler had tried to exterminate the Jewish people.

That war has never changed. The Big Lie is that this is a war for justice. It isn’t. It’s the war to kill Jews. Use your search engine: find the name, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Find his speeches. Read how he courted Hitler. This Arab Muslim was a prominent religious leader. He was also a Nazi collaborator. He openly praised Hitler’s genocide. He called repeatedly to ‘kill the Jews wherever you find them!’—both before and after Israel’s 1948 independence. He never mentioned ‘Arab self-determination’ or ‘Homeland’. Instead, he framed this conflict as a Nazi-fuelled war that borrowed the Nazi’s vicious anti-Jew ideology. Check it out yourself. His hate continues today in Arab media. That media does not discuss justice. It doesn’t have time for that because it is so obsessed with Jews as pigs and apes who must be massacred.

The reality is, justice has nothing to do with pigs and apes. But when you embrace the Big Lie you automatically embrace the claim that Jews are apes and pigs who must be butchered. When you buy Arab ‘justice’ you buy their hate. You cannot separate them. Both become yours because the Arab fuses them into a single picture. Embrace them, and that picture becomes you. That’s why, when you embrace their dream, the two of you look exactly like Nazi lovers whose passion is to restart the Nazi killing machine.

And that is the reality of the Big Lie.

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