Thursday, December 04, 2014

Can Moshe Feiglin Really Win?

By Shlomo Vile

The Knesset this morning was a zoo.  In the wake of Netanyahu’s calling new elections last night, reporters and politicians were tripping over each other in the hallways, trying to get their spin of events on the media screen.
I was there with a group of philanthropists from the US who were meeting with MK Moshe Feiglin as part of their week-long mission to Israel.  One of the questions to Moshe was, does he really have a chance of victory in the upcoming Likud leadership election?
Moshe gave two answers.  The first was that in politics, unlikely things do happen.  He could win.
In his second answer, Moshe said that he’s already won.
He quoted the verse from the book of Shmuel I, “Netzach Yisrael lo yeshaker.”   He explained that there is a flow to Jewish history with a goal that has been fixed by G-d.  In the midst of the lies that dominate the political arena, there is a divine plan that is unfolding towards authentic Jewish leadership for our nation.  Whether or not Moshe Feiglin wins this particular election, he has aligned himself with that plan.  He has aligned himself with our destiny.  Sooner or later, he or someone who thinks and talks and acts like him will be the leader of our nation.
In that sense he has already won.
He has decided that authentic Jewish leadership for our nation is a realistic goal – not just for some distant messianic future – but for right now.  We don’t have to put up with more massacres.  Moshe Feiglin has given his life over to providing Am Yisrael with the choice to pursue the path of Jewish destiny with him.  He’s given us the option to choose life now.
There is no such thing as failure when you align your life the way Moshe Feiglin has aligned his.  The choice is now in our hands.
With Love of Israel and Love of Life,
Shlomo Vile
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