Wednesday, December 03, 2014

MK Moshe Feiglin: To Win and Rule, Likud Must Return to One-State Solution

“The problem with Israel’s politics is certainly not lack of talent,” MK  Moshe Feiglin noted after new elections were called in Israel. “PM Netanyahu is very talented. The problem is loss of direction. Ever since Netanyahu adopted the two-state solution, we have lost our  way. Now is the time to define our values, return to the One State for One Nation paradigm and clearly articulate our national goals.”
“When we don’t know where we are going or why we are going there, we also do not know how to rule. Thus, the loss of direction affected every aspect of this government; its ability to rule, the economy and all security and social issues,” Feiglin said on Israeli television on Tuesday night.
MK Feiglin asserted that he is running for chairmanship of the Likud in order to return the party to its original nationalist values and goals. “The Likud members believe in the One State Solution,” said Feiglin. “Whenever the Likud attempts to modify its ideology to draw in more centrist voters, it fails. When we have a clear, nationalist path, new voters join us. On that note, I certainly endorse the formation of a nationalist bloc, headed by the Likud, with the other nationalist parties, such as the Jewish Home party,” Feiglin concluded.

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