Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MK Moshe Feiglin’s Knesset Record 2013-2014

As a Member of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin has focused on two interconnected areas: Advancing the personal liberty of Israeli citizens and empowering their Jewish identity. In complete opposition to the concept of advancing liberty by negating identity, MK Feiglin believes that true liberty (and peace) is possible only as a result of Israel’s connection to its identity and unique mission.
The synthesis of these two axes is the key to success and new meaning that are lacking in Israel’s public and private precincts. With the core values of identity, meaning and identity, Israel can deal with the challenges facing it and progress to a completely new horizon, a secure future and tremendous prosperity.

:::: Education and Empowering the Family Unit ::::

 Cost of Living
MK Feiglin’s Family Income Tax bill will ease the burden on the middle class and allow families to fully actualize the tax points for which they are eligible.
MK Feiglin has proposed a bill to repeal the tax on couples who work in a shared business.

Promoting Integrity
MK Feiglin has taken preparatory actions to restore parental responsibility for their children’s education by fostering their right to choose the school at which their children will study.
MK Feiglin has taken preparatory actions to change government and society’s shameful approach to divorced fathers.

:::: Health ::::

 The Liberty to Feel Good
MK Feiglin has proposed a bill to foster quick, professional and simple treatment with medical marijuana for those patients who need it. The bill will also increase the types of illnesses and number of patients eligible to enjoy the advantages of cannabis.

:::: Corruption ::::

Health System
MK Feiglin exposed the corruption in the Sarel Medical Company. The company has been a cesspool of corruption, guzzling the Health Ministry budget for over 20 years. Sarel is both a private and a government-owned company simultaneously and is exempt from serving tenders for five years to the sum of approximately 8 billion NIS(!)

:::: Pension ::::

MK Feiglin has begun to expose the dimensions of the excessive government funded pensions and has created a detailed plan to deal with this important issue.

 :::: Personal Security: The Right to Bear Arms ::::

Bearing arms for self-defense is a most basic human right. In the face of the increase in terror attacks, MK Feiglin successfully prevented the government plan to confiscate most of the licensed firearms in private possession. He supported supervision of firearms in the hands of security companies alone.

:::: Religion and State ::::

MK Feiglin’s One Chief Rabbi bill was passed by a large Knesset majority. The bill propels the Torah of Israel from community status (as in the Diaspora) to the national status that befits it in the process of  the historic Return to Zion.

:::: Practical Opposition to Terrorist Release ::::

MK Feiglin was the only Knesset Member to vote against last year’s budget (5773) as a way to halt the morally/diplomatically bankrupt decision to free terrorists from Israeli prisons.

:::: Drawing the Line on Arab Verbal Violence in the Knesset ::::

In his position as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Feiglin safeguarded the honor of IDF soldiers and the State of Israel when he prevented Arab MKs from identifying with the enemy from the Knesset podium. MK Feiglin established clear borders on Knesset discourse: Any defamation of IDF soldiers from the Knesset podium will result in immediate expulsion from the plenum.

:::: Sovereignty ::::

The Temple Mount, the most holy place for the Jewish Nation; the place that gives meaning and validity to our presence in Israel, to all our hopes and dreams, must be a national priority. Despite all the pressure and attempts to prevent it, MK Feiglin blazed the trail to an historic Knesset deliberation on Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

MK Feiglin presented a true alternative to the Gaza problem in the public arena and in the media. He stated that the only way to triumph in Gaza is to admit the truth: Gaza is Israel’s and must be under Israeli sovereignty, similar to the Arab-populated city of Jaffa. Only those who can admit this truth can devise the tactics for a true and expeditious victory.  MK Feiglin’s statements were presented with a detailed blueprint for action and practical answers.

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