Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feiglin at Campaign Kickoff: I Can Restore Direction and Mandates to Likud

MK Moshe Feiglin officially kicked off his campaign for leadership of the Likud in Sderot on Tuesday. “There is no place more fitting than Sderot – the symbol of the Disengagement fiasco, destroyed sense of security and economic and social hardship – actually, the symbol of the Likud’s loss of direction   – to begin my campaign for the Likud chairmanship,” said Feiglin.
Responding to retiring Likud Minister of Culture Limor Livnat, who said on Monday that the Likud has been taken over b y the extreme Right, Feiglin said: “The truth is that the entire political system, including the Likud, was taken over 20 years ago by the radical Left and their Oslo plan.  As a result, the Likud has lost half of its mandates – from 40 to 20. I am running to restore those mandates. I think I can bring more ideological mandates to the Likud than anyone else. The polls are beginning to show it.”
“The era of the ‘two state solution’ is over,” Feiglin continued. “ Today we can clearly say that Oslo and unilateral retreats brought Israel nothing but war, murderous terror, missiles and terror tunnels. We must return to the Likud’s ideology and strive for the only solution: One state for one nation in one Land, as written in the Likud charter. We will work for the declaration of Israeli sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel – particularly the Temple Mount – where Israeli weakness leads to loss of personal security and paves the way for terror in Tel Aviv. The Likud has to return to itself, to its Zionist, Jewish identity, sane self,” Feiglin concluded.

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