Thursday, December 18, 2014

MK Moshe Feiglin Withdraws from Likud Leadership Race

Moshe Feiglin has decided to withdraw his candidacy from the race for Chairman of Likud and will be focusing all his energy and resources in the race for a top spot on the Likud Knesset list.

I call this plan; “Getting to the Two-yard line”. Allow me to explain.
The Likud court just decided (last night) that primaries for BOTH Chairman of Likud AND the Knesset list of Likud will be held on THE SAME DAY – Dec 31st.
We fought this decision very hard and while we won in the Likud’s regular court (to have them on separate days), the Likud appeals court overturned that ruling and decided – same day.
To make a long story short, we had the option to appeal to the supreme court but decided against it.
Moshe just came out with a statement (see below) that this is the time to strengthen Likud and in the name of party unity, he has withdrawn from the Chairman race.
As stated above, he (we) will be putting all of our resources, time and energy into getting Moshe elected to one of the top 10 spots on the Likud list.
If that happens, Moshe will be in a wonderful position to be a Minister in the next government which gets us closer to our goal of eventually leading the party… and the State of Israel.
We strongly believe that the ruling to hold elections on the same day made it impossible for us to win the Chairman race and we are no longer interested in running a campaign just to “prove a point”.
Our position is clear that we are interested in LEADERSHIP and this plan – the one that will not score a touchdown but will get the ball down to the two-yard line – will put us in a wonderful position to achieve our complete goal in the near future.
Happy Chanukah to one and all!
Shmuel Sackett, International Campaign Manager
The following is the official announcement from Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Moshe Feiglin:
Yesterday, the Likud party court accepted PM Netanyahu’s appeal and ruled to hold the primary election for chairmanship of the Likud together with  the primaries for the Likud’s Knesset roster. This decision changes the rules of the game and would require me to compete in two simultaneous races on two fronts. I will not drag the party to more legal battles so soon before the general election. At such a fateful time, we must unite to keep the Likud as the ruling party. Thus, this time I intend to run only for a slot on the Likud roster for the Knesset. I am convinced that I will receive widespread support. I will run again for leadership of the party and the state in any real future primary.
I have not retreated from my goal of leading the Likud and Israel in any way. It is specifically because my intentions are serious and not just declarative that I am forced, with a heavy heart, to make this tactical move.
Simultaneously, we are going full steam ahead in the battle for the ideological path of the Likud and the entire National Camp. Please re-read my Bar-Ilan speech from Sunday. We are determined to return the entire National Camp to the One State for One Nation paradigm while also presenting an economic and social blueprint that will work. I will continue to promote this paradigm in the Likud. Have no doubt – I am in this race to win and I will continue to run for leadership of the Likud in any impartial elections that will be held.
At this point, I ask for your support in my campaign for a high slot on the Likud Knesset roster, which will enable me to continue my struggle for the authentic Jewish path for Israel.
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