Monday, December 08, 2014

MK Moshe Feiglin Opposed to Earlier Primary Date

MK Moshe Feiglin announced on Sunday morning that he is opposed to holding the Likud primaries earlier than the January 6th date  already set. “This date gives the Likud enough time to get organized for the general elections that will follow two months later,” said Feiglin. “The attempt to claim that setting an earlier date will save money is not reasonable. Obviously, the real reason is to make it more difficult for other candidates to run.”
Feiglin said that it is important for whoever has a real ideology to declare his/her candidacy for leadership of the Likud. “Back when the Likud had a clear ideology, it boasted 40 mandates; now we have 20,” Feiglin noted. “I am running with an ideology that can bring the mandates lost to the Jewish Home and Lieberman parties back to the Likud. It is urgent to save Israel from the downward spiral of loss of personal and financial security in which it is presently entangled. I saw these problems coming years ago and, with G-d’s help,  my plan can turn the situation around,” the MK concluded.
Pictured: MK Feiglin at a campaign caucus in Ra’anana

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