Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is There An Arab Dictator Nearby Whose Butt I Can Kiss?

By Jason Gold

In the category of "Wish I'd Said That":

John Podhoretz in Saturday's New York Post (OK, stop laughing. I like the sports section AND the columns as long as Uri Dan isn't polishing Sharon's legacy) on THE Iraq Study Group's James "Is There An Arab Dictator Nearby Whose Butt I can Kiss?" Baker and Lee "Yes, I'm Still Alive" Hamilton. Click here for the full column. I guess Baker's infamous "F**k the Jews" quote wasn't enough to give him the lifelong fame he felt he deserved.

The indomitable Mark Steyn in yesterday's New York Sun on the FBB (Fabulous Baker Boy): "James Baker's "Iraq Study Group" seems to have been cast on the same basis as Liza Minnelli's last wedding. A stellar line-up: Donna Summer, Mickey Rooney, the Doobie Brothers, Gina Lollobrigida, Michael Jackson, Mia Farrow, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Jill St John. That's Liza's wedding, not the Baker Commission. ........God, I can't go on. I'd rather watch Mia Farrow making out with Mickey Rooney to a Doobie Brothers LP. As its piece de resistance, the Baker Commission concluded its deliberations by inviting testimony from — drumroll, please — Senator John F Kerry. Click here for the full column.

Caroline Glick in yesterday's Jerusalem Post on savant as PM Olmert: "
Olmert's embrace of a new imaginary "peace process" will win him the support of Haaretz and the other radical leftist elements in the Israeli media. These media organs will then work to prevent the opening of police investigations into Olmert's alleged criminal activities." Click here for the full article.

You know what the irony of all this is?
1. Bush's rejection of FBB's recommendation (at least for now) shows he has more B&B (balls and backbone) than I gave him credit for.

2. FBB has been shilling for the wrong guy. He should be implementing these policies as part of Olmert's advisory team to help the PM pucker up!! Whew!! Now it all works.

Rabbi in Acco: ´What is This, Nazi Germany Here?´
From Israel National News: "The latest and gravest escalation in the struggle between Jews and Arabs in the mixed city of Acco, between Haifa and the Lebanese border on the Mediterranean coast, occurred this past Friday night. Rabbi Avraham Shushan, a rabbi at the school at which the vandalism occurred, told Arutz-7's Shimon Cohen that a worshiper who arrived for early Sabbath morning prayers was the first to discover the destruction:

"He saw the lights on and the windows broken. He went in and the sight shocked him. All the walls had swastikas, and the Arabic words 'Hamas' and 'Allahu Akbar' [Allah is great]. Destruction all over - it looked like Sodom and Gomorrah. The vandals went into the classrooms, dumped out the equipment, turned over the principal's office, and threw the Torah books in all directions. They took expensive equipment worth thousands of shekels. The worshiper went by foot to the police and called them to come, which they did... He told me about it on Saturday night, and I called Rabbi Yashar, the rabbi of Akko. He came and cried out, 'What is this, Nazi Germany here?'"

Rabbi Shushan said that in his 30 years in the city, he had "never experienced an Arab pogrom like this one... I don't know what's going on here." Click here for the whole story from A-7.

Kavod HaRav, you don't know what's going on? Well, call up your PM and WhichEverMinisterIamToday Livni and thank them for their their spineless approach that has these islamo-fascists smelling Jewish blood from capitulation.

The Gift of Stating the Obvious:
From the Jerusalem Post : "Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu warned on Tuesday that Hamas was busy planning the next major rocket attack-and not just on Sderot. In an interview with Army Radio, Netanyahu said that "Gaza won't necessarily continue turning into a second Lebanon, but that is what's happening." "The time has come for us to draw conclusions," he said. "We can't close our eyes and say, 'I'm showing restraint, everything's okay.' Everything is not okay." The Likud leader called on Israel to stop showing restraint and to take an offensive stance toward Hamas.

Ah Bibi, you miss the point. We already have an offensive strategy. Haven't you been following your ex-Likudnik PM's moves? That isn't offensive enough for you? Oh and lest I pass up this opportunity for a cheap shot at you for continuing the land-for-peace idiocy by giving back Chevron, and being complicit in the death of Shalhevet Pass, HY"D, see the photo below.

You didn't literally kiss that butt, although contact with the face was probably worse.

Wish I could Say This and Get Away With It:
Qassam restraint saving lives (really, I could not make this up)
Sources in PM's Office respond to those demanding Israel respond to Qassam attacks despite ceasefire, say 'cost of human life could be higher if gov't doesn't continue exercising restraint'.
For full story click here.

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell is FBB?

Anonymous said...

F#*CKING Baker should just go F#*CK himself.

I wonder how much money he made today lobbying the US Government on behalf of the Saudi Government through his and Poppa Bush' firm, The Carlyle Group?


Jason Gold-Editor said...

To Anonymous:

FBB=Fabulous Baker Boy, read the article, don't skim

To Jabo:

Word is, hundreds of millions....nice, eh? When you sell your soul, sell it big!!!!