Monday, December 25, 2006

The Israeli Government Is Running Out Of Cheeks To Turn

In true Xmas spirit of turning cheeks, the Israel government has taken appeasement to new levels. Invoking memories of Kevin Bacon's fraternity initiation in "Animal House" ("Thank you sir, may I have another?"), there has a been a flurry of good will activity, all in good cheer to strengthen our Holocaust-denying partner-in-peace, Abu Mazen, with Condi et al pulling the strings from behind her egg nog.

Let's see, first there were to be 59 checkpoints removed, then 400. Then came word of release of a "few" prisoners in time for the Muslim holidays. All this as the Kassams kept flying in during the cease fire (which according to the Foreign Ministery report here, qualifies Israel as a non-country since it cannot protect its own citizens. Really. I quote "Even though most of these rockets have fortunately not caused serious harm to the civilians they were aimed at, no country in the world would tolerate any such attacks on its civilian population.") and shot all office pool predictions of just how many Kassams it would take for Israel to push the button (apparently Kadima MK Tal was not even close when he rhetorically asked the PM over the weekend if 40 was the magic number) to hell.

And all this as we find out:
  • That Jimmy " I am not an anti-Semite, I am a Jew-hater" Carter was in bed with the Arab-backed infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) otherwise known as "the bank that would bribe Gd" and hence the funds for his latest anti-Israel screed.
  • That one Kassam landed near a kindergarden and another in Ashkelon.
  • That the US State department still thinks all the "Palestinians" want is just a state to call home and that they will gladly lay down their arms.
  • That Israel really is hell-bent on paying $100 million to the PA for humanitarian purposes.
  • That the Egyptians will generously let us keep Eilat.
  • That the shooting of Israelis in the West Bank has already started as the checkpoints come down.
  • That the current Shabak head has a gift for pointing out the obvious and I quote ""We're trapped. If we don't respond - the Qassams will continue to fall and if we do respond against the rocket cells the calm will collapse," This is calm? I would hate to see manic or nervous.
  • All this while no one in government seems inclined to give the IDF the green light to stop the Kassams but yet somehow finds the time to criminally harass another 15 year-old girl from Chevron. Whew!! For a minute I was worried priorities were misplaced.
Yes peace in our time with the Israeli government doing its best Neville Chamberlain impression. Peace and good will on earth and all it takes is Israel offering itself up on a platter to the jackals seeking its destruction. Yes, peace is all around and in the words of Gregory House, MD, "Sure, and dogs will stop licking themselves." Someone get the plastic surgeons ready to do those extra cheek implants.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you for so clearly and eloquently speaking my mind for me. It is frustrating as a Jew in America to watch all of this go on and think "has the world gone mad? Does no one see what is happening?"

Keep up the good work!