Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Question: Dude, Where's My Country? Answer: At The Manhigut Chanuka Conference

Last evening the fuse was lit, the spark generated, and all spiritual weapons brought to bear in a standing-room-only conference center at the Jerusalem Renaissance hotel. With this packed room, Manhigut Yehudit's Chanuka conference officially put the godless, morally bankrupt, corrupt apparatchiks that masquerade as a government, on notice that their time may be over sooner than they think.

The theme was "Returning the State to the People" and so it was that in addition to Moshe Feiglin, Michael Fuah, Eran Sternberg, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, and Moshe Peled at the podium, those in the grassroots struggle that were asked to come up and light Chanuka candles included:

1. Shoshi Greenfeld, whose powerful eulogy at her brother's funeral during the Lebanon war was seen world over.

2. Esther Pollard, who publically proclaimed her and Jonathan's love and admiration for Moshe Feiglin.

3. Oriyah Shirel, the 15 year old daughter of Manhigut's Dovid Shirel, resident of Chevron, tossed into prison for three months on bogus charges and would not recognize the authority of a corrupt court system despite being put in solitary confinement and then with hardened criminals and was the subject of a vicious smear campaign in yesterday's Maariv newspaper.

4. Avi Abelow and all the soldiers who refused orders after Olmert's justification of the Lebanon war for his convergence plan

5. Those who have been illegally prevented from entering their homes in Yesha.

And so the grassroots revolution begins. Here, in this packed room at a gathering that was part political pep rally and good old fashioned "come to Gd" revival meeting. For it is only here in this room on this 5th night of Chanuka that one could feel hope that the word will spread that faith-based leadership is the only chance for this country. That only people who "have a Gd" both religious and secular, have the right to lead the Jewish people here in Gd's country. That these secular and religious people who danced together on stage to music from Areil Zilber and Aharon Rezel, have the fortitude to stand up to the decaying hegemony of the left and its Gdless adherents. That this night, from the ashes of Gush Katif, the will to do what needs to be done was reborn with the ashes adding to the spark.

The trick now? Carry it forward, keep the momentum, spread the word, and don't be discouraged no matter what the empty suits in the media say. Go, Feiglin, go. This is going to be really interesting.

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Anonymous said...

i want a play by play by play even audio or video in english or something i wish i was there for the site

Lisa said...

I agree. I know that Manhigut generally films events like this. Is there any way to get a copy of that? Those of us who couldn't make it would really like to see it.

Jason Gold-Editor said...


Check the link on the Wed Dec 20 blog entry under "start the revolution"